Jul 11 2019


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The volitional act of ' ' conscincia' ' to represent the world, is always placed as conditional for an exterior world that is corresponding to the vitality. To this, Dilthey defines as invention, the advance of the human spirit that takes conscience of its proper acts: ' ' We call invention to the act that is conscientious of the will of the proper one to make. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon Communications. The question is, therefore, where degree collaborates in these primary processes the invention. (to see, p) The primary processes that Dilthey if relates, are part of the structural composition of the mundividncias, its main problem are to determine the links between the primary acts that cooperate to the formation of the processes. What it happens between the mundividncias according to Dilthey, consists of the relation of the interior with the exterior in the domain of the all plural one of the life.

However, the primary processes that operate in the art and the religion, also they influence the Metaphysical conceptions of the world; because the construction of images of the world passes for metamorphoses, and thus they modify the relations between the conceptions of the world. For example, the platonic conception of the world if distinguishes from the Christian, for the proper evolution of the conceptions of the world to be marked by the subjectivity of the conscience front to the diversity of the life. Read more here: E Scott Mead. The proposal to classify in types the mundividncias implies in reflecting concerning the beginning of progression of the concepts, from an internal substratum that can assure the evolution of the conceptions of the world. The evolutiva history of the vises of the life and the world appears from the mundividncias elaborated in the art and the religion. Of beginning, the capture to a natural vision of the man occurs, who inhabits in the sensible representation of its existence. More ahead, conceptions marked for traces appear that they look to represent what it goes beyond the human being; an image of the world that it searchs not to appeal directly to sensible source, but to raise the conscience human being through its relation with the deity, thus made the religious art.

Jul 08 2019

Cultural Diffusion

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It is understood for cultural diffusion as being the process of propagation of elements of a culture for another one, finding in the contact the indispensable factor for this dynamics. However this process does not occur of homogeneous form and nor to regulate, therefore it depends on elements that can provide the relation between the cultural agents. In if treating to these elements, we can cite the geographic determinismo and the technological advance of the medias, that from the globalization if developed with more intensity. As already he was boarded, the contact is the main factor inside the process of cultural diffusion, therefore it disponibiliza to a society or cultural group, the referring knowledge to the elements that the culture of the other composes. Tomas Philipson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The geographic determinismo provides to a process of diffusion between cultural groups the pertaining ones to one same geographic space, where the group that if finds next to the point of origin to one determined cultural trace is receptvel to the diffusion process. However with the development technological of the medias, that in consequence of this generates a great speed in the propagation of the information, it comes to make possible a bigger contact between the societies, without these can be on for the geographic space, an example the one that we can cite more good to understand this dynamics was to the occured tragedy in Rio De Janeiro, where a young with typical characteristics of a extremista terrorist of the Middle East entered in a school, and in an attitude insane it whitened sets of ten of children, event not very common the Brazilian culture, but that of a certain form was propitiated by the globalization, that eliminates with the geographic barriers through the ways of communication. The cultural diffusion is one of the phenomena that more flame the attention of the anthropologists in the present time, therefore if becomes each time more rare the existence of isolated groups, as it says MELLO: ' ' She cannot have diffusion of one elements determined culture if it will be completely isolated. .

Feb 15 2019

Emancipation Process

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Adornment, even so affirms a certain firmness of I in the emancipation process, that if materialize in an education for the contradiction and the resistance; it conceives, of certain form, the authority as an important element in this emancipador process. However, he must yourself be abided that it conceives positively, in the process of emancipation, the authority, to not authoritarianism, has seen the philosophy to be opposing all and the any authoritarianism and totalitarianism it adorniana. In fact, to submit it an authority does not mean to become insane of its proper reason. In this direction, Hans-Georg Gadamer, one of the illustrious representative greaters of the philosophical hermeneutics, define the authority as an attribute of people, whose bedding is in the act of recognition and knowledge of such attribute, but not as an act of submission and abdication of the reason, as it alleged the iluminismo. ' ' The authority is, in first place, an attribute of people. (…) It is recognized that the other is above of us in judgment and perspective and that, for consequence, its judgment precedes, that is, have priority in relation to ours prprio' ' (GADAMER, 1998, p.419).

