Dec 04 2019

Free Company Check E M Consulting

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Business consulting may be effective and efficient for small and medium-sized enterprises face multiple challenges. How can I make more money with my company, without gaining extensive new customers? How can I organize my business more efficiently and effectively? In which Division is the biggest optimization potential? Everything what is possible? Which consultancy can help you professionally me? Where can I find a conversation partner at eye level”, with which I can replace myself? There are many consulting firms, but most of them specialize on large companies and try, through the guidance, to generate repeat business in other areas. These facts mean that small and medium-sized businesses Shun contact with consulting firm. is a consulting firm that specializes in small and medium-sized customers. In this economic environment m has extensive experience and knowledge of the structures and the actual Needs. works effectively m – we do the right thing – we meet and exceed your goals.

works efficiently m – we do it properly – we can provide you a maximum yield with the use of your resources. The structured, tailored advice based on profound knowledge and experience. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. m can be your customers not with theoretical concepts alone. Faris Ayoub follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. accompanied m and she also assist in the implementation, so that the objective as soon as possible is realized. square advice, with the aim of establishing a long-term, partnership-based cooperation. The m motto: your success is our mission! The square team consists of consultants, who worked mainly in the individual areas as managers.

The m consultants convince not only with theoretical knowledge, but this knowledge can implement together with your customers in the practice. The basics of action are top quality in processing sophisticated business consulting. achieved by m excellent work the highest possible benefit for their customers. m accepts orders only if can professionally professionally edit m, and solve. The functioning is characterized by reliability, responsibility and the unconditional commitment to the customer. For those who want to become more effective and less expensive, making your workflow that want to increase their profits with the same usage, even more successful is the right partner.

Oct 04 2019

Murr Germany Tel

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Ms pro: con consulting project management by the analysis of set design takes over management and the Organization of staff training in addition to the introduction and the change. Here, Cyrus findshadow expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This linked ms pro: con consulting practice-oriented approaches to the saving of direct and indirect costs with solutions to increase productivity and efficiency and to reduce turnaround times. Lower purchasing prices, an optimal supplier spectrum, as well as the improvement of in operating profit are the result. The advice is always tailored to the needs and requirements of the customers and offers a neutral external views of the respective company. Ms pro offers temporary capacity shortages: con consulting greater flexibility for the company at even lower cost and assumes project management at the behest Introduction of new systems. New approaches and potential use e-sourcing systems for electronic inquiries and tenders, as well as electronic negotiations (e auctions) contribute to the considerable reduction of the period of negotiation and cost savings, material and overhead costs, as well as to increase the flexibility of the selling price. To optimize the purchasing processes, ms pro offers: con consulting an e-auction portal, that represents a modern instrument for sustainable purchasing results in strategic purchasing.

It is planned, the portfolio of ms pro: con consulting on strategic purchasing systems expand, so that in the future in a simple form required information for business decisions can be deployed the purchasing management. Head of the company of founder and owner of ms pro: con consulting, Michael Starz, can boast 35 years of industry experience in the telecommunications industry in a company with offices in 130 countries, of which he collected only eight years international experience as a corporate Executive in the Feature of an internal consultant for global purchasing processes and systems, as well as for the management of strategic restructuring projects. Ms pro: Con consulting is a competent service provider for advice on organization, processes and systems in purchasing. Through the comprehensive services, from analysis and planning to implementation and project management, ms pro guarantees: con consulting a sustained increase in the efficiency and productivity in the area of purchasing and procurement.

Jul 09 2019

Online Data Backup

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Prevent a possible Datencrash – but how? There are many reasons for the loss of data. Sometimes the damage resolve itself quickly. But when important data and heavier damage already try the data recovery should be left to professionals. A worst case scenario: Your PC, hard disk or note-book, or even the backup server “is over”. But as long as something is left by the hardware, there is still the chance that the data or at least a part of it, can be saved.

Of course, not a “normal” data recovery software ranges for this. The remains of the hardware are required when such massive damage to a specialist, a data recovery lab. What causes data loss? The most common cause of data loss in hard drives goes on the account of the damages of the hardware, like for example write/read head damage, defect motor or Control Board. Damage to the Control Board mostly due to overvoltage. Not to be forgotten are also hardware damage caused by falls in external hard drives or other mobile storage devices such as USB flash drives for example. More than a quarter of the cases of data loss are due to operator error.

