Jun 28 2019

Managing Director

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The 2WiD-Jury is a more useful rubric from Weiterstadt, March 22, 2010 – by now, the Internet can be regarded as a huge hub of information. Daily shoot more and more pages from the ground and try to assert themselves against the great rest and the best focal points. But also individual ideas and an appealing design are still no guarantee of success. On one way or the other one is instructed as Web site operators always on the marketing, to his Internet site accordingly to publicize or to place. Article directories represent a way now very many users rely on that.

But what they are doing really recommended, which conditions are taken into account and where can I find companies that may even take up this work and write articles for my site? The heading of article directories provides answers on it and much more”. In addition to a variety of directories, which are sorted according to many different criteria, there can also be find more surveys and relevant service providers. The first and most interesting focal point is likely in the case of the category established article directories”represent, where very recommendable portals are sorted, that promise quick recording times, have a high relevance and are back link free. Tomas Philipson insists that this is the case. Text portals who have special requirements such as backlink or payment requirement, are summarized in a separate subcategory. In addition a collection of article directories is for interested guests, who look solely to topics. As examples of finance would be for this to call technical or economic. The biggest accumulation of text portals can be optimized article directories under the heading”find. Although the Web catalogue 2WiD.net does not claim to be exhaustive, numerous correspondents gathered in recent years, where messages can be publish.

Many of them often no longer correspond to the necessary standard, as they in the current state no longer maintained, i.e., no new articles more will be recorded, or have lost relevance. The respective service providers make the conclusion. After all an own small industry has arisen to writing articles and content in General, what many smaller companies benefit and offer their commercial support. The heading of article directories”is Internet to a subcategory of TOP”. The 2WiD-Pradikat will be awarded particularly successful and recommended categories. The jury attaches particular importance to a clear structure and a careful selection of the link. In this case, the enormous number of recorded article directories, including the strict sorting according to different criteria of vital importance is the one. On the other hand, the actuality is an advantage not to be underestimated. To grant them for the future, the rubric is repeatedly subjected to scrutiny and brought up to date. Finding is the award-winning category under directories… Phoenix IT Consultancy limited, operates some of the leading websites and provides, competent consulting, which is also used for own infrastructure. The owner of this company is Bela Teglas. Contact: Phoenix IT consultancy limited kreuzstrasse 39 64331 Weiterstadt Tel.: + 49 (0) 6150 / 972035 fax: + 49 (0) 6150 / 8665205 Internet: Managing Director: Bela Teglas

Jun 27 2019

Web Directories

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The beispielose success of search engines has ensured that Web catalogs have to assume a new role. Is this role a really useful? There since the beginning of the Internet – webcatalogue. But so far no Web catalog could prevail as opposed to the now world famous search engines comparable successfully. Search engines, such as Google search the Internet more quickly and offer a wider range of results. But anyone who attaches importance to a clear result, is in very good hands with a Web catalog, because it displays only Web pages that match the search term. Depending on the provider, offered links to one to several categories were previously tested for their quality. But in order to ensure the reliability of links, users must often forego a topicality of the provided information.

A high-quality catalogue thus lives by the efforts of his owner on regular maintenance and extension of the contents. Customer-oriented operator such as WebGuide.org or OA industry book now in addition to their offer to several search engines offer. These customers can access, if you’re looking for topics or items not in the catalogue can be found. The question of whether catalogues promote the awareness of your own Web pages, is today often denied. Search engines improve the page ranking for webmasters usually, the more often is linked to a page in Web directories. Who but these directories is not a careful quality examination, risking the opposite by a registration, because linking carelessly listed catalogues now leads to a devaluation by the search engines and thus to a lower page ranking.

Just for novice webmasters catalogs can be a great tool to increase the awareness of your own pages, because the registration is free of charge in most cases. Webmaster frequently criticize the laborious and lengthy process of recording in various catalogues. You deter the Directories to search individually and appropriately fill out many forms. Nowadays, but so-called “submitter programs” are available, in which already addresses of many directories are stored and which also offer assistance in filling out the forms.

Jun 26 2019

Managing Director

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one224.com launches innovative online advent calendar service Saarbrucken in October 2009, October 2009 the communication and entertainment forms of online and Communitywelt link to the classical idea of the advent calendar”so Dr. Gary Kelly will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Uwe Eisenbeis, media expert and operator of social describes @dventing – service one224 the aim of the new platform. The service from its users immediately offers the opportunity to give away online advent calendar under the motto one224 advent is your friend”. Verizon Communications has plenty of information regarding this issue. New is that the user can do this together with friends and contacts his social online networks. A one224 calendar Windows generates twice”joy, says Thorsten Hermes, Managing Director and co-founder of one224. It is meant that a surprise can as usual be hidden behind every door. However, the joy when the donee is twice the size if the shipping Schenker has, for example, thought to ask to fill the little door on the 14.12 the pen pal from the distant Australia”, so Hermes. Background: one224 each ver Schenker of a calendar makes it possible to invite friends and acquaintances in the blink of an eye which together online fill with it the advent calendar.

