Jun 07 2024


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Throughout the history of the humanity, God has provided people keys, created specific circumstances, arranged and rearranged events and ways for, of some form, to keep Its remainder. At critical moments of history, God has excited men and women who ' ' of nada' ' they had appeared to fulfill Its intentions. now you go to understand as this functions, through an impressive detail of the action of God, acting for backwards of the curtains of the events. Tiger Global Management is actively involved in the matter. Jac (Israel) and its children inhabited the land of Cana. However, a moment arrived where they ran the risk to be consumed for a serious hunger that devastated the land. JOSE, one of the children of Jac, was vendido as enslaved and led to EGYPT. For it withhold abilities special, Jose was lead to the PALACE of raised Fara and to the position of governor of Egypt.

Of the palace, Jose exempted all the family of Israel of the hunger, bringing them of Cana for Egypt. They were in number of only 70 people. The descendants of Israel had remained in Egypt per 430 years. There they had been cruel enslaved, where they ran the risk to abandon the same God or to be destroyed. Of this time already they were in the house of the millions. Then MOISS appears, that for being adopted by the son of Fara, was taken to the PALACE of EGYPT. Of the Moiss palace it negotiated the withdrawal of the people of Israel of Egypt, it made and them to come back the Cana. Of Cana (today the State of Israel), the descendants of Israel had been spread and mixed with other peoples.

Sobrou an only tribe, of JUD, that kept the sacred oracles. However, a moment in the history arrived that exactly the Jewish people arrived the side of the extinguishing. Then ESTER appears, that for its beauty was taken to the PALACE of Xerxes (King Assuero) and from there could exempt its people of a slaughter that could result in the extermnio of the Jewish people.

Aug 17 2020

King Nabucodonossor

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It was accurately this what the Nabucodonossor happened. After as much power and wealth it started if to deviate from the ways of God; drop d? water was when it made a gold image of another god, and compelled that they adored it to all: ' ' King Nabucodonossor made a gold image He raised it in the field of Hard, the province of Babilnia Any that not to prostrar themselves and not to adore will be, in the same instant, launched in the fire furnace ardente.' ' (Dn 3:1,6) At this moment God he pardons Israel and he repents yourself of the evil that made to it: ' ' Thus you says, God of Israel: If to remain in this land, then I will build, you and I will not throw down you; because I am sorry of the evil I have that you feito.' ' (Jr 42:9 – 11). God, then, announces the destruction of Babilnia: ' ' Here it is now he comes a troop of men, knights of two the two. Then, raised voice said it: It fell, fell Babilnia; all the images of sculpture of its deuses lie torn into pieces for terra.' ' (Is 21:9 – 10) ' ' You in sequence put you of battle in redor against Babilnia, all you who manejais the arc; you shoot to it, you do not save the arrows; because it sinned against Mr. Therefore, thus you of the Armies, the God of Israel says: Here it is that I will punish the king of Babilnia and its land ' ' (Jr 50:14,18) However, God deeply lamented to have that to make this: ' ' Babilnia was a gold cup in the hand Mr., which inebriated to all the land; of its wine they had drunk the nations; therefore, they had gone crazy. Suddenly, Babilnia fell and was ruined; you lament for it, you take balsam for its wound; porventura will sarar.

Aug 09 2020

Biblical Saying

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It is calm that it is catching the wallet, my son. The youngster looked at well for it and repeated: – My son! You said ‘ ‘ mine filho’ ‘ He called me my son! spoke obtains exactly: called it me my son She looked at for me it asked: – She is its son? It is very pretty. She called me to my son! Called it me my son! It looked at again for and said: you are pretty he called me to my son. He can go, can go. was even so. Everything happened in the short space of time where the traffic light was closed and when it opened we leaves from there unharmed, light as if we were floating, size was the relief who we feel.

