May 10 2018

ILO Quality

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How can German companies successfully export their services? Made in Germany. This label stands worldwide for quality and high value goods. Thanks to the successful interplay of organization strength and technical innovation, it turned into a seal of quality. It secured the recognition as one of the leading economic Nations Germany. Using this position within a century growing German companies can tackle new challenges, such as those of the successful export of services. It is no longer enough to produce only high quality material goods. Services have become increasingly important. To benefit from the growth potential of tertiarisation companies especially in the environment of capital goods focus on internationalization and the export of services.

This issue focuses on the new book service engineering international services of Fraunhofer IAO. The authors, including experts of the Fraunhofer IAO, set in the book five-stage approach, based on the process model of service engineering. Based on this model of levels, they demonstrate how German companies can tackle the internationalization of their services and successfully implement. Problems and challenges, the resulting need for action, as well as first solution approaches are the focus. Four case studies illustrate the procedure in detail. When a company is the modularization of services in focus.

At another company, the book shows how internationalisation processes can be standardized, to increase the quality. On personnel issues will be entered as an example of a third company: to keep the knowledge in an International Corporation in all locations worldwide at the same level, IT and documents are not enough alone. Knowledge and values need to be lived. For this reason exchanges are offered, so that employees of foreign subsidiaries for a period of time, for example, in Germany. Another Case study provides information about the internationalization of the product portfolio. Criteria such as sustainability or the proximity to the home base can help to select suitable new markets where products can be permanently offered.

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