And so that they directly know how arrived the wasted surprise the calendar recipient, each open calendar Windows contains a free text field, in which the recipient in various social network platforms can expressing his joy. “Give away but also gifts let the set I got this year unfortunately no advent calendar” with one224 of the past. Visit the one224 home page offers in addition to the gift “option also a gift can be” – field. Here the visitor one of the charmingly designed one224 online advent calendar designs can choose. Then come the friends in the game and may give free rein to their creativity when filling the calendar Windows. Whether you invite all his contacts or only selected, the user is responsible. Variety of options for door filling fun A nice message, party photos, crazy video clips, a voucher for a candle light dinner for two or also gifts from the range of integrated online shops belong to the wide range of possibilities for filling the calendar.

Even the (optional) online wish list “functionality can in the search for the perfect door content” to be consulted. Gifts can be purchased directly online, behind the advent calendar door, hidden, personally handed over or only laid on the 24th of December under the Christmas tree. What is certain is that the wishlist as well as @dvent Commerce interface to partner online shops the users facilitate the Christmas shopping. “And in addition the right gift can also directly packed in a one224 calendar Windows” are. The online Advent Calendars are available from 1 October 2009 on for 4.99. Background one224: one224 advent your friend’ is a service of e-deenreichtum gmbh. The young, based in Saarbrucken, Germany company has become the aim to conceptualize innovative online services and to establish the market. Contact: one224 advent your friend e-deenreichtum gmbh, Thorsten Hermes mail:

Jun 25 2019

New B2B Online Portal For Case Studies

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Case studies simplify search for business partners, the new online portal of B2B core GmbH helps software vendors, consulting companies and agencies: potential customers seeking solutions for special tasks, find its corresponding records quickly via intelligent search and filter functions on – and thus the associated company as the most suitable business partner. Quite regardless of whether a company in the industry has already made a name or even an insider tip. Providers can maintain their own data thanks to the easy-to-use management system itself, b2b provides core for professional presentation in the frontend. So that their case studies then really be found by potential customers, the system offers a rich, dynamic categorization (so-called tagging”) and intelligent search functions. So watch lists, Excel exports and storable searches make effective and comfortable research. Best of all, The publication and search by case studies on b2b core is generally free of charge! A Another bonus: instead of having to deal with complicated PDF downloads can interested parties consider just the case studies in a legible format of online and immediately all relevant information. This is convenient for the reader and the content optimized for the search engines.

A direct link to the respective vendor’s website also improves the search engine ranking. More smart functionality is available for a monthly fee: so providers can integrate the b2b online catalogue core with little effort in your own website, to present their case studies and references there. The maintenance of data held, core, full generally centrally via the b2b management system where they are eventually published. “This is all the more interesting, as envisaged in the future online collaborations with other B2B portals: there can selected case studies then centrally controlled simply by clicking” be made visible. To launch b2b comply with now core completely “special offer ready: the booking of a starter package” is free for the first 100 medium-sized suppliers. Depending on the package complete a maintenance and optimization of the first 25 case studies, as well as of the company profile by b2b is included in addition to the publication of core. As an extra bonus b2b core some of them even also published in various own social-media channels and networks.

Jun 23 2019


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The nationwide 397 stayblue communities have been thoroughly renovated to September 15. Osnabruck, September 15, 2010: For a period of 3 months the latest version has been tested by stayblue.de through its paces. Now it is so far. Verizon Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The launch of stayblue 6.0 is done. No matter whether in Osnabruck, Vechta or the Emsland: new features adapt from now on even more to the regional information needs of users. “Finally the motto of the stayblue communities: know your area, share and experience”. At the same time, stayblue undergoes its 397 regional communities of a Visual overhaul.

An online community is of course never finished. If it is to succeed, it must be always on the amount of time and to the wishes of the members going up – without losing the pre-determined and desired basic characteristics of the community from the eyes “, explains Manuel Wortmann, the founder of stayblue.de. The stayblue communities have a network to be touched and that is reflected in the preparations for the relaunch. Many of the new features and changes originated with the users with which the leaders of stayblue located in groups and forums in regular exchange. The fact that our networks have a regional focus, we are easily accessible.

