Feb 15 2019

Emancipation Process

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Adornment, even so affirms a certain firmness of I in the emancipation process, that if materialize in an education for the contradiction and the resistance; it conceives, of certain form, the authority as an important element in this emancipador process. However, he must yourself be abided that it conceives positively, in the process of emancipation, the authority, to not authoritarianism, has seen the philosophy to be opposing all and the any authoritarianism and totalitarianism it adorniana. In fact, to submit it an authority does not mean to become insane of its proper reason. In this direction, Hans-Georg Gadamer, one of the illustrious representative greaters of the philosophical hermeneutics, define the authority as an attribute of people, whose bedding is in the act of recognition and knowledge of such attribute, but not as an act of submission and abdication of the reason, as it alleged the iluminismo. ' ' The authority is, in first place, an attribute of people. (…) It is recognized that the other is above of us in judgment and perspective and that, for consequence, its judgment precedes, that is, have priority in relation to ours prprio' ' (GADAMER, 1998, p.419).

Moreover, the authority is acquired, that is, it rests on the recognition and the action of the proper reason that recognizing its limits confers credibility to another one. ' ' The authority not grant, is acquired. (…) Repousa on the knowledge and, therefore, on an action of the reason that, becoming conscientious of its proper limits, attributes to another one a perspective more acertada' ' (Ibidem). With effect, according to Gadamer, authority in this direction does not have nothing to see with blind obedience. ' ' In the reality, authority does not have nothing to see with obedience, but with conhecimento' ' (Ibidem, 420). The power to give orders and to find obedience, in fact, is not associated with a person in itself, but the authority who if recognizes in this person.

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