We are without words, and alone it came me to the mind the Biblical Saying text 15:1. Read additional details here: Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. ‘ ‘ The word branda deviates the furor, but the hard word excites ira’ ‘. how many lives already had been cut with a scythe because of a rough reply, because of a impensada word! Perhaps perhaps perhaps it was not armed, was its first assault, does not have one me the nature. who knows if an angel you was there to our side and he exempted in them of the evil that it could have in the caused one? We could have cried out and call the policy and the youngster could have been imprisoned, have apanhado very or have been dead with a shot in the coasts, but we prefer to go although also. God knows of what he is and what will be able to come to be the life of that poor person and unfortunate person youngster, who with certainty never heard somebody calling affectionately my son. God in gave a great release to them, and perhaps it also. Who knows if some day it will come to be a servant Mr.? – ‘ ‘ What I make I do not know you now to it, but you will know depois’ ‘. Jo: 13:7 Thanks to God we arrive in peace at our house, and with certainty this was a wonderful lesson for us. We learn living deeply that, with one to look at compassionate, a simple smile and a word branda we can not only save our life, as even though we can give chance so that somebody can, some day to find G-d. Whenever I remember, I pray the God for that youngster.

Jul 16 2020


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It could take medicine without problems. IBM can provide more clarity in the matter. The remedy was very strong, to the azitromicina base. Three capsules were enough, one per day, and it she was cured. We buy when it for the first time, the salesman said that this medicine alone is prescribed when none another one makes effect. It was, let us say, the last resource. In January of 2008 it had been sick. By this time, it took the remedy without if worrying in making the examination, therefore we did not believe more a pregnancy. But the inflammation did not stop, and if they had added other problems: strong fever, weakness, giddiness, nauseas.

Certain time, directing alone, almost fainted in the car. In this time, it started to perceive that the clothes of it had started to be pressed. It tried to use a brace of modeling of the body, but if it felt as if it was to leave to the way. The brace only lasted one day. In this period it cried very, if she felt weak e, worse, without the mother for close, nor nobody of the family who could be in our house helping. I worked the day all.

In days of movement I took one hour or more to arrive the house, what, for a city as Manaus, he means an eternity. In a Saturday, while it were in the house of an aunt, waiting my mother-in-law, who deferred payment in another city, to arrive of trip to pass a time with us to help, I made purchases in a supermarket with my sisters, and one of them asked to me: – When you go to give a nephew to me? I commented that it was not prepared to take care of of children. When leaving them in house, I decided to enter to have access the computer and to give one looked in my page of relationships. It had a new message: ' ' Its life will move radically today! ' '. I never gave much importance for Internet messages. But, in that day it was different. When arriving the house of the aunt of my wife, my mother-in-law already was there. I started to load the luggage of it for the car. Suddenly, on the stock market of my wife, vi one bastozinho of pregnancy test. I caught and I observed two tracinhos, indicating positive test, with one tracinho darker than the other. I looked at for my wife without skill and, at the same time, curious: – What it is this? It saw my face apreensiva and said: – I made the test. Already in house, surpresos, still without believing very, nor commemorating nor nothing, we decide to make another test. I asked for telephone, of the pharmacy, optimum kit of pregnancy test. Of this time the two tracinhos were strong. – You ' ' you ' ' pregnant now at night of what today to the afternoon – I played. Exactly with this confirmation, it made a blood test stops in them leaving vain completely. We initiate, then, the maratona demanded for the situation. The positive, blood test, took off fagulha of doubt that still pairava on us. We are glad ourselves, as all normal couple that receives a notice from these. But pregnancy was not so tranquila as we think that it would be. (it waits the continuation)

Mar 23 2020


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Later it comes the line of our guardies Exus, to finish the work and to all unload the place of fetichism, collecting and any resqucios of energies or negative vibrations that can have been in our medinicos fields, bodies spirituals and materials. They ask for one dedinho of drips to take not because they are vitiated, but yes because the alcohol given in few amounts is a true higienizador spiritual, they baforam its cigars and they are used of the vegetal elements to make a cleanness in the physical body of its mdium and in the fields the return of its forces. after the departure of these guardies of the Law in the darknesses. We greet the closing of the works and thank the Olorum, to orixs and protective guides for plus one day of work and I sing entoamos it (gives its hand to Me, gives its to me love, I want to give a hand squeeze to you) we go even so for house with a wonderful feeling of brotherhood, being thankful the God for its generosity stops with us in being able servile-Lo through the Umbanda and being part of that family spiritual that received in them and that it is part of our lives. when arriving in house and leaning the head in our pillow we ask for that to the faster week transcorra so that let us can live deeply all again that explosion of positive and virtuous energies in our lives. My brother is this, thus is its religion, thus is the work of Umbanda, an explosion of Alive and Divine energies directing and supporting all in the evolution and conscientious wakening of its medinicos facultieses and dons that all being is carrying, therefore love, faith, knowledge, wisdom, Reason, Creativity, joy, etc. all are dons inherent the holy ghosts to all and that it must positively be used the service of its fellow creature. SARAVA UMBANDA. Financial Asset Management Corporation is open to suggestions.

