May 11 2018

Executive Coach Gudrun Happich

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Executives and service providers want to make a career, but in what way? From 12 to 31 July 2011, Executive Coach Gudrun Happich from Cologne conducted a survey on their service provider blog. What role does the question authenticity for the career really?”she gathered a total of eight statements and asked the participants of about the survey to evaluate. “” “On a scale between is absolutely” about is partly “to hin is not” the degree of the respective approval was queried. 92 people participated in the survey, so that she can certainly take a certain expressiveness to claim. The statement authenticity is more important than a Board position I doubt”76.1% of respondents agree absolutely, followed closely by 72.8% for the statement if I can not authentic Act, affects negatively the quality of my life that”. You can see here, that nowadays for many service providers and managers Authenticity is a high value”is Gudrun Happich.

Ranked three, found the statement who wants all the way up, must be adapted, if necessary even bend”- 69.6% at least partially agree with this statement, 7.6% are even of the opinion that this is absolutely true. “” Place 4 and 5 with the absolute consent share with 58.7% and 56.5% manages to everywhere the statements who remains true to himself, but you must know the rules of the game of power and use “and it needs a healthy mix of authenticity and customization to make career”. Two statements will at least partially approved by approximately one-third of the participants. This seems to me that to say that most of the participants the theme customization and authenticity consider quite differentiated. “Many have clearly had the experience, that ‘Pure authenticity’ is rarely possible,” Gudrun Happich comments on these results. Executive coach has more survey results and their interpretation to Gudrun Happich on their achievers blog under performance /… released.

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