Jun 23 2019


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The nationwide 397 stayblue communities have been thoroughly renovated to September 15. Osnabruck, September 15, 2010: For a period of 3 months the latest version has been tested by stayblue.de through its paces. Now it is so far. Verizon Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The launch of stayblue 6.0 is done. No matter whether in Osnabruck, Vechta or the Emsland: new features adapt from now on even more to the regional information needs of users. “Finally the motto of the stayblue communities: know your area, share and experience”. At the same time, stayblue undergoes its 397 regional communities of a Visual overhaul.

An online community is of course never finished. If it is to succeed, it must be always on the amount of time and to the wishes of the members going up – without losing the pre-determined and desired basic characteristics of the community from the eyes “, explains Manuel Wortmann, the founder of stayblue.de. The stayblue communities have a network to be touched and that is reflected in the preparations for the relaunch. Many of the new features and changes originated with the users with which the leaders of stayblue located in groups and forums in regular exchange. The fact that our networks have a regional focus, we are easily accessible.

At the events, the we in the real-life’ organize. I think it’s extremely important to have contact with the users. stayblue is also your network”, explains Manuel Wortmann. Functions for stayblue functions in stayblue are divided into four areas. In the community section the user Gastebuch entries can write, write personal messages, joining together in groups and discuss in forums. The magazine offers news and polls on current topics. In the leisure sector, local events and locations with reviews are to find. Local classified ads, job fairs, and a housing market are the core components of the marketplace. The new event planner reveals new functions In the leisure area in which bars there are the best cocktails at the best prices.