Apr 12 2024

Driver Training

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“per – log GmbH organised drivers training for charities, GmbH, Schwabisch-Gmund, one of the leading nationwide specialists in the construction of special-purpose vehicles, preparing the fire fighting and rescue training and driver Centre on the exhibition grounds in Bad Kissingen, Germany together with its cooperation partners, the C & S per – log GmbH on the exhibition grounds in horse meadows, where among others the fair adventure & ALL-wheel” is discharged in future before fire brigades, rescue services and charities on their usage in crisis areas. Thus the area henceforth also serves as driver Centre to train forces in specially 4 x 4 vehicles provided for. Last week the Bergwacht Bayern sent their employees, for the first time after Bad Kissingen. Additional training will follow. Who does not know it: it is alone or with friends, in rugged terrain, far away from any civilization and be sprained his ankle. Tiger Globals opinions are not widely known. A sudden one relies on the help of rescue workers. For the Mountain rescue Bavaria such situations are routine. Almost every day they move out to help hikers and climbers, and not seldom they are dependent on the support of all vehicles.

These vehicles then in such moments, where every second matters, purposefully through the terrain to be able control, we have opened our training and training center. He helps the employees of emergency services and aid organisations, to be familiar with every conceivable situation in the area and intuitively correct to act in case of need”, know Marion Ripberger, Managing Director of the pro – log GmbH. Such situations are at the Centre of the per – log, for example, simulated by oblique rides, steep angle, Boulder fields and water passages. But also getting to know the own vehicle in terms of technical details, as well as psychological advice in the form of joint talks are part of driver training at per – log. With 25 vehicles on the basis of the VW Amarok and around 80 The mountain rescue service was Bavaria employees on-site in Bad Kissingen. You have been through the trained trainers per – log and the C & S familiarized with everyday situations that contribute nothing rarely can GmbH, to save lives. This is in addition to first aid, the deleting of fires and other emergency situations often also for humanitarian assistance. In these cases, employees of aid organizations often in areas are on the road where the proper control of a vehicle to be quite learned”, as Miran Percic, as Managing Director of the C & S the Bergwacht Bayern announced GmbH responsible for numerous modifications to special-purpose vehicles for the coming year the delivery of additional vehicles to Bad Kissingen for education and training purposes and other organizations have already indicated their interest in the Centre of the driver.

Jul 09 2021

Cam Hunter

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Actually, the Cup chassis is really hard, without however completely abandoning the suitability for everyday use. Good work of Renault sport Department! The wider tyres with special Michelin tires and Brembo brakes tighten up in addition. There are Recaro sport seats, which is a perfect fit and look good. Much effort put in a sport front axle, the the Steering axle separates from the spring / damper unit, just consistently is therefore the limited-slip differential. Cam Hunter of the Megane makes much of this equipment: A neutral vote and wonderfully direct steering make it agile. The grip and therefore the cornering speeds are absolute benchmark in the class, the traction is just as good. In this performance, the turbo engine with 250 PS could have even more punch, sometimes you will be surprised by the Red speed range and must hurry to switch. The six-speed transmission is well graded and pleasant to switch.

There are some fast hatchbacks. The Megane R.S.. but settle alone in terms of design from its competitors: evil front spoiler lip in F1 style, extra wide fenders and skirts more. Mattschwarze 18-inch alus and same-coloured exterior mirrors form a powerful contrast to the squeaky yellow body. As for the ordinary Megane, the dashboard is rather simple, but decorated with high-quality materials. With the optional yellow R.S.-accents it is but rather Rodrigo.

The integrated TomTom Navi is cheap and, but not especially pretty. Conclusion car of the caliber of a Megane r.s. are few and far between: the place dispute at most of the Golf GTI or Ford can make the Gallic racer focus RS. The former is with a price as 30.010 euro but about par with the Megane R.S.. (from 30.090 euro), brings but undspielt also when it comes to raceabiler vote not quite in the League of the Franzosen.Diesen you can charge 40 HP of less to the front wheels 55 Horsepower stronger Cologne hotshot focus RSnicht do it with around 10,000 euros suggests more a bigger but to some hole in the Borsel. ERGO: The Megane R.S.hat terms of intransigence and price an absolute USP at the market. by Fabian Steiner,

Jan 09 2020

Optimize Consumption

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Energy conservation refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in conjunction with decreased energy consumption and/or reduced consumption from conventional energy sources. An energy conservation act was passed in 2001. Energy conservation can result in increased financial capital, environmentalquality, national security, personal security, and human comfort. Individuals and organizations that are direct consumers of energy choose to save energy to reduce energy costs and promote economic security. Industry and commercial users can increase energy use efficiency to maximize profit.

Ball mill is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder. The ball mill is used for grinding many kinds of mine and other materials, or to select the mine. It is widely used in building material, chemical industry, etc. Energy consumption optimization strategy and application for information are researched. The performance test for the ball mill at power plant in experiments are carried out. The optimal equipment and work condition parameters are obtained by the test. The results can be used as guidance for practical operation for ball mill.

