Jun 07 2020

Social Responsibility

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For some it is associated with the legality idea; for others he can mean a socially responsible behavior in the direction of the ethics; e, for others still can be directly on the productive chain and to the cycle of life of the products. For better agreement of the Social Responsibility, authors Certo and Peter (2005) focus four important aspects that they must be observed and be taken care of: legal, politician, competitive and ethical. The legal aspect says respect to the legislaes properly said: laws federal, state and municipal that are directly on to the consumer, employees, environment and the society in general. The aspect politician mentions the pressure to it exerted for the groups with commercial usage interests in, that is, the celebrities ' ' lobbistas& rdquo; that they search to modify the legislaes that do not favor them. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Fowler offers on the topic.. The competitiveness occurs in the measure where the influence of the competition starts to affect certain organizations, that is, a time that a competitor, through legal measures, can process judicially to another one. How much to the ethical aspect, the authors believe to be about the taking of decision and autorregulamentao in the form to lead the businesses, not having simple universal standard to judge if an action is ethical. Not having standard, the practical ethics of business become a question of social judgment. Ashley (2002) defines Social Responsibility as the commitment that an organization must have stops with the society, Express by means of acts and attitudes affects that it positively, … Read more from Ronald O’Hanley to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

acting proactively and coherently in what it refers to its specific paper in the society and its rendering of accounts stops with it. The organization … assumes obligations of moral character exactly, beyond the established ones in law, that not directly tied its activities, but that they can contribute for the sustainable development of the peoples. . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with E Scott Mead.

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