May 13 2018

Original Christmas Gifts

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In 1 week, the new gift idea service goes online. At the present service of idea of, you will find the right gift for the right occasion. Since 2005, the portal is online and succeed in the imparting of gift ideas. 1 week is the new gift idea service online so we have thought about us new and better to design the pages. Target was faster and easier to help the Geschenkesuchenden to his gift.

It is in 1 week. Then, the new gift idea service goes online. The new pages will be clearly designed and the product photos of the gifts bigger and more visible. New tools and utilities will go online. New tools for the rapid location of original gift ideas: gifts Profiler full we are proud Profiler on our new gifts (with name: I-DEA). The gifts of Profiler allows the user quick and easy to find the right gifts in real time. Also, you can save the search profile in the free account. Once a gift is newly set, you get a message by E-Mail.

The gifts Profiler allows it better to limit the gift search and quickly find so original and unusual gift ideas. The new gifts search… …funktioniert in real time. Once the first letter was written, the current number of found gifts will be displayed and issued on request. The gifts wish list – for users who are not logged in any gift can be placed directly on the Notepad. Registration is not necessary. Want one but then save his gifts, you must log in. Each user can save it as long as their registered gifts on the wish list, as he would like. This wish list can then be sent to relatives or friends. So get one (s) or woman never the wrong gifts. Favourites finds the user shops on the theme “Gifts and gift ideas” in the category “Gifts”. Has he found his Lieblingsshop, he may save him on his list of “Favourites”. So he finds quickly and easily his favorites. Login with Facebook Geschenkesuchende where one application too cumbersome is, can Facebook account with us also with their just login. In addition, the new gift idea service on Facebook is represented. Through this channel, there will be from now the latest news and original gift ideas for fans. Of course can users on Facebook give us also feedback to our new pages and discuss gifts. Current sweepstakes to be called there.

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