May 28 2019

Facebook Questionable

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Social media study provides valuable insights on social media & hotels from the point of view of the guests. Social media enjoy an unprecedented hype. Due to the potential of advertised and the popularity of social media, more and more companies on the train jump on without knowing what they are getting into. So, it is, for example, propagated that companies communicate with their customers, they move to the interaction and ongoing contents and offers on social media, to publish Facebook and Twitter, above all. A recent study by the Internet agency I shows that social media marketing for companies in every industry to same extent are applicable.

It is debatable to what extent one can derive even a benefit for companies in every sector of the popularity of social media, finally depends on the success potential of individual media by many factors”, emphasizes Christoph Muller, Managing Director A total of 458 people have been to the acceptance and adjustment, as well as their opinions and Expectations to the topic of social media & hotels asked where their input to quantitative and qualitative questions provided comprehensive insights into the topic. The study results have shown that the Internet plays a decisive role in planning your trip, since most of the bookings is carried out online. Also, the final booking decision is influenced by reviews on opinion portals on the Internet, such as for example holiday check. Overall, 68% of respondents stated that they read reviews before you decide on a hotel.

Social networks such as Facebook already counting to a favorite pastime, using almost every third of surveyed mobile social networks for 16% of the respondents. Sobering, however, were the results in relation to the potential of social networks for hotels. For example, only 24% of respondents would join a hotel profile on social networks, where less than half of those, the profile of a hotel would join, also for the direct Be interested in communication or interaction with hotels. “Christoph Muller to do so: it is assumed that especially for high-involvement the benefit for companies is restricted products and services, such as hotel stays, as well as in low identification with the brand and little interest in social networks on the part of the customer.” However, the value of social media, especially in regard to opinion portals, for the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services seems indisputable. More information about the study and the results, see studie2011

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