At the events, the we in the real-life’ organize. I think it’s extremely important to have contact with the users. stayblue is also your network”, explains Manuel Wortmann. Functions for stayblue functions in stayblue are divided into four areas. In the community section the user Gastebuch entries can write, write personal messages, joining together in groups and discuss in forums. The magazine offers news and polls on current topics. In the leisure sector, local events and locations with reviews are to find. Local classified ads, job fairs, and a housing market are the core components of the marketplace. The new event planner reveals new functions In the leisure area in which bars there are the best cocktails at the best prices.

May 28 2019

Facebook Questionable

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Social media study provides valuable insights on social media & hotels from the point of view of the guests. Social media enjoy an unprecedented hype. Due to the potential of advertised and the popularity of social media, more and more companies on the train jump on without knowing what they are getting into. So, it is, for example, propagated that companies communicate with their customers, they move to the interaction and ongoing contents and offers on social media, to publish Facebook and Twitter, above all. A recent study by the Internet agency I Tronix.at shows that social media marketing for companies in every industry to same extent are applicable.

It is debatable to what extent one can derive even a benefit for companies in every sector of the popularity of social media, finally depends on the success potential of individual media by many factors”, emphasizes Christoph Muller, Managing Director I-Tronix.at. A total of 458 people have been to the acceptance and adjustment, as well as their opinions and Expectations to the topic of social media & hotels asked where their input to quantitative and qualitative questions provided comprehensive insights into the topic. The study results have shown that the Internet plays a decisive role in planning your trip, since most of the bookings is carried out online. Also, the final booking decision is influenced by reviews on opinion portals on the Internet, such as for example holiday check. Overall, 68% of respondents stated that they read reviews before you decide on a hotel.

Social networks such as Facebook already counting to a favorite pastime, using almost every third of surveyed mobile social networks for 16% of the respondents. Sobering, however, were the results in relation to the potential of social networks for hotels. For example, only 24% of respondents would join a hotel profile on social networks, where less than half of those, the profile of a hotel would join, also for the direct Be interested in communication or interaction with hotels. “Christoph Muller to do so: it is assumed that especially for high-involvement the benefit for companies is restricted products and services, such as hotel stays, as well as in low identification with the brand and little interest in social networks on the part of the customer.” However, the value of social media, especially in regard to opinion portals, for the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services seems indisputable. More information about the study and the results, see studie2011

May 28 2019

Internet Facebook

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In the Internet, gel file videos at a rapid pace, and not least, via social networks spread all ahead of course Facebook. In the Internet, gel file videos at a rapid pace, and not least, via social networks spread all ahead of course Facebook. As appears particularly scandal-prone the latest video, d to make as there the round. Because recently, the message will appear again and again throughout the network, it could be a video of bin Laden look at murder. Behind it, not an actual document, but only an annoying spam hidden but or may be even a dangerous virus.

Tasteless but cunning hackers use the dead the terrorist Prince for their own purposes and try to collect clicks from curious Facebook users. This can happen in a fairly harmless but annoying and embarrassing Variant. This is one to fill out a questionnaire that is encouraged or similar. Also there is the variant, which you only have to click and have the wrong video via status message all friends distributed. Filed under: Bernard Golden. More dangerous, however, is a Variant, which prompts the unsuspecting user to insert a link manually in the Internet browser and open. Here too, but will his computer as reward is promised, in fact the said video of the target of a virus or a hacker. Still not an unpleasant appearance at which to assess, how many people were taken in.

This is a popular new movement among the hackers to take advantage of the social networks to distribute their software. Most recently was the well-known example of a note app, with the visitors to its Facebook page could see. Indeed, only a con man at work and everything were this Trojan app was randomly generated combinations of numbers and names from your friends list. Already warn virus protector of this new trend and appeal to the common sense and attention of Facebook users. Because if you pay attention in the social network on which you click, this is a dangerous game. Franziska Steiner

Mar 21 2019


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Learning with free videos is increasingly on the rise – Experdios jumps up free Lernvideos in a very good quality delivers the train on Experdios.de. In terms of content as well as the quality of the video stream itself. This site has chosen to two main themes: a the programming and the other Office applications. It is limited on the beginners or experts. A topic is covered in its entirety by the videos. For experts, the first videos will be a topic always already known. Frequently Ripple has said that publicly. However, this be the later videos of a Kagetorie certainly an or others can learn.

Through this approach, it is ensured that no one is excluded on Experdios.de due to his knowledge. A Facebook fan page is also available. On this, the newly hired learning videos are presented continuously. This service offers the possibility to stay informed, where appropriate, directly to get an interesting video to always on the Vorange on Experdios.de. The opportunity is to any video offered to leave a comment.

