Jul 03 2019

24-hour Care At Home As An Alternative To Nursing Home

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Live at home instead of in the nursing home by nurses from Eastern Europe get up, washing, dressing, eating make, manage the household. You think all commonplaces. But how it looks, if you can’t do these things, who can help. Either, you lose other things, the own timing, self-determination, the home, and swap them for a life in the nursing home, often going hand in hand with the additional loss of privacy in a multi-bed rooms, or but, you will be provided home. Just how is the care in their own home today? Thanks to the modular system in the care of nursing comes two, possibly three times a day.

The nursing staff remains for the duration of the activities, 20 minutes, sometimes half an hour, and have to move on to the next case. In the other time being alone again. Where the family takes over the care in their own home are happy. But the families live always farther from each other. In addition, the care is no easy undertaking, Family caregivers need to extremely restrict their own lives, to deal.

There is not much help from the outside, it is often alone. Exactly at this point is the service of the care agency Seniocare24. Through the Organization of a 24-hour care, carried out by Polish nurses using a care service from Poland the eldercare at home takes over, if the used care service cannot be present. A round the clock care, usually almost priceless, is payable through this service. Seniocare24, with over 2000 Polish nurses and more than 30 Polish partners is a 6 years leader in this field. Previously published press articles and TV reports, see or, show the functioning of the company. Seniocare24 Germany conducts the mediation for you and supervised the care in their own home for all questions and problems, organized an adequate representation in the sickness of the Polish worker or on holiday. More information on all issues: Seniocare24 Eichendorffstrasse 15 17 76870 Kandel Tel: 07275 / 9 88 66 8 0 fax: 07275 / 9 88 66 8 9 Internet: for information about legal opportunities of a 24-hour care by Polish maintain personnel, see

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