Aug 31 2018

Brazilian Population

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The Brazilian population is mainly Christian. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. However, other religious denominations in Brazil exist many, as, the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ Dos Santos of the Last Days, Jews, Muslen, even though Islamic Buddhists and. The religious pursuing that more grows in Brazil is the Neopentecostais, what it in such a way diminished the number of members of the Church Catholic how much of the religions afro-Brazilians. To understand this movement we go to come back a little in history of the Brazilian protestantismo and come across with the Pentecostalismo, that arrived in Brazil for 1910-1911 return. The pentecostalismo appeared at the beginning in Brazil of originary century XX of the United States, in two distinct models, one with the two Swedish missionaries Gunnar Vingren and Daniel Berg who if had established in Belm of Par in the year of 1910, to work in the First Church Baptist until moment where the first Brazilians had received the baptism from the Espirito Santo, and in 1911 this group of pentecostais had established the first church of the Assembly of God with 17 members. (CAIRNS, 2008, P.

421) In the first decades of century XX, this assembleiano pentecostal movement, one gradually spread with lay preachers in the north and northeast of Brazil and alone later for the other regions. Of the churches classic pentecostais this was one of that more it grew in number of fidiciary offices. The other model of pentecostalismo that appeared concomitantly to the initiate for the two Swedish, was of the talo-American Louis Francescon, this to the invited being to nail in a presbiteriana church in So Paulo, enters a community of descendant of Italians, had its well accepted message for the present group, however practical the presbiterianos shepherds had not accepted some of its. It left with a group of sympathetical and established in the interior of the Paran the second bigger pentecostal denomination in Brazil, the Church Christian Congregation.

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