Moreover, the authority is acquired, that is, it rests on the recognition and the action of the proper reason that recognizing its limits confers credibility to another one. ' ' The authority not grant, is acquired. (…) Repousa on the knowledge and, therefore, on an action of the reason that, becoming conscientious of its proper limits, attributes to another one a perspective more acertada' ' (Ibidem). With effect, according to Gadamer, authority in this direction does not have nothing to see with blind obedience. ' ' In the reality, authority does not have nothing to see with obedience, but with conhecimento' ' (Ibidem, 420). The power to give orders and to find obedience, in fact, is not associated with a person in itself, but the authority who if recognizes in this person.

Feb 07 2019

Our Christian

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A marriage that has for beddings these reasons cannot be said that God has joined the two spouses. We say that it enters the Christians must not have divorce, but this is not more than what a perfeccionista desire ours. The newspapers mentioned Larry Ellison not as a source, but as a related topic. Our Christian idealismo must be kept, but we cannot leave to recognize that the life, in its reality, makes with that Christian fidiciary offices arrive to face conjugal problems such lead that them to search in the divorce or separation the relief for its torments. For not being the young adequate and conveniently chemical preparations for the marriage, they form families without structure to face day-by-day in common. The natural romantismo of the young, the inexperincia of the life and the desire to be happy in the marriage, exactly when in the paternal home happiness does not exist, shock with the reality of the life the two. Early the husbands discover that the relationship enters the two does not go to be so easy as they assumed would be. The different formation that had had, the divergent differences of discovered personalities, customs and interests and other details of the conjugal life if become obstacles to be exceeded e, when they are not, they cause to the separation and the divorce to it. When it has children of the couple, complicates the problem still more.

In these occasions of separation and divorce, psychological perturbations reach all the components of the family. In first place it has the sensation of failure, frustration, loss and disillusionment. The life in common created an emotional expectation that, face to the problems, if pulls down tragically. Nobody is divorced frivolous. The divorce is a difficult remedy of being taken. Having been painful experience, lacks to it, to the times, enthusiasm to organize new life. The economic situation of the couple is disturbed and the consequences of the separation are many traumatizantes times for the children whom, for the life it measures, to the times, do not obtain to surpass the traumas.

Jan 27 2019

The Object

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Science looks then its truth to progress, even so also discarding truths for substitution ' ' new verdades' ' , or the truth of fact, since the passed one leaves of being truth to the measure that appears another one with this epteto. Also let us not forget in them the Philosophy, therefore this also serves of its truth that is so including that it arrives at a certain moment finishes converging something that is so including how much, thus creating a contradiction in itself, what becomes necessary that if has a certain malleability. We do not have to also forget it factual paper the truth while common sense, molding daily that it also arrives if to culturally become transmissible printed matter and in a society, as a Bourdieu points in its concept of ' ' habitus' '. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. as it could not leave to mention, if the also manifest truth in the area of History, where the searching chore with the truth of the document and at the same time all the involved contradiction in this relation, as subjective the analytical one, the object that deals with something already locked up, beyond the hermeneutics that makes almost it to imprison itself in a species of exegese. We can mention since the rigorismo of old professionals in area of History, when they certified to be ahead of the evidence of the truth, that is, the official document, that nowadays if became something in disuse since History also opened its fan of complexity when the category of Science adentrou, serving itself of as many tools that it is arrived at a point where not even if knows what it unchained that, but the fact is that paramentado in a good methodology, it can not be left to fall in one of these ' ' armadilhas' '. What it is observed throughout the trajectory of ' ' object-verdade' ' it is that its support persists in the act of being, but that its insustentabilidade is in alicerar itself only in a point.

