Aug 01 2018

The Lack

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They forget that God cannot lie, not dumb and she always fulfills its promises! (Malaquias 3:6). Perhaps you know, at this moment also you are with fear, worried (a), only that the letter of Peter is not written with this intention. We sent it to god for so that we knew what he will happen soon and what we need to make stops saving in them. To save us of the fear, the concerns, the lack of hope, the sensation of unreliability, the uncertainties, the emptiness, the guilt, the depression. more so that we knew of where we came and for where we will go.

This is not fantastic! I do not know what you have heard for there nor as have lived. I do not know as to believe nor where or who to believe. But I do not have doubt that God loves you, and is for this reason that I am here now dedicating to time and some talent to write these lines. So that it feels and it knows that he is not alone (), abandoning (). God takes care of of you. Loves it you and not it supports more to suffer to you! therefore will come to search it very () soon. It does not have fear! It is prepared! (Ams 4:12).

The suffering and pain cannot continue reigning. God does not support plus as much corruption and lack of love; as much indifference stops with aged children and; as much intolerncia stops with women, afro-descendants, prostitutes and homosexuals. The injustice and the hatred govern the actions human beings. We become animalescos, profligates, insubordinados and lascivos. The relationships if become each time little duradores. The love and the good if had become obsolete. It does not have why to continue living in a world in which we cannot enjoy of what we very conquer the cost of work and suffering.

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