Jul 17 2019

Wax Roxita

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Roxita. 4.2. D. ROXITA D. Roxita is one lady of 59 years, robust, of skin black, short and dark hair, and very likeable. I interviewed this paj two times, the first time in February of 2009 and second in April of 2010, and it revealed very accessible and available in talking with me on the subject.

According to its story, it she was born with dom, and its mother and its father would have been ' ' mdiuns' ' , but they did not accept proper ' ' mediunidade' ' nor of the son. In accordance with D. Roxita, it and its twin sister had been born together with dom of being paj, but, without explaining the cause to me, its sister died to the seven years, age where Roxita started to cure. Without being taught or being prepared by none another one paj or custodian, D. Roxita learned its to know with God, the saints and the magic ones. It affirms that everything what paj knows is one dom of God, and that it always guides to it. Regarding its particular religious sincretismo, she was possible to observe some images of saints catholics spread for its house. One of N.S. of Nazar above of the television in the room, a poster of the Wax candle of Belm nailed in the wall, and its altar (that it is in small cmodo of the house, where carries through the cures) several other saints, amongst them Saint Antonio Jorge Is, indicating clearly the catolicismo as one strong expression of its religiosidade, as well as elements of other religions also composes its universe of beliefs, as the idea of reincarnation, disturbing espritos, and other proceeding ones from the Espiritismo. He is possible to observe that its practical and beliefs if fit in ' ' padro' ' of pajelana sufficiently known and studied by anthropologists and historians, who are the caboclo pajelana, properly said.

Jul 12 2019

Saint Blessed Padre

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It will have that spoon and to eat its fruits. Which fruits? The corruption. what it is to corrupt itself? It is to apodrecer, it is if to decompose, it is to die, perhaps perpetual. In a generalized manner the badnesses result of the abuse of the good. The Church teaches in them that God is love, is favour, is mercy, however the mercy, the favour, and the love does not constitute irresponsibility. The Saint Blessed Padre XVI in the letter encyclical letter from the pope Spe Salvi in supplies the following instruction to them: ‘ ‘ God is justice and creates justice. Such is our consolao and our hope. But, in its justice, it is jointly also favour.

This we can know fixing it the look in crucificado Christ and revived. Both? justice and favour? they must be seen in its joust interior linking. The favour does not exclude justice. Not dumb justice in right. It is not a sponge that erases everything, in way that everything how much it became in the land finishes for having valor’ the same; ‘ (SS, 44). He is not correct to think that the mercy is contrary justice. To think thus is to identify the mercy with the irresponsibility. The Justice of God is merciful, as much how much the mercy of God is joust.

Then, all that one that it deliberately chooses for the sin trusting a distorted conception of mercy, is placing at risk its salvation. Let us notice that the Pope speaks that he has an essential linking between favour and justice. cannot be different since both sprout of the Heart of God. The Sacred Heart source of mercy and favour is the same Heart that makes to sprout justice. God loves to each one of us, pecadores, but reject the sin.