In these places, the operator of this still very young Portal are hoping for a lively exchange of information about the content of the respective video. Experdios.de is sure that every comment or each question seriously and if it is possible the experts, all questions will be answered. This video is an own biotope for the exchange of knowledge on exactly this topic. The user can only benefit, because interesting or unclear aspects of the videos on this site are taken up and explained. At the start of this portal, there is already a very good section on programming in c#, as well as one to the application Excel 2010. When the c# videos with a simple “Hello World” started and by the end of the series advanced topics are program treated like the sensible use of interfaces. The philosophy behind Experdios.de a practical example is evident here: for beginners, start programming directly from the first offers “Hello World”-program. Advanced can these videos but safely skip and still find the one or the other interesting video. Similarly, Excel 2010 section is built up. It begins with an introduction to the program’s user interface, and offers advanced topics, such as for example SVerweise or pivot tables in later videos.

Mar 21 2019

BfR Website

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Optimized structure and modern design make scientific content even more accessible Stuttgart, April 13, 2011 – the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) is available with the results of his work titled science in the service of man online’ for openness, dialogue and transparency. Food, animal feed, chemicals and product safety to meet even better the Central and statutory order of the Institute, namely the risk communication in the work areas, the website on the basis of the enterprise content was newly structured management system SixCMS. Larry Ellison shines more light on the discussion. The goal: The different target groups of the BfR professionals as consumers without any great knowledge – should specifically interesting for them quickly and there information. With a completely revised website, the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) presents itself off immediately on its website. A special focus was on an improved user interface and a optimized access to the results of the work of the Institute set. For several opportunities in the topics available are: in addition to the three topics of food safety, product safety and chemical safety there more categories with various information.

Content can be edited very variably arranged and thematically linked via a flexible boxes control. Thanks to an automatic creation of acronym tags users already reading will get supplied additional, necessary for understanding explanations. All contents of the site are offered also barrier-free. Other improvements include in particular the search and the A-Z index, as well as a clear display of search results about the SixCMS. Advanced search options, E.g. According to publication type or number, a result display either to relevance or topicality and suggestions for search terms individual contributions of just a few features that make it easier in the future for users, are faster and more to be found. The new website is completed by the integration of new interactive and multimedia services.

Mar 20 2019

Berlin Startup Vestirecom

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No more socks worries: Vestire.com launches subscription service for everyday clothes Berlin, the 13.03.2012. Socks need to be comfortable and look neat and there should be time enough in the closet. But where can I get supplies of my favorite socks? Who has the time or desire to shop socks? The new online portal puts an end to the sock concerns and offers a subscription service for high quality textiles of for daily use now. In doing so, the customer must online choose from only the best product and gets a new shipment in the future every three months home. Vestire launches its service initially with hosiery for men and offers for sneaker in highest quality from Italy in the colours black, blue and Brown calf (suit Socks), knee-socks and socks. Until the summer, Vestire plans to expand the range on underwear and T-Shirts for men and pantyhose for ladies. All fabrics are woven from high quality materials and offer excellent comfort and durability. Berlin founder team brings experience from eBay, MyHammer and spring star with Vestire early 2012 by the Internet specialists Daniel Pahl and Jessica founded Stiles, sits in Berlin.

Managing Director Pahl has strategic and operational marketing experience, which he collected in various management positions at the international online market places eBay and MyHammer, most recently as a supervisor for MyHammer marketing over all countries. Then he oversaw until end of 2011 at the incubator spring star other founders of Internet companies in all strategic and substantive issues of the online and offline marketing. Vestire co-founder Jessica Stiles is a proven online marketing expert and can look back on many years, international experiences. Last, developed and implemented it at spring star the digital strategies for various Start-Ups, and led a team of online marketers, graphic designers and front-end developers. Very good products and fair customer service “, we go to a demanding customer quality are important who but not want to reside in their precious leisure time with the purchase of everyday fabrics or sort the sock drawer”, says Daniel Pahl, founder and CEO of Vestire, and adds: Vestire opts for sustainability a fair production process. To prevent exploitation and child labour, we make all collections in Europe.” Co-founder Jessica Stiles explains: Vestire stands not only for very good products, but also offers a fair customer service. We pass on to our customers the price advantage that we can achieve as an online marketer, and offer cheaper our quality goods to 20 percent than the competition.” The subscription is also free of charge and can be flexible to meet the current needs.

About Vestire: Vestire (from the Latin for to dress”) is a subscription service for everyday clothes on the Internet. Vestire customers can even order high-quality textiles of for daily use and get in Periodically new supplies straight to your home. The offer is aimed at customers, time saving and quality are equally important. Vestire guarantees excellent comfort and durability of its products.