Aug 11 2019

Slovak Technical University

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Professional MBA automotive industry successfully launched! During a welcome reception, the Europe-wide unique postgraduate university course Professional MBA automotive industry was inaugurated on March 5, 2009. The development of this MBA program is funded by the European Union and is a cooperation of the Technical University of Vienna with the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, at the initiative of the automotive cluster Vienna region. The transnational cooperation of the two renowned universities is innovative and very pleasing in the field of education. A high degree of internationality could be achieved with 23 participants from 8 different Nations already in the first round”, Vice President Hans Kaiser, Vienna University of technology. Given the current economic climate especially in the automotive industry and suppliers, it is all the more gratifying that the course will be so great popularity. Some months ago we were worried whether the tense economic situation the right time be given to position the MBA market. However, the high applicants and number of participants shows that especially in these times of continuing education programs be used to stand out even more in the difficult labour market”, as course Director Univ.Prof. DDr. FindShadow founder often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Wilfried Sihn, Vienna University of technology. A participant from Mexico thinks that now is the best time to invest in its future. He wants to use the training as a stepping stone to a higher ManagerInnenebene. The first round consists of exceedingly international, qualified students, who are characterized by their previous careers. So is a two-time Olympian (athletics) among the students. Facts conclusion: awarded the academic degree master of business administration (automotive industry) by the Technical University of Vienna in cooperation with the STU Bratislava language of instruction: English study duration: 4 semesters, part-time, modular program start: March 2010 course management: Univ.Prof.Dr.-Ing.Dr.h.c.

Wilfried Sihn (TU Vienna) eng. Jan Lesinsky, PhD. Assoc.Prof. (STU Bratislava) Contact and other information continuing education Center Technical University of Vienna Dr.

Jul 20 2019

Foundation University

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University of the popular arts FH study operating takes on April 7 the recently founded University of the popular arts, launched shortly hdpk, in Berlin officially operate study. “18 students and students in the course of sound and music production” and another eight in the degree programme of media management “the first steps in the University life did gladly. Off the coming winter semester, the course is media design”that art and management geared the hdpk round out offerings. One day before lecture start invited the hdpk to the opening ceremony: after the welcome address by Ulrich Rector which hdpk Wunsch, were a guided tour with sound, well House, a common lunch and introductions from pages of the Programme Director Robert Lingnau (sound and music production) and Dr. Matthias Welker (media management) on the program equipped recording, design and photo studios. The founding is committed to, the Berlin education tradition quite even though she consistently looking ahead with their courses. Many writers such as Valerie Berlin Berlin Rosen offer more in-depth analysis. You’ll make by you care! “, is Humboldt’s advice to his students, cited wish the Rector Ulrich.” All obligation to practice theory and research should not neglected, as the Foundation of aesthetic education. The hdpk is located right in the heart of Berlin close to art and culture as to other educational institutions. Exchange with these and the establishment of an exciting campus life for students and non-students are on the program. We can shape what comes. To do this I invite all you; I want to do like to share it with you”, called wish finally the students on.

Jul 17 2019

Workshop Profession

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A ‘ intercultural training’ design of Gottingen, 10.02.2010 who even offers seminars in the intercultural field or plant this and a concrete concept of training needed, knows the problems and questions which arise in a such implementation from theory into practice: how to convey dry content effectively and alive? How to build up the daily schedule? What exercises are suitable and where can I find them? IKUD offers a new workshop seminars in June 2010, in which these questions are clarified. The workshop concept creation for an intercultural training “has been developed due to many requests, as also to people who have had experience and knowledge in the intercultural field, implementation challenges in everyday working life again. A didactic implementation of intercultural content needs to be learned. Therefore focuses on the design of an own concept is in the workshop on the topic of intercultural communication”set. Together with the experienced trainer shall be a coarse and detailed planning concrete event. The feedback of the other participants serve as a valuable resource for feedback to their personal development. The constructivist approach and the inspiring atmosphere in which participants of the seminars and the training at IKUD seminars know contribute to the outspoken workshop nature of the event.

