Jul 12 2021


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In this direction, the Internet is a space in which the young one if communicates with its friends, it makes the works of the school, listening music through the radios on-line, among others things. Of this form, we perceive the type of relation in which youth if inserts. One is about a relation that has in its foundation the virtual universe, in a fast and practical way. This study it intends to approach questions central offices in what it refers to the areas of the politicosocial relations, a time that it aims at to study a new social generation, which perhaps possesss one another vision of society and a different way of convivncia. A society that probably will be communicated more virtually of what as the old convivncia, in which the people if visited, going to houses ones of the others, that if related with greaters personal contacts, if communicated with more frequency, etc.

the communication will reach a new platform. The newspapers mentioned John T. Stankey not as a source, but as a related topic. For the young the medias already are others. In these terms ' ' the medias are mainly communities online as: Orkut, Google, and Book Face. ' ' The new form of relation puts in them before one another way to live that to the few it is if becoming concrete in our way. Thus, ' ' Today, Generation Z almost becomes 18% of the population of the world. ' ' For the mentioned data it is possible that let us perceive the significant parcel of the population that is involved in this new social conviviality, which future will be the promoter of the social changes. Through this research, we intend to collaborate in some way so that these individuals can learn to coexist in a less individualistic and more solidary way, for thus becoming critical and participant beings of the society. Moreover, we also search to analyze its skill of living in aspects as: the care with its health, the entertainment time, of rest, of convivncia with the others, etc.

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