Jan 28 2024

Hetmeier Estate

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Regularly no warranty with the purchase of existing real estate the Dortmund Dr. Hetmeier real estate agency advises buyers used before the notary through its paces to check houses and condos, their dream property. In most notary contracts, a guarantee of the seller for defects is excluded by default. Who overlook defects prior to the purchase, remain generally depend on the cost of the renovation. Who have no adequate expertise or is uncertain, should consult an architect or other professional before making the purchase decision. The fear of the euro crisis and a possible inflation is currently firmly tighten the demand for real estate. Prices for homes, apartment buildings and condominiums.

Especially in densely populated areas and attractive locations, brokers before requests can save little. The trend has led to the living middle of inner-city, existing real estate is more trapped in the focus of the prospective buyers. In the middle of the Centre There are neighborhoods of the cities not designated areas for new development areas. Who would like to relate one’s own four walls close to theatre, concert hall and dining options, need to look in the stock”, explains Dr. Marita Hetmeier agent: many buyers appreciate the simpler processing of their real estate desire, which spared them the stressful phase of construction. “Also: who buys the stock, sees what he’s buying.” However, if even the purchase of used real estate not without risks. Used real estate be sold almost always under exclusion of warranty. Faults later, the legal claims of the seller is no longer possible in normally.

That is why it is crucial to make the eyes and to examine the property thoroughly on any defects and problems. In case of doubt the buyer should consult an architect”, advises the Dortmund agent. That the seller of used real estate that existed, the warranty for defects It was legitimate to exclude. Also the courts acknowledge the effectiveness of the disclaimer of warranties in the land sale contracts regularly agreed. An exception were the dishes however are: who has as buyers sat on a scammer, the defects fraudulently concealed, or in agreement, can claim even in hindsight the ineffectiveness of an agreed Disclaimer of warranties with success. The proof of a fraudulent intent of the seller is however often difficult to lead.” Bottom line: Trust is good; Control is better. Therefore first check, then buy.

Apr 01 2020

Doberitz Fabian

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You will find more partners for the construction of houses in Berlin in the construction partner directory. By the of course there is a broad overview of offers of land in Berlin and Brandenburg current property prices in Berlin and Brandenburg up security tips for the holiday season in the regional real estate journal Berlin and Brandenburg again. Matching, you find the current land values of Berlin and Brandenburg. Under the heading home construction & technology deals just in time for the beginning of the holiday period”with the burglar. Source: Foundation for Financial Planning. In addition to important security tips, there are also tips on known practices of the burglar.

The Leserhaus is 2012 the choice again 13 House construction company are also in the June issue with their latest house designs at the reader House competition 2012 in the track, to get the voice of the reader. To facilitate the decision, you can choose architecture, living space, facilities and price the personal favorites with the selection criteria. The winning houses are often crucial for the future direction of house-building in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg. Join this contest is rewarded. The direct participation of the Readers home competition allows anyone under. Regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg can be found in any well-stocked newsagents and also on the Internet. Visit us at or also on real estate journal. Contact: Regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr.

the regional real estate publishing company is since 1996 of the editor of regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg. Ad magazine appearing monthly in which many real estate listings from the region of Berlin & Brandenburg can be found. The display part is supplemented by many interesting editorial content from the regional real estate and lots of information around the building. Those who prefer the modern information search on the Internet but rather, you will find it in our portal at. So the regional real estate available Berlin & Brandenburg as the online magazine journal. In addition, Advisor Berlin & Brandenburg appear once a year the Berlin & Brandenburg pattern house leader and real estate.

Mar 05 2020

Advisory Committee

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The averages of these objects amounted to EUR 450.000,-and 161 square meters. The real estate market in Munchen Lochhausen consisted in 2011 from 12 offered equally accounted for family houses and semi-detached houses. The average real estate prices in Munchen Lochhausen lay between EUR 465.000,-and EUR 500,000 and the land between 620 and 700 square metres. (2) the sales and real estate prices for Munchen Lochhausen 2010 (the Expert Committee published the figures for 2011 expected in may 2012.): the price assessment no specific prices for the area Munchen Lochhausen exist In the real estate agent for Munchen Lochhausen Rainer Fischer, because within the district Lochhausen exist different living qualities. The price per square meter for Munchen Lochhausen for condos in middle position were, for example, in the year field 1990-2007 approximately EUR 3,000.00 per square meter (average value). The square meter price for condos in good residential areas in the year range 1990-2007 amounted to EUR 3.475,-. Real estate prices in Munich for new objects in good residential areas approximately amounted to EUR 4.350,-per square meter and the price per square meter for new objects in a prime location cost EUR 6.500,-.