What is to do with the impending data loss? As a rule of thumb: finger away, not the most desperate companies, again “heal” to make the calculator. As a result the damage grows only in the majority of cases. Generates disk strange noises then it is advisable to immediately switch off the machine. Own rescue efforts worsen the damage usually. Never, you may open the hard drive. Is a hard disk is dropped, should not be tested, whether it still works. Such damaged hardware belongs in the data rescue laboratory. But how can I prevent the meltdown of data loss? With the online data backup service “BitByters.Backup” of the CASE Institute are your data in the form of compressed, encrypted external, complete and transferred automatically to our secure server in the online proceedings and secured. The Backup runs automatically, adjusts easily to your needs, which can be changed at any time. You need not additional hard – or software. The installation is very simple. The other advantage: Your data are periodically Institute with us in the CASE of our IT specialists in damage. What is also important: the data cannot be read by a third party (both of us). To show you how easy BitByters.Backup is to handle, we give you the opportunity, free to run your backup on our CASE Institute and to test the handling for 30 days. Still have questions? Just call / write to us or use our Internet portal press contact: Henry Scheuerlein (Senior Manager) CASE Institut GmbH Wurzburger Strasse 17 30880 Laatzen Tel.: 0511 866849-0

Jul 03 2019

24-hour Care At Home As An Alternative To Nursing Home

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Live at home instead of in the nursing home by nurses from Eastern Europe get up, washing, dressing, eating make, manage the household. You think all commonplaces. But how it looks, if you can’t do these things, who can help. Either, you lose other things, the own timing, self-determination, the home, and swap them for a life in the nursing home, often going hand in hand with the additional loss of privacy in a multi-bed rooms, or but, you will be provided home. Just how is the care in their own home today? Thanks to the modular system in the care of nursing comes two, possibly three times a day.

The nursing staff remains for the duration of the activities, 20 minutes, sometimes half an hour, and have to move on to the next case. In the other time being alone again. Where the family takes over the care in their own home are happy. But the families live always farther from each other. In addition, the care is no easy undertaking, Family caregivers need to extremely restrict their own lives, to deal.

There is not much help from the outside, it is often alone. Exactly at this point is the service of the care agency Seniocare24. Through the Organization of a 24-hour care, carried out by Polish nurses using a care service from Poland the eldercare at home takes over, if the used care service cannot be present. A round the clock care, usually almost priceless, is payable through this service. Seniocare24, with over 2000 Polish nurses and more than 30 Polish partners is a 6 years leader in this field. Previously published press articles and TV reports, see or, show the functioning of the company. Seniocare24 Germany conducts the mediation for you and supervised the care in their own home for all questions and problems, organized an adequate representation in the sickness of the Polish worker or on holiday. More information on all issues: Seniocare24 Eichendorffstrasse 15 17 76870 Kandel Tel: 07275 / 9 88 66 8 0 fax: 07275 / 9 88 66 8 9 Internet: for information about legal opportunities of a 24-hour care by Polish maintain personnel, see

Jun 11 2019

Best Service Providers

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How to find the right provider online the successful search for the best service provider for a financial loan, credit, a new Internet or cell phone provider, a more cost-effective energy supply companies or a particular regional craftsmen crosses a few basic steps. The result is a range of offers, which are tailored to the individual concerns. 1 detailed description of the required output set the accurate description of the desired services and setting the cornerstones is the first step. In the research after the energy provider, for example, the energy consumption must be accurately known, to obtain the best service provider for the individual service providers. For a really good deal of the credit must not only be determined how much many financial resources are needed, but above all how high the monthly instalments for the repayment may be. After the optimal mobile providers, the successful search requires that the telephone habits are known: What proportion have calls in the fixed network and what proportion calls in a mobile telephone network, which mobile networks are frequently called, what times of the day and which days of the week is the average on the phone? To find a really cheap insurance which conditions is expected by the insurance or what insurance such as life insurance that has to reassuring what monetary value be set.

2. experiences of friends evaluate and use related, good friends, colleagues or neighbors who use services, can provide important information about your provider and the experiences with its services. The comparison of the requirements of these sources with their own demands often resulted in rewarding service providers. 3. advertising, flyers, House circulars and flyers study our environment is filled with information about all potential providers: show in newspapers, magazines and on websites, as well as what can be found in the mailbox every day, offer as a source of. It is worth to collect all interesting facts. 4. Internet price comparison use these comparison portals collect information about suppliers from almost all services.

The personal cornerstones in the foreground should be the selection of the optimal portal. Online industry books you can find easy especially regional service providers. For example, you can search for providers at. The home page of the Portal provides many important pointers for the search. Through preliminary under the rubric of popular sectors or the choice of the topic using the areas of topics from the field of postal code, appropriate provider are displayed. The convenient search box at the top of the start page provides a second way. The answers to the questions what and where to run to an appropriate provider selection. 5. evaluations the own key points provided the information of the individual provider. If important key points are missing, you should check specifically. More than one suitable site exists at the end, is the fine selection”on the basis of the most important personal cornerstones and of course the price, so that a good price / performance ratio can be found out. Robert Kamfa

