Apr 01 2020

Doberitz Fabian

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You will find more partners for the construction of houses in Berlin in the construction partner directory. By the of course there is a broad overview of offers of land in Berlin and Brandenburg current property prices in Berlin and Brandenburg up security tips for the holiday season in the regional real estate journal Berlin and Brandenburg again. Matching, you find the current land values of Berlin and Brandenburg. Under the heading home construction & technology deals just in time for the beginning of the holiday period”with the burglar. Source: Foundation for Financial Planning. In addition to important security tips, there are also tips on known practices of the burglar.

The Leserhaus is 2012 the choice again 13 House construction company are also in the June issue with their latest house designs at the reader House competition 2012 in the track, to get the voice of the reader. To facilitate the decision, you can choose architecture, living space, facilities and price the personal favorites with the selection criteria. The winning houses are often crucial for the future direction of house-building in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg. Join this contest is rewarded. The direct participation of the Readers home competition allows anyone under. Regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg can be found in any well-stocked newsagents and also on the Internet. Visit us at or also on real estate journal. Contact: Regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelmstr.

the regional real estate publishing company is since 1996 of the editor of regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg. Ad magazine appearing monthly in which many real estate listings from the region of Berlin & Brandenburg can be found. The display part is supplemented by many interesting editorial content from the regional real estate and lots of information around the building. Those who prefer the modern information search on the Internet but rather, you will find it in our portal at. So the regional real estate available Berlin & Brandenburg as the online magazine journal. In addition, Advisor Berlin & Brandenburg appear once a year the Berlin & Brandenburg pattern house leader and real estate.

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