(3) “the district Lochhausen convinces with its almost always quiet and green residential area and is ideal for families with children interesting.”, according to Rainer Fischer, real estate agent from Red Cross square, Munich Neuhausen. Ron O’Hanley will not settle for partial explanations. Source: (1) Munich Lochhausen from Wikipedia; (2) statistics programme of the IMV GmbH, real estate prices and price per square meter of Munchen Lochhausen evaluated by the estate agents Office of Rainer Fischer real estate at the Red Cross, Munich; (3) values of real estate prices and price per square meter of Munchen Lochhausen annual report 2010 of the Advisory Committee of Munich. The information from this press article has been researched with great care. Error can still sneak. No liability for the correctness of the above statements of the article created by the author Rainer Fischer. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995.

It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web:

Mar 03 2020

Advisory Committee

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In the area of Obergiesing existed in the current year as a whole 472 deals of used homes at an average price of EUR 3.266,-per m sq. New objects in the funds amounted to EUR 5.046,-. However, the existing real estate amounted to m in Ludwigsvorstadt EUR 4.700,-and new buildings at approx. EUR 6.297,-per m. There were 589 second-hand deals and 35 new properties by real estate agents in Munich or have been offered privately. Real estate sales 2010: In the year 2010 were sold 488 stock rentals in Untergiesing-Harlaching and 67 new construction condo notarially authenticated. Thus, the sales statistics are approximately at the level of 2009.

There were 14 sales of land for residential development, just 46 homes were sold. In Obergiesing-au 2010 565 existing condominiums were sold, as well as 454 apartments. The sales results are therefore approximately 30% over the previous year, specially for the new buildings there was growth. 20 land found new owners and 17 fared, or 9 apartment blocks as well. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Joseph Mathunjwa. The price range is of course great. Get a look at the prices on a get simplified manner, we assume just times sweeping in Giesing a good residential area. (what so is not in practice). Under this assumption, the following prizes arise (each +/-20%): for new objects prices EUR 4.350,-per m m, 80 years EUR 3,000.00 per m and 60s/70s EUR 2.750,-per m sq.

Of course the prices “have risen due to demand % in 2011 at an estimated 5-10.”, so the real estate agent Rainer Fischer from Munich, Neuhausen. Sources: Wikipedia: Giesing, Obergiesing, Untergiesing and Harlaching. Immobilienscout24.de, COSMOS RVM Manager quarter 01/09, Federal Statistical Office, statistical country offices, Acxiom calculations; currently available creep (unless otherwise stated): COSMOS quarter 01/09, muenchen.de, Statistical Office in Munich (Status: 2008). Evaluation of the real estate office of Fischer, Munich from the statistics programme of the IMV market data GmbH; Source: Statistics from the annual report 2010 of the Advisory Committee of Munich. Information without guarantee. The above information has been carefully researched, errors can still infiltrate. Therefore assumes no liability for the above statements. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. Verizon may find this interesting as well. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web:

Sep 12 2016

Generate Profits

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There are many places and ways to invest, are lucrative, this investment is not only profitable but also safe. Holiday rentals in Turkey are in the trend. Now brand new we offer you land on, the quality of the objects, as well as the beauty creating that 98 apartments on about 4000 square metres and ease of life in Turkey secure the sale of the flats. Please read this example as an example of the investment in Turkey. The houses are built to be then sold or leased, this offer is entered on a subsequent sale. The project consists of different types of apartments: 72 apartments 1 + 1 with 65 70 qm 12 apartments 2 + 1 with 85 sqm 14 Uygun with 100 130 sqm total is thus 98 apartments. The required lot size is approx. 4000 sqm.

Both the plans and the facilities there are still lots of selection and voice options. More info: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . The land also can some plots with and without sea view, Select. Especially the exterior is very important in Turkey and is carried out with much effort and care. There are seat – and ways to play, barbecues, and of course a beautiful large swimming pool and a lush vegetation. The build quality is at the highest possible level and your customers meet the demands still exceed them.

We are looking forward to your visit. An important point is that all deposits in a newly formed company making your name and thus provides optimal protection of deposits are taken. No payments to brokers are included in the revenue accounting, but prices are low and have top 10 25 percent air. The period from the signature of the contract up to the handover of the object is 18-24 months. Payments are made depending on the progress of construction, through interim sale of some apartments it may be possible that decreases the amount payable. The sale of the apartments can begin after approximately 6-9 months, at the time one can finish furnished model apartment will be passed. And now finally to the essential investment for the here described 98 apartments is approximately 3.200.000,-euros, the expected proceeds estimated at about 4.800.000,-euros, thus an expected 1,600,000 euro yield is.

