Oct 26 2021

United States

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19% of workers are unhappy about their employment situation and have already taken the internal termination. This is a big problem for the employees and the company. Sure, because not always the Chief’s fault. But a current Gallup survey and others prove that the Chiefs often have a large share of the missing motivation. In the United States widely, including the 360-degree feedback increasingly in Europe foot.

The 360-degree feedback allows an assessment from different vantage points inside and outside of your own organization. Only the synopsis of various feedback providers around the appraisee (so 360 degrees) gives a meaningful feedback. Often, the feedback employees gain new and surprising insights that provide valuable information to improve performance in the leadership. By the famous blind spot such issues remain otherwise often unrecognized. The most derived measures cost no money and very much so make a great investment. A professional design and implementation is very important to ensure a high quality of feedback: questions carefully formulated by experts that cover all the important aspects and statistical soundness of questionnaire design to ensure an authentic assessment. A trusting mood, so be open and honest feedback. An anonymous and repressionsfreie survey.

It is to ensure that reviews for the feedback giver nor the feedback may lead to negative consequences. Hello boss held feedback only in anonymous form. Nobody who learns who as has judged. The result in the form of the so-called TOP-chef certificate receives only the feedback employees. Thus, maintained a high confidentiality for all parties involved and provides a fair and unbiased feedback. On request, the feedback donor can each Complete assessment criteria by their own notes. Through modern IT technologies and consistent standardization of all processes can be omitted on an elaborate sales and application advice. In the development, great importance was attached to easy access and convenient use. As the cost of benefits the customers, opens up a wide range of executives this product due to the low price. Assessment can be performed from any PC, equipped with Internet and email. On request, the feedback providers therefore also undisturbed by at home in 10 minutes can answer the questions. A choice offered express variation is to recommend, because only a rough impression can be transmitted in the required 2 minutes only for particularly urgent. A sample of the questionnaire including TOP-chef certificate can be seen free of charge on the Internet under. We have a mission In professional life as sitting in the sports for all in the same boat. Executives and employees achieve their goals only common. Motivation and performance, resulting in professional leadership, team spirit and mutual appreciation. Hello chef offers innovative tools, information, and tips for more success and joy at work. We inform and enable managers and staff for the professional world of tomorrow.

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