The systematic structure of an event in relation to the transfer of knowledge and skills will be developed as well as the Didactization of the selected course material. In addition, appropriate curriculum examples, exercises, and games are presented and discussed. In short: participants will learn, as they for example implement their existing knowledge – the iceberg model of culture practically in the seminar. An exercise generates and analyzes the structure of a lecture. So, a teaching block can be developed, which teachers and learners fun and brings optimal, sustainable learning gain. The workshop will take place from 8-9 June 2010 in village Eriskirch on Lake Constance. As for all Training at IKUD seminars applies also here: with the Education Award, eligible get a price reduced by 50% (500 maximum amount). a cross-cultural training…

Jul 08 2019

With Security In The Job

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WSB Kiel offers training for guards and security forces with IHK competence test ( 34a GewO) in the summer of 2010 at Kiel 07.06.2010. The security industry is booming: in fact the number of jobs has doubled in the last ten years. And so are the job opportunities for trained security forces. To know more about this subject visit Verizon Communications. Therefore, the WBS TRAINING AG in Kiel offers continuing education for security and safety officer, start: June 28. Participants can look forward to an exciting time, in which they optimally and comprehensively prepared on the future tasks. The IHK competence test according to section 34a of the GewO is an important part within the training”, explains Christine will Winterstein, officer for vocational training of the WBS Kiel. Valerie Berlins opinions are not widely known.

But proof of the Chamber of Commerce is not enough testing alone potential employers of the security industry generally.” Therefore the site convey also skills that go beyond the simple security, such as in the area of person conditional supervision services, activities in emergency and operational centres, in courier services, goods and value transport security, border security and airport control, so the next speaker. “The WBS Kiel relies on experienced instructors from practice: trainers must bring wealth of experience and industry knowledge, in three months can make really fit for the demands of the security companies participants”, says Christine will Winterstein. The features of WBS TRAINING AG can be funded through the Federal Agency for work or cooperation with the education voucher. The employees of the WBS Kiel advise interested. Contact: Christine will Winterstein, telephone 0431-200 15 83,. The Internet under Kiel informed about the whole range of WBS Kiel.

Jun 28 2019

SPA Upstalsboom

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With his passion for the hospitality industry, extensive leadership and management experiences from first-class houses, as well as a certain kinship to the Baltic Sea, Peruzzo is the ideal choice as Director of the Upstalsboom hotel residence & SPA Kuhlungsborn, stressed Arne Mundt, Upstalsboom-Regional Director Baltic Sea. As hotel Director Peruzzo of also the great social responsibility towards the region was aware, that this new Pearl of the Baltic Sea”was connected. The new stand at the historic site of the old Kurhaus, which for decades had been a formative factor for Kuhlungsborn. Upstalsboom hotel residence & SPA Kuhlungsborn In September 2009 was the first sod for the construction of the Upstalsboom hotel residence & SPA Kuhlungsborn. The opening of the 4-star superior hotel is planned in April 2011. Learn more on the subject from Verizon Communications.

The Bauwo AG (Hanover) invested 36 million in the object that is one of the largest private tourist investment on the Baltic Sea coast. The Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG operates the exquisite Hotel overlooking the sea about 20 metres from the Baltic Sea Beach. The architecture of the new building with its noble design is modeled on the style of the historic Kurhaus, which has stood on the same site, as well as on the traditional architecture of Kuhlungsborns. The 170 rooms and suites – the largest with an area of 86 square meters – are luxuriously furnished. The luxurious amenities sets the tone of an exceptional hospitality in the gourmet restaurant, the Vienna Cafe, fireplace room, the library and the bar. Also, the guests in a 1,300 square metre SPA area with a 15 metre swimming pool refer relaxation highest level. Upstalsboom hotel residence & SPA Kuhlungsborn Hotel Director Thomas Peruzzo Baltic Ahornallee 21 18225 Kuhlungsborn press contact Arne Mundt Upstalsboom-Regional Director Baltic phone 038378/63-0

Jun 27 2019

Managing Director

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Also, Managing Director of management and executives from the second or third group number after a job loss in contrast to group links automatically by other companies and headhunters will be contacted; them are also no transitional jobs”at affiliates offers. Your job search is often correspondingly tough. At least then, if one of the following obstacles: The person is highly specialized. Or she would not deteriorate in income. Or she is older than 45 years.

