Feb 06 2016

Personal Marketing Chapter

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II how to learn to learn? I rescued today, like any other day in the Cafe that I frequent to philosophizing with friends, a summary of the individual learning cycle. Henry, a new friend, seller of ideas par excellence, tells me your experience of life as an immigrant in Venezuela. Tireless fighter, permanently seeks the path that many seek, sometimes doing it by walking as a song it says. And he tells me: I am on the way of the resignation… would waive what? Mainly to human stupidity, I stated with total security and passion. And there our debate, which will last days or months as I feel it is triggered. When did you learn to give and learn to change? Generally, tell me, is there anyone that happens in your life and may be one to catch the idea at that time, may also be that I look for it later. The passion of Henry by giving through teaching, is indescribable, to people in your company, still unaware of his teaching, but learn.

What the? success of teaching? I think, in my opinion, the power of suggestion, and beyond, the power of conviction and the knowledge of knowing that the universe and involved energy belongs to us. I.e., the resignation of the particular, to accept everything, to embrace life as an integrity and absorb the information. It is to raise us capture everything in a multi-sensory way, is the breadth of mind, leaving behind prejudices and patterns of brick wall. There are a number of techniques for learning to learn, the first is not to settle for what I say here, is investigate, delve and find new methods and adapt them to our personality. How do we learn? If the IQ is not the firm indicator of capacity that may we thought, what we know about how you learn? The determination, perseverance and a healthy learning environment may be more important than innate ability.

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