Aug 31 2018

Brazilian Population

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The Brazilian population is mainly Christian. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. However, other religious denominations in Brazil exist many, as, the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ Dos Santos of the Last Days, Jews, Muslen, even though Islamic Buddhists and. The religious pursuing that more grows in Brazil is the Neopentecostais, what it in such a way diminished the number of members of the Church Catholic how much of the religions afro-Brazilians. To understand this movement we go to come back a little in history of the Brazilian protestantismo and come across with the Pentecostalismo, that arrived in Brazil for 1910-1911 return. The pentecostalismo appeared at the beginning in Brazil of originary century XX of the United States, in two distinct models, one with the two Swedish missionaries Gunnar Vingren and Daniel Berg who if had established in Belm of Par in the year of 1910, to work in the First Church Baptist until moment where the first Brazilians had received the baptism from the Espirito Santo, and in 1911 this group of pentecostais had established the first church of the Assembly of God with 17 members. (CAIRNS, 2008, P.

421) In the first decades of century XX, this assembleiano pentecostal movement, one gradually spread with lay preachers in the north and northeast of Brazil and alone later for the other regions. Of the churches classic pentecostais this was one of that more it grew in number of fidiciary offices. The other model of pentecostalismo that appeared concomitantly to the initiate for the two Swedish, was of the talo-American Louis Francescon, this to the invited being to nail in a presbiteriana church in So Paulo, enters a community of descendant of Italians, had its well accepted message for the present group, however practical the presbiterianos shepherds had not accepted some of its. It left with a group of sympathetical and established in the interior of the Paran the second bigger pentecostal denomination in Brazil, the Church Christian Congregation.

Aug 01 2018

The Lack

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They forget that God cannot lie, not dumb and she always fulfills its promises! (Malaquias 3:6). Perhaps you know, at this moment also you are with fear, worried (a), only that the letter of Peter is not written with this intention. We sent it to god for so that we knew what he will happen soon and what we need to make stops saving in them. To save us of the fear, the concerns, the lack of hope, the sensation of unreliability, the uncertainties, the emptiness, the guilt, the depression. more so that we knew of where we came and for where we will go.

This is not fantastic! I do not know what you have heard for there nor as have lived. I do not know as to believe nor where or who to believe. But I do not have doubt that God loves you, and is for this reason that I am here now dedicating to time and some talent to write these lines. So that it feels and it knows that he is not alone (), abandoning (). God takes care of of you. Loves it you and not it supports more to suffer to you! therefore will come to search it very () soon. It does not have fear! It is prepared! (Ams 4:12).

The suffering and pain cannot continue reigning. God does not support plus as much corruption and lack of love; as much indifference stops with aged children and; as much intolerncia stops with women, afro-descendants, prostitutes and homosexuals. The injustice and the hatred govern the actions human beings. We become animalescos, profligates, insubordinados and lascivos. The relationships if become each time little duradores. The love and the good if had become obsolete. It does not have why to continue living in a world in which we cannot enjoy of what we very conquer the cost of work and suffering.

Jul 05 2018

Brazil Reality

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The difficulties, however, are not in looking at a reality and to perceive it challenging, as said, many they had made it to as much, inside and exactly it are of the Church. The great challenge is in searching forms to find this reality, to keep alive inside of it and to make to be born, in form of kerigma, where not yet if it can touch, the evanglica Truth. This concern is present in the text, of sufficiently serious form, and the same it tries to find answers it, a time that, even so the obtained advances, in social form, politics, economic, the fugacidade that reaches the society and, also, the people, seems not to find a port safe. In fact, never the denunciation of Karl Rahner was so current, brought in its booklet ' ' Darknesses and Light in the Orao' ' when it deals with the call ' ' desperation crnico' ' , that it takes account of the men in this modern society. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Larry Ellison and gain more knowledge.. It is therefore that the commitment stops with the Church in Brazil during this trinio one passes, inevitably, for a deep diving in the delicate social, economic lines and politics that they surround the Church and cannot be ignored. The proposal of an action that it searchs to find this reality and, before a closing, as unhappyly very one became in the past, a deep dialogue, intent and opened, without losing the North that guides the faith, showing, at last, through the Church the proper Christ, its head. The text finishes searching to point some ' ' pistas' ' for the evangelizadora action and the work pastoral. It is fact that if could not keep a manual, or to try to construct it, under the penalty of if falling in a useless casuistry. It could not better calhar some notes that can be read and ' ' inculturados' ' , if it has better place to fit the term, in accordance with the diverse realities that if present in Brazil.