Or she wants to stay because school children in the region. Then the job search takes”, so the Executive placement expert Adensam, often many months because the selection process when staffing of key positions in companies are often lengthy. The analysis of biographies of the job seeker following tips for middle and top executives can be, according to Adensam, derive, who must design a new professional perspective (medium-term) to: Be active at an early stage, when you realize that you dead heading into a professional. How to calculate you for the job search at least half a year a more realistic are nine to twelve months. Define clear goals. Analyse your strengths and experiences. What successes can you present? Which companies are therefore attractive outside your discipline and your current industry.

Looking for an experienced consultants as sparring partner for this analysis. “Because yourself much of what they did, seems so self-evident that you the behind infectious pounds” easily overlooked for the job search. Find and contact your network very carefully and selectively. Because not everyone means well with you and can remain silent. Games about band if not prematurely public be allowed that you professionally reorient, and engage a consultant who discreetly helps the self marketing. Ventilate your incognito until, if clear is: here I have a realistic chance. In the selection of the consultant, sure that he knows your target industries and is wired with other recruitment consultants. As a consultant only has only a limited insight into the hidden job market. And one more tip: accept no body of prematurely. Otherwise, the risk is great that you a half or stand a year later again on the road. For further information: ADENSAM the human resources consultants GmbH, Ludwigshafen, Germany (Tel.: 0621/59895-0;) Email:; Internet:).

Jun 23 2019


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The memory of the company maintain in ever shorter innovation cycles the quality of employees becomes a strategic success factor. The competitiveness of a company not least depends the ability of employees, how fast they are on new developments in the situation. Dramatically decreases the half-life of knowledge: i.e. without regular updating and refreshing valuable know-how could be only half worth in no time. The necessary acquisition of knowledge is always prior to the application of knowledge. Due to the shift from the facts to access knowledge, as well as from the surface to the concept of knowledge the pure knowledge retained today by far insufficient.

Experience knowledge management shows that the success of 80 percent of the so-called soft factors”, i.e. depends on corporate culture, the living values and standards of the Organization and only about 20 percent of the used information and communication technologies. More and more companies are planning therefore its structure from a function orientation towards a learning organisation to rebuild. The company’s success is thus just depends on how efficiently companies can use their commodity knowledge. Also the staff controlling is subject to a dynamic change and adjustment: in particular dealing with knowledge as a resource increasingly becomes the decisive success factor for the future, i.e. the competitiveness of an enterprise will depend on the conscious and deliberate approach to this intangible commodity. “Knowledge is manifested both in internal communication networks, the corporate memory”, as well as in conjunction with external partners. There will be more and more important, that use knowledge-based products and services, because the market value of today’s products and services to an ever larger share based on their information content.

It iterates through several stages: from the data of the information up to the highest level of expertise. To determine more and more as a result, the value of a company by looking at the ratio of data, Looks at information and knowledge. Companies that are informationalisieren”can, will be better than those who cannot. If they know about it to use, existing knowledge, they will be even stronger and more valuable than that which are based only on information. Knowledge management requires the evaluation of circulating information on the management level. All and levels of education and training should therefore increasingly on these soft facts”go up. We implemented new forms of interaction between information producers and cocaine. It’s about solving the issues: How can keep company with the dynamics of the environment surrounding them? from which individual and collective knowledge is the knowledge base, can access a company to solve its problems? Staff have the necessary skills to productively use the existing range of information? Knowledge and experience are bound to people and therefore only you can These potential know-how carriers themselves. Deals with possible instruments and procedures, a number of staff publications by Jorg Becker, so u.a: personnel controlling by means of person account by the de facto to the tactical, 2010; ISBN 978 3 8391 0177 3 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker

Jun 18 2019

Center Street

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English providers withstand that foreign language skills in the job are essential criteria by Stiftung Warentest, is aware of more and more workers and employers. So, the success of a company depends on how well the employees speak a language. That the study found ELAN’ of the European Commission. Therefore, the companies figured out their loss in the past three years EUR 325 000 per year, as workers poured with insufficient knowledge of foreign languages. Many unemployed and in short-time working employees use their time, to improve their language skills. To find the right language course provider, Stiftung Warentest has put together some criteria which are to be observed when choosing the right language school. Wall Street has been affiliated institute its own offering under the magnifying glass.