Mar 23 2016

Market Value

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Take time to prepare your real estate sale and to evaluate your property. You are owner of a self-used or rented house and would like to sell your property? You are already comprehensively should inform about the current real estate prices and have a clear idea about the sales process. Before you can start selling your property or to hire a real estate agent, define your sales goals such as what price would necessarily or need to get in the House sale? To achieve a sale price as high as possible, you should determine the value of your property in advance. You can hire an expert to do this, which then compares your property to other objects (reference value procedure), evaluated the soil and the production value of your property (property procedures) or determine the recoverable on the ground with the real estate income (income approach). Using one or more of the above procedures the so-called the assessor then determines Market value of your property, i.e. Southwest Airlines contributes greatly to this topic.

a kind of official market price. The creation of an expert opinion costs usually money and the purchase price actually to be achieved not rarely deviates from the officially calculated value. Regardless, what is the value an appraiser for your property to determine the actual value is only determined in the sales process. Appears therefore to determine the property value following definition at pragmatischsten: the value of a property is the price a buyer is willing to pay for your House or condo. The real estate price is often the result of often difficult (and sometimes protracted) negotiations between seller and buyer.

The good news: You have to find only a single buyer for any real estate, which is prepared to pay the required price. The bad news: Your offer price is higher, the buyers become more critical and your arguments to the justification of the purchase price must be the better. With a good sales and negotiating strategy, also your prospects, increase Realize, but of course not every owner is their desired price also a good seller. If you have determined the value of your property and know with what price you want to go in the negotiations, you can start to prepare the sales process and offer your property in newspapers and real estate portals, to find potential buyers. Other interesting tips on the subject of real estate sale and determining market value, visit the website.

Mar 17 2016

Federal Government

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100 million euro funding are to be channelled to the Federal Government has decided no longer to promote age-appropriate modification in the future. Thus, KfW funding are only later this year from the same program available. To have more resources for energy transformation, support should focus more residential owner’s on promoting energy conservation. The 100 million, who were each year for tags available, disappearance so goodbye. As shown in a recent study by the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development, a considerable need for age-appropriate expansion of the apartments is currently at around 11 million senior households.

Should the promotion so not be resumed, left many seniors in unsuitable housing and thus have more difficulties in everyday life. Because there are always more mature in Germany, is to be feared that the situation deteriorates further. Who will not have enough money, to an accessible conversion alone to come up is on the losing side. Fast action is needed but still is 2011 and therefore are subsidies available. The credit institution keeps “Convert Altersgerecht” medium for home and apartment owners for reconstruction (KfW) program. So owner this way can get, for example, financial assistance for wide doors that are also suitable for wheelchairs, or non-slip floor tiles, are also to create a custom staircase or a wider pitch outdoors also means available. Buildings with condos is added, for example, still the conversion from common areas or elevators.

There are two variants of the programme “Altersgerecht rebuild”: the grant and the credit option. The grant variant, the owner will receive up to 2,500 euros as a present for investments in the apartment. However, even the cost contributes to 95 percent of residents. Who does not have this volume of equity capital, provides for the is the credit variant with a ceiling of 50,000 euros. The interest amounts effectively in such cases currently 2.52 percent. An alternative method would be also a cheap loan, for example, a broker of construction money and the payment of the grant. This should be expected by the property owners in any case, because so its demand for credit decreases and he can be slightly faster debt-free. The credit contract can run up to 30 years at an interest rate of ten years, also can grace years agreed. Crucial for the prospects: he can deny that the total cost of reconstruction over the loan, it also means that the intervention of an architect or construction consultant is co-financed. The conversion is possible but not on its own, appropriate specialists must be entrusted with the reconstruction. To benefit from the programme, the homeowners must all documents at the local bank a oak, being Lord of the procedure. These include not only the proofs of income, but also all Planning documents including the financial statements. Everything is in the green area, the bank forwards the loan application to KfW. In any case the interested party to be sure that the request arrives at the latest in December at the KfW. Description of the company Baufi24.de is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on baufi24.de on the topic of real estate financing.

Mar 20 2014

Designer Office Furniture

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Equip offices with little capital entrepreneurs need to invest in your Office. Representative offices are an important card for companies? For entrepreneur applies but still more than established companies: cost savings. Mr. Becker could refer to the 1.9. his new Office in Dusseldorf. The qualified insurance salesman has received much support from his insurance company.

It was financed by a sales representative, he has received a significant number of existing customers of course, the ongoing costs were so covered. Only in setting up his Office, he had to attack even in the Pocket. Just at the Dusseldorfer Klientiel, it is to make a high-quality impression. A selbsgebaute reception desk was out of the question, as not a cheap solution. He has then browsed the second-hand market and encountered companies who specialise in designer furniture at reasonable prices.

This research is worthwhile. Office furniture dealer, offered the insolvency estate or so-called goods backscatter, are the solution for business start-ups. Overall, Mr. Becker along with reception counter, 2 high-quality fully equipped workplaces, among 3,000 could stay. All German brands with high-quality design.