Mar 12 2020


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Between the deponents, four had acted in the area arriving at the top of the hierarchy as Controlling or superintendents. Scott Kahan is the source for more interesting facts. They act or they had excessively acted in coordination of selective processes, enlisting and selecting group candidates, interviewing, developing dynamic and indicating the most adjusted, in accordance with the perception of each one, for the available vacant in the respective organizations. The identities of the companies and the deponents had been omitted by request of the deponents. Olhar of the Professionals of RH the look of the professionals who act normally in the departments of Human resources of the organizations is contaminated by the ideological cooptao the one that is submitted. For being very next to power to decide processes, they very develop a strong comprometimento with the organizations, defending its ideological estimated action and.

These individuals tend to not only accept the sacralizadas bureaucratic norms in the internalization process, but also the ideologies organizacionais, represented by beliefs and values spread out in the interior of the companies with sights in occulting the instrumentalizada form with which the employees are seen. In the clipping analyzed to follow, one of the citizens of the research, displays in its narrative the vision on that the success depends basically on the individuals, being enough for that the people if dedicate, working very, studying very, that they will obtain to surpass the obstacles. This perspective sees the society as a competition field, ignoring the social structure where if they find as: classroom, color and other criteria of stratification, the systems of privileges etc. Thus, it places the problem of the collective, of level politician, as if it was strict individual as it can be perceived to follow: ' ' To the measure that the blacks if consider to be successful and see this as a challenge, them they are successful. (…) Then the problem is the individual if to locate, to believe that it can, then it goes to be successful.

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