-All interested parties should take a placement test before the course starts. This English placement test at Wall Street Institute is free of charge and without obligation. What is important according to the Stiftung Warentest is a foreign language in a small group, with up to five participants to learn. On Wall Street, emphasis is placed on individuality and flexibility Institute. This is only possible, if the groups are small, so that no more than five students are taught in the courses”, explains Achim Gniffke, Operations Director Germany Wall Street institutions. -Various forms of learning should be combined, because the way is more diverse, in what language and words in the brain are connected, the better they can later retrieve.

The students of Wall Street institutions have the opportunity to improve their English not only at the Center, but also from home or in the Office and therefore learn both online, and with textbooks and in the group. What is important is the use of language in the practice also. At Wall Street Institute student can additionally visit the communications classes on site or take part in the activities of the Club to exercise free speech. In addition the House language in all 27 centers in Germany in English. -At the end of a course, the participants should know, such as they the language so far have learned well. Courses offered by Wall Street Institute is subdivided into 17 levels. After each level, it is checked whether the student has reached their targets. So constantly tracks the progress of each participant. Should a student performance not the intended after despite compliance with the learning plan by the end of the course, he can repeat free of charge the same English course or the course units only, where the result was not enough. Hear from experts in the field like Tomas Philipson for a more varied view. -The levels of Wall Street institutions are also aligned with the common European framework (CEF). CEF provides an international basis, to make the linguistic level international and neutral measure. We are pleased that we offer a concept of learning, that can withstand the criteria of language learning by Stiftung Warentest “, finally to Gniffke. For more information about Wall Street Institute see.

Jun 16 2019

International School Villa

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The international school is recognized by the University of Cambridge Villa had only school in Berlin offers the English school. A new and exciting development will take place in the area of international schools. The international school is Villa had an impressive old building in a large facility on the highway. Only offers the unique possibility in Berlin to obtain A-level qualifications according to the English curriculum, the so-called national curriculum of England and Wales. The IGCSE (international General Certificates of secondary education) examinations are to equate with the German middle school and are placed at the age of sixteen in about 8 compartments. The A-level (advanced level – advanced level) is comparable to the German Abitur and is the corresponding completion of high school in the United Kingdom. These checks are completed usually in the last two years of secondary school (high school). Read more here: Southwest Airlines.

Around the world many international schools decide that for the British A-level system, there Exams are not only internationally recognized, but are considered by many universities even as a kind of entrance examination. The A levels consist of two parts, which are placed one after the other: first the AS be completed levels (complementary advanced subsidiary-advanced level), followed by the A2 (Advanced – advanced level) examinations. The individual parts are each 50% of the overall score. All students can compete with their ACE notes at universities. Students can choose the subjects in which they do well, and are not forced to choose subjects in which they have no interest. Students already know what career they want to beat up, get conveys a much deeper knowledge in the relevant subjects in the A-level system. At the beginning of secondary school, students then select four or five subjects, to in the last school year, three or four to specialize in.

The A-levels facilitate access to first-class universities all over the world. Renowned universities in the United States welcome students with good A-level grades. Often students can skip even the first year degree with an A-level, because they are very far advanced with their knowledge in the respective subjects. Students are gladly on also in Germany with A-levels in Universtaten, but under the condition that they can present a comprehensive number of examination subjects, similar to the German Abitur. So, for example, a science, a foreign language and two additional subjects are a good choice. The international school Villa had offers these possibilities. The teaching takes place in small classes so that teachers have much time to turn to individual students. The lessons are given in English and the majority of the teachers are native English speakers. The infrastructure and the facilities of the school are exemplary.

Jun 15 2019


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Wolf-Christopher Gramatte, competence center VOI international Bonn. Wolf-Christopher Gramatte extended information and organizational systems e.V. the management team of the competence center VOI international of the VOI-Verband Thus, he supports Jordan and Hanns Kohler Kruner Birgit. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. Companies that want to succeed internationally must adapt to different demands, needs and practices of customers in different countries. Through cooperation with European partner organisations, the competence center VOI International supports its members with expertise, joint marketing activities, and contacts in the expansion of their sales activities across national borders. We are pleased that we have an internationally experienced experts on board with Mr. Gramatte that specifically brings his expertise from cooperation with international sales partners in the team”, Birgit summarizes Jordan, head of the competence center VOI international. Many writers such as E Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis.

The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI – Association Organizational and information systems e.V. in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence. or your editorial contacts: VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V.