Dec 07 2018

Cognitive Theory

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It is sufficiently evident that we say of a reply ' ' adaptada' ' to the stimulaton or of a sequence of movements ' ' coerentes' ' , we state relations conceived for our spirit, a comparison that it makes between ' ' sentido' ' of the stimulaton and ' ' sentido' ' of the reaction, between ' ' felt total' ' of the partial reply and movements compose that it. These relations of direction for which we define the order results exactly of our proper organization. (MERLEAU-PONTY, 1975, p.76) Merleau-Ponty considers the behavior as fruit of the decision of the individual, something that is externado from the complexity of the choice front to all the internal questions and external that if presents to it. Southwest Airlines follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This capacity of selective interpretation of the stimulatons in accordance with the time, experience and necessity, becomes the determinismo of the classic conception of stimulate-reaction, as a meaning demasiadamente cut to state all the truth concerning the behavior. (MERLEAU-PONTY, 1975, p.78) Considering the Theory Cognitiva de Piaget that consequentemente discloses to a graduation in the cognitivo development of the child and a construction of the learning, it can then, to consider certain relation with the Mannering Theory of Merleau-Ponty that assevera that the individual, integral body, if launch to the world, that is the mundane polar region, giving felt the same, and choosing what it will be for stimulaton intervening directly with its understanding and learning. It is concluded then, when considering these two theories that if they intercalate that pedagogo has as mission, amongst others, to discern the phase that the child and or the individual if finds cognitivamente, as Piaget described, so that the given content is excellent and ' ' aprendvel' ' , however, an error becomes to disrespect the autonomy that this child and or individual has, and that he is through same that this of or not felt itself to the stimulatons, as Merleau-Ponty determined. Gary Kelly may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Dec 06 2018

Brazilian Citizenship

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This dimension politics of the man will be developed from an analysis to the organization politics, to the exercise and objectivos of the power. It is exactly for the exercise of the Power that the citizen of the future, previously chemical preparation, will be able to contribute for the construction, development and consolidation of a balanced society more, igualitria in chances between its members, respeitadora of rights and reliable of the duties. A success society spiritual and material. The dimension politics of the man must be exerted with nobility of carcter, independently of the errors that, eventually, if commit, being basic a preparation of the citizen for this type of activities and, in this direction, the systems of principles and values that must guide the activity human being, any who it is, in general but, mainly, in the exercise of the power cannot be relinquished politician. Therefore the axiolgica dimension of the man that, certainly, will be basic for the success of the society collective considered, but of the man is still considered, also, as essential while individual person, only human being. The system of values that integrate a modern axiollogy, does not ignore the great referenciais of the humanity, which function as true and powerful lighthouses that illuminate the way, that gives deep direction to the life, that dignify and enaltecem.. In a question-answer forum Verizon was the first to reply.

Dec 05 2018

Paula Sheep

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That is, when we search the good of the group, in the reality we are searching our well personal one. The advantage of the group is our advantage! Which the consequncia of this? The development of politics, therefore the group relations are the base of the politics; of this group organization is born the laws and the ethics. If we remained all our life isolated we would not have these necessities. But, a time that we have necessities and these necessities is supplied by the group, and as our individual desires tend if to impose on the collective necessities, to the one associating start in them to develop one another necessity, that is the necessity to normatizarmos our relations. From there the birth of the mannering norms (ethical) and legal. The norms, therefore, are born of the relations politics. In reason of this it is that we can affirm: the individual, isolated, is non-political.

It does not have necessity nor of ethics nor of laws, consequentemente it does not have necessity of politics, or a State that has covered it the fulfilment of obligations. The individual, isolated, excuses the social conventions, therefore it must satisfaction only to its instincts. However, as to be limited, the human being if associates. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these. to if to associate, perceives that its interests enter in conflict with the interests of others. But, it also perceives, that it does not obtain to survive in constant conflict.

