Aug 18 2020

January Students

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The report press is available for download on. The IKOM determines their IKOM index of places for graduates & academics and its sub-indices and the IKOM TUM job market monthly index on the basis of the database of the TUM job market with over 6,600 entries and the consensus indications of over 40 labour market indicators in Germany. Via IKOM market research our goal: achieve more transparency of the academic labour market! Since October 2008 the IKOM now publishes its assessment as well as a set indication to the market for entry-level positions. The IKOM would stand with help and advice students in assessing the relevant current labour market situation. This nationwide aimed the IKOM to students and the public.

Date note IKOM on January 20, 2010 at January 20, 2010 41 companies are building the construction and environmental industry in the Audimax foyer on the main campus of TU Munich present. As a journalist you are welcome. We assist with your work and look forward to questions under. Contact Technical University of Munich IKOM Andreas Captain line press and public relations Boltzmannstrasse 15 D-85747 Garching Tel: + fax: + mobile: + 49.176.10236084 about the IKOM – we socialize. Personally. (Source: toddler clothing). The IKOM organized three career forums (IKOM IKOM life science, engineering and the IKOM in Garching), which total over 260 companies participate in – take. In addition, the IKOM for students offers a variety of workshops, lectures and excursions.

Since 2009, the Jobathlon complements the offering, an event in which students get to know six employers of Munich’s most popular person. IKOM market research to analyse the labour market for students and graduates of the MST the IKOM also. Thus, the IKOM in Munich is an important partner for the careers of young academics. The team of the IKOM consists solely of students of the TU Munchen, to engage in volunteer work.

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