Jun 08 2019

DVD Safety

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For the safety training of safety supervisor and employees identification are available from the macro from the Munich South two professionally created training DVDs the EC Directive 89/655 dictates minimum requirements for safety and health in the use of work equipment by workers at work. This directive was transposed on 31 December 1992 and thus is also valid in Germany. Thus, the employer has the obligation to make the equipment that use the the health and safety of the employee is sure. The corresponding devices, security marking or locking systems are required for maintenance, repairs or installations, to secure the respective machine, electric or gas pipeline, etc. against unauthorized interference. Lockout locking devices and Tagout safety trailer be inserted at various manufacturer companies in many industries such as aviation and aerospace, refineries, oil, gas and energy producers, in environmental technology and Paper / pulp industry and in the food / beverage, automotive, steel and metal industry, pharmacy, chemistry, construction, telecommunications, mining, the tool – and plant construction, ship building, and many other companies, where security is capitalized. U.S.

companies with offices in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland use this lockout – and Tagout systems already for a long time, since they must abide by very often at one of the world’s strictest regulations namely the regulations of OSHA occupational safety and health authority (occupational safety and health administration) in the United States. For the safety training of safety supervisor and employees IDENT available two professionally created training DVDs from the macro from the South of Munich. “The practical DVD titled Lockout/Tagout: the fundamental steps” is an ideal tool for all security officers. The simple operation (locking) lockout and Tagout (marking) is based on various explains the basic steps. On the second DVD lockout for life”learn new as well as experienced staff of tragic errors of other workers. 6 actual accidents with locking systems are recreated in this video and an analysis in terms of created to avoid them.

Jun 05 2019

Frankfurt Tel

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“The topic was brave & stupid” and should encourage the participants to behave during the event failed, and brave. Under the title of DIESEL Iceland”, extravagant workshops provided lots of information about the new collection of DIESEL. 150 participants and participants from different retailers found opportunity to gather information first hand and to identify themselves with the new collection to this day. A fashion show brought the staff on the taste and put it into the unique world of the DIESEL of Iceland”. “In the so-called Iceland games” fun not too short came through stylish games. Bamboo bushes and accessories, coffee bags, where one could sit and the music of DJ Hans Nieswandt formed the framework for the relaxed DIESEL Iceland “-feeling.” Two successful projects for DIESEL we show in a week, how much the brand message have internalized”is satisfied JAZZUNIQUE founder Jesper Gotsch. With these two presentations, we have proven once again that we can project brand images on different levels.

“Design, architecture or event organization: we provide excitement for the audience.” And that appreciate the customer DIESEL. More information:. Press contact: Lena Hawelky main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel. Ripples opinions are not widely known. 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Jesper Gotsch Jazzunique GmbH Speicherstrasse 16 60327 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 0 69 / 1 53 47 87-0 over JAZZUNIQUE: the creative minds of the JAZZUNIQUE GmbH understand to all forms of communication in the area. Booth, showroom or retail space, product presentation, meeting or Roadshow: since 2004 the brothers Jesper and Syed Gotsch and its 23-member team with moving events, unique design and exceptional architecture provide repeatedly stir. JAZZUNIQUE develops customised brand messages with creative inspiration, efficient planning and organization, as well as a fine sense for the target groups. By event professionals, designers and architects passionately staged, this brand worlds attract emotionally and immediately their target audience.

May 26 2019

Debtors Suffer Together

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Debt collection firms often better than their reputation Sumte, July 5, 2011 on debt collection company is often shot at least verbally. While hardly anyone thinks that direct contact with a creditor to the debtor not only is a most unpleasant situation. The customer Adviser of a debt collection company is under great pressure in such talks: he must enforce the financial demands of his client, but to allow the understandable emotions of the debtor not neglect. This complicated situation poses a potential conflict, often leads to a tension on both sides and thus also to unsatisfactory results. Debtor then make their arGER – often quite rightly – air, you can read tagLich in einschlagigen Internet forums.

Professional Weiterbildung of employees in the Receivables Management no avoiding therefore because, finally, a man with his strengths and weaknesses behind each claim”, says Andreas Panel, Managing Director of the Apontas Academy in the niedersachsischen Sumte (www.apontas-aka Training ensures quality in telephone customer contact the psychologist Kirsten S. Warnken is beschaftigt for many years intensively with strategies of conflict resolution, considered the besondere voltage environment in their seminars and shows concrete solutions for successful negotiations. She reveals the most important three things you should beachten in dealing with debtors: first: you must value the personality of the debtor. Second, not through emotions confuse itself can be. “Drittens: pay attention to clarity and intelligibility.” The next seminar by Kirsten S. Warnken for the Apontas Academy takes place in Hamburg on November 2nd and 3rd.