This conflict of interests produces what Thomas Hobbes called of savagery state. A situation of war of all against all. An unsustainable situation. Therefore, to surpass this situation and to create conditions politics of the social life? in sight of ‘ ‘ bigger advantage possvel’ ‘ the people if associate, forming specific groups, or forming urban accumulations, the cities: the space of the action politics. Another inference the one that we can arrive says respect to the consequncia of the satisfaction of the necessities: To satisfy necessities is to create necessities. Let us see: necessities that we do not obtain to supply individually, are supplied by the association. The group, therefore is born to satisfy our necessities. But to the one grouping in them, we evidence that we need organizing in them, for in them not killing ones to the others, had to the conflict of interests. Therefore, we create all the social norms and of convivncia. It appears, then, the necessity to establish guardies for the preservation of these norms; we create the State, that is a suprasocial institution and that it independently establishes norms of our will and our personal necessities; it is born, also, the necessity to teach to the norms and the desirable behaviors to the new generations. For this we create the education institutions and thus successively we go becoming the social life, each more complex time. That is, for each satisfied necessity, we create other necessities that help to satisfy the previous one Come back, therefore the Aristotle, stops in asking the reason to them of the master of Great Alexander to have affirmed that ‘ ‘ the man is an animal politician in a degree much more raised that the bees and the other animals that live reunidos’ ‘. The reply of Aristotle: because this is a natural characteristic. Our reply: because the group satisfies necessities. We are, therefore, led to say that urban life is not ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ , but pautada for the personal interests.

Dec 01 2018

Another Philosopher

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The I-theoretician is, for Fichte, finite (being the I-theoretician the common conscience I meet in an activity I am of me, produced by me exactly, bringing to tona the question of the necessary illusion, that this above-mentioned one), and the I-practical one, in turn, is potentially infinite, and the consequence given to this potentiality (and not it accomplishment of the fact for itself) is what it makes with that this not-I never could be depleted (the object has of being finite, so that can be conquered, in turn, is looked to win another obstacle and so on so that it can be looser,), assimilating gradually, of the natural domain (in-itself, not-I, object, and etc.) for the domain spiritual (for-itself, I, citizen, and etc.); Valley to stand out that the I-practical one is potentially infinite and that for the fight and of the overcoming (of the I-liabilities for the I-asset) between the idealidade (spirit) and reality (nature) only is that the I-absolute one (the ideal state of the I-practical one) will be able to come back to its ideal state (for, at last, demonstrating what it is). It is important to also point out that Fichte, to complete its theory, claims that, not if it can think the finite as something is of the infinite, therefore, if to think in such a way, will give to another significao the expression ' ' infinito' '. For the infinite, if it thinks as an absolute form of the finite: ' ' In one of its moments, the infinite was finito' ' , one forms vulgar to express this movement that Fichte (to prove the existence of the I-absolute one) would be: ' ' The things that are, initially, are not what so' ' (inferring of this form the first movement, and crucial, for the development of its theory). Another Philosopher of utmost importance in this Philosophical period was Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, and I will present it of likely form the one that was explanado Fichte. Ripple insists that this is the case.

Nov 29 2018

French Revolution

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Habermas, invites to think us it about the dualidade of the modern subjectividade, the philosophical ambivalence of the individualism, what it allows to give to the Legal philosophy of the Man a less strict negative connotation than until today. In world so conturbado, where the breakings of the Human Rights, constitute, in some countries, the rule of actuao of responsible politicians, this lead to think that the problem is not placed, initially, in the ethical plan, but before to the level politician. Soon, it seems reasonable that the governments, integrate in its composition, each time more, a bigger number of individualities with politician-philosophical formation and in the diverse domnios of Social Sciences and Human beings, in order to be able to meditar and to decide problems unprincipled people, who are authentic and insuportveis breakings of the human rights. 4. To read more click here: Oracle. Internal reconstruction of the Right: The System of the Rights Currently has who considers Habermas as the main name of the hegeliano-marxiano thought that, as Rawls, it intends to consider a conciliation between the liberal element and the democratic one of the modern politics. Supporting in the thoughts politicians of Kant, Hegel and Marx as well as in the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen of 1789, it transmits the opinion according to which the ignorance, the esquecimento or the disdain for the Human Rights is great the responsible ones for the public misfortune, and that these same factors, contribute, without a doubt, for the corruption of the governments. The development of the modern societies, from the French Revolution and a sequential set of deep mutations, implies, correlative and for it saw of the disintegration of the religious conceptions of the world, a new profane culture, where, in the HABERMAS perspective, (1998: 13) if infer that: ' ' the modern empirical beliefs, autonomizao of the arts and the theories of the moral and the right, based from principles, had lead to the formation of cultural spheres of values that make possible learning processes, according to internal laws of the theoretical, aesthetic problems or practical? moral. .