Mar 17 2016

Federal Government

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100 million euro funding are to be channelled to the Federal Government has decided no longer to promote age-appropriate modification in the future. Thus, KfW funding are only later this year from the same program available. To have more resources for energy transformation, support should focus more residential owner’s on promoting energy conservation. The 100 million, who were each year for tags available, disappearance so goodbye. As shown in a recent study by the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development, a considerable need for age-appropriate expansion of the apartments is currently at around 11 million senior households.

Should the promotion so not be resumed, left many seniors in unsuitable housing and thus have more difficulties in everyday life. Because there are always more mature in Germany, is to be feared that the situation deteriorates further. Who will not have enough money, to an accessible conversion alone to come up is on the losing side. Fast action is needed but still is 2011 and therefore are subsidies available. The credit institution keeps “Convert Altersgerecht” medium for home and apartment owners for reconstruction (KfW) program. So owner this way can get, for example, financial assistance for wide doors that are also suitable for wheelchairs, or non-slip floor tiles, are also to create a custom staircase or a wider pitch outdoors also means available. Buildings with condos is added, for example, still the conversion from common areas or elevators.

There are two variants of the programme “Altersgerecht rebuild”: the grant and the credit option. The grant variant, the owner will receive up to 2,500 euros as a present for investments in the apartment. However, even the cost contributes to 95 percent of residents. Who does not have this volume of equity capital, provides for the is the credit variant with a ceiling of 50,000 euros. The interest amounts effectively in such cases currently 2.52 percent. An alternative method would be also a cheap loan, for example, a broker of construction money and the payment of the grant. This should be expected by the property owners in any case, because so its demand for credit decreases and he can be slightly faster debt-free. The credit contract can run up to 30 years at an interest rate of ten years, also can grace years agreed. Crucial for the prospects: he can deny that the total cost of reconstruction over the loan, it also means that the intervention of an architect or construction consultant is co-financed. The conversion is possible but not on its own, appropriate specialists must be entrusted with the reconstruction. To benefit from the programme, the homeowners must all documents at the local bank a oak, being Lord of the procedure. These include not only the proofs of income, but also all Planning documents including the financial statements. Everything is in the green area, the bank forwards the loan application to KfW. In any case the interested party to be sure that the request arrives at the latest in December at the KfW. Description of the company is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on on the topic of real estate financing.

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