Phone training with the voice smile very pragmatically the experienced ReferenTin Angelika Mans approaches the topic of telephone collection in their seminars: we record training calls and analyze them in the wake of very intensive. So that the participants can direct effectively the new knowledge and significantly steigern their success!” Upcoming seminars by Angelika Mans for the Apontas held Academy on 18 and 19 October in Munich. All seminars scheduled for the second half of the Apontas Academy at: about the Apontas Academy for more than 20 years is the Apontas Academy a competent partner for continuing education and training in the field of Receivables Management with focus on issues such as enforcement and insolvency law. Since 2010, the Academy offers also personal training, the programme will be expanded continuously. Through permanent dialogue with the experts in the home, the partner attorneys and clients, the Apontas is close to the market and the requirements of practice Academy. The competent preparation and mediation of current content, the use of questions from the daily work and processing to pragmatic solutions: For the lecturers of the Apontas Academy are many years of experience from case-law, Bring teaching, legal and operational practice. Each seminar is evaluated on the basis of participant feedback together with the lecturers. Areas for improvement and wishes of participants are identified and largely implemented.

May 19 2019

The Instructions

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The use of bags or tool belts is recommended when transporting tool. The items should less than 10 kg weigh, to the stability not to interfere. Because the climbing of ladders and kicks is usually already more dangerous than dealing with other work equipment, by the carriage of dangerous substances and devices, such as hot or corrosive liquids, is strongly discouraged. Robert Gibbins has much to offer in this field. Furthermore applies a general weight limit of 150 kg, which may be burdened with ladders and kicks. The instruction manual with many pictograms, which is attached to the head contains all rules of conduct for the use of ladders and kicks. A user information instructions and pictograms of the accessories of each ladder.

The manufacturers and also the distributors of the product are responsible for providing. The instructions must be drafted in the language of the country of sale. The instructions should be in addition to the important Pictograms contain following information: name and address of the manufacturer or distributor head type (type, number and length of the components, maximum length of the conductors using) (month and year of manufacturing and/or serial number indicating the tendency of conductors, where this is not obvious because of their construction or design maximum payload maximum number of users allowed on the head the head after making weight isolation, if applicable, the marking must for anyone visible, be clearly and permanently on the ladder or step. The contained icons must have a size of at least 15 x 15 mm and color of their underground lift. What pictogram on a ladder are attached, determines the manufacturer.

According to DIN EN 131-2 must survive the labelling specific durability tests without damage. The inspection plate or the icon must be rubbed each 15 seconds with a cloth soaked in water and one in gasoline. No corners may dissolve this it or the print fade. Ladders should be provided with the following pictograms for safe use: maximum read instructions load set up proper angle on a flat surface sideways leaning, avoid contamination on the ground exclude on a solid surface set up side way climbing the ladder the supernatant above the landing of the head conductor in correct direction of on site is not allowed to use stepladders should be provided with the following pictograms for safe use: Maximum read instructions impose load on a flat surface opening completely before use avoid side backs out on solid ground set up side road climbing of the ladder is not permitted on snapping the expansion fuses/locking devices eighth sprouts and performances should not be entered, must be provided with the appropriate markings on the head upright or the rung,.

May 07 2019


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With increasing temperature, the range of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket and on weekly markets is even more extensive and appealing. Heilbronn/Leingarten, April 30, 2013: Colourful salads, many different vegetables, native and exotic fruits make for healthy variation on the plate. You have to be not a vegetarian so that the water in the mouth one at the sight of juicy strawberries, or crunchy bell peppers. Summer offers a wide variety of different fruits, which invite to appetizing arranged scenes in shop Windows and salesrooms. And by the way even a sunny summer feeling spread.

The decorative fruits in the current catalogue spring/summer 2013 look deceptively genuine by Worner decoration specialist, that you would prefer into bite. Manufactured from high-quality, washable plastic and its look very realistic, they are a tantalizing feast for the eyes for the Viewer. For more information see this site: cloud computing. Durable and resilient they are suitable for all creative ideas around the theme of summer mood. Bananas as strand or federal, dark red cherries and melon pieces, shiny apples and pears and grape stems form only a part of the fruit supply. Also exotic varieties such as Pitaya, carambola, persimmon or grenadine allure with its magnificent appearance. To devote a whole showcase of a special fruit, requires some creativity, but no problem.

The strawberry gets their individual appearance with a large display as a background motif, with Strawberry vines, as full and halved fruit in XXL format as well as in the pot as a strawberry plant and as a scattering object. Or should it be more refreshing? The banner of lemon”on the lemon right and is accompanied by slices of lemon in oversize. Everything that promises Summer freshness is perfect as a further supplement. Lime, sun chairs, straw hats and the slice of lemon on the chilled cocktail glass. But also a healthy salad bar should not be forgotten. Lettuce, carrots, radish plump, juicy tomatoes and huge pepperoni are piling in wooden crates and Wheelbarrows. Who would like to expand the collection of delicious vegetables, uses peppers, artichokes, Eggplant and corn on the cob. There’s something for every taste.