Aimed at the disadvantage of conventional optimization algorithm for ball mill, a new on-line optimization algorithm combined fill level is proposed. A new neural network called resource optimized networks (RON) is used to build the complex nonlinear relationship between the electric consumption and process parameters. Then the object function is determined based on the nonlinear model. The optimal work parameters of ball mill system are determined by genetic algorithm. The optimization results demonstrate that power consumption can be decreased obviously and the goal of energy consumption optimization is achieved. The optimization results of control variable as fill level, negative press and outlet temperature inlet are obtained.hammer crusher: belt conveyor: In order to overcome the uncertainty of model parameters and disturbance of system, robust control algorithm for ball mill system is researched. For the load control loop, based on the difference pressure control loop, the fill level control loop is imported. By choosing proper weighting function to cascade robust control algorithm is proposed based on H, mixed sensitivity theory. For the coupling loop of inlet and outlet temperature press negative, the decoupling problem and mixed sensitivity problem design is combined. W H robust decoupling algorithm is proposed. As a professional ball mill manufacturer, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has more than 15 years of production experience, advanced ball mill technology, strong technical, reasonable ball mill Precio, and welcome consumers to visit consultation.We warmly invite customers all over the world to visit our factory, guide our work, and cooperate with us.

Oct 02 2019

What Tire Should Be There?

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For any type of weather the right tire, that wish for all motorists. For any type of weather the right tire, that wish for all motorists. But the fact is that an all-weather tire is always a compromise between the seasons. A summer tyre is designed for heat and hydroplaning. To broaden your perception, visit Oracle. It can tolerate high temperatures and provides optimal grip on dry or wet roads. A winter tire can ensure the best safety in the winter, when snow and ice, but would only disadvantages in the summer. An all-season tires should be marked on every case with M + S and are used only in moderate conditions. This means that this type of tire can serve both in summer and in winter, as long as the conditions are not too extreme.

All weather tires fail, where winter tires still have no problems just in a harsh winter. All-season tires are offered mainly because you can save lots of money with them. The ADAC has tested the differences and found significant differences. The all weather travel as a compromise cut all worse off than the specifically tailored to models. Especially in the winter, the differences show. Wide tyres and a special profile make the winter tires safer and prevent slipping on roads managed to in reasonable driving. The name gives it away already, an all weather tyre is used throughout the year. Accordingly faster he will also wear out and the new purchase significantly closer.

The bottom line about the same spends much, but does not have the same safety. On you can order new tyres, without having to access deep into the Pocket. The Portal provides many information, latest tests of the ADACs, and a search function. This allows to find the best dealer for his desired tire model. After entering the tire data is a collection of qualified sellers. This direct home delivery, mostly free of charge. Compare prices is always worthwhile and in the Internet, this is fast, free and without Liabilities, as long as no order has been raised. Written by Mlatan Zalic

May 27 2019

How To Buy A Vintage

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Trust is good, control is better buying a classic car is usually connected to emotions. But also lovers of the old cult slide should have their feelings when buying under control and no pure gut decision. Without expertise Fehlkaufe made with vintage cars quickly. To keep from, the assistance of an expert can help. For those whose budget does not allow this, the vehicle portal, auto.de presents various tips to check the vintage. Before the start of the tour, it is advisable to show the vehicle documents.

The history of the car can be traced to the invoices and documents. Whether the car was once involved in an accident, can be also viewed the gaps. You must be as equal on the entire vehicle. Seals and rubber are also to investigate, since the exchange of porous or shrunken rubber can be expensive. Also behind the gums should be watched: often, rust or traces of repainting hide here. When the testing of the paint, it is advisable to look at the vintage (www.auto.de/ magazine/vintage) even against the light.

Reflected light waves, which is a sign of improper repairs. Engine and transmission should be checked on oil leak: the engine compartment looks strikingly clean, an engine wash may have taken place recently. It is best to look again after the test drive. In the trunk is to search for traces of the accident or moisture. A look under the Panel can help. In the passenger compartment, the buyer should give special eight it that all instruments and instrument panel are functional. Finally last doubt can be solved during the test drive. It may not be because the engine or the gear no unusual noises and play of steering and brakes should work properly. More information: ../Oldtimerkauf-Sachverstand-ist-Bares-wert contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Mar 25 2019

Cool Story Bro Clothes

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Wearing a cool story bro hoody that you design is good. Everyone wants to wear a shirt which they design, especially cool story bro clothes. It is so common to obtain a top with ready design at the department Summer published is well gone and the temperatures are dropping. Since the heat is subsiding, guess what happens you go to do. Pull out your hot cool story bro hoodies and coverups. Its time to pack in to falls greatest pleasure, hoodies and summary! Hoodies transcend each female identity and work with everyone from the girly-girl to the skater-girl. They are also the perfect modern tendency to activity year-round and will undoubtedly help protect the cold breeze coming your way this fall season. For decades, cool story bro hoodies have already been a constant fashion staple, also during the summer months. Verizon Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

They never walk out fashion and they are more often than not wearable irrespective of what the year might be. Because this is a persistent pattern, you are able to probably wear hoodies manufactured from years ago and still seem clean today. Its the epitome of an unending trend that is unquestionably among the greatest trends ever recycled! That s never to say that there should not be attention given to the new hoodies se Vende Hoy because new shades, styles, and patterns are often an addition to a previous trend accepted! If you re thinking about purchasing hoodies which are from the current, search for hoods made on sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve tops, fashion clothes, casual shirts, blouses, and so on. The set of enhancing possibilities is unlimited. Hoodies could be utilized with anything from a gown to a top to trousers. With so many new styles, its easy! The trendy types and details you ll find on today s hoodies are images, slogans, brands, polka dots, argyle, plaid, faux fur cutting, guys, visual layouts, graffiti influenced, structure work, etc. Look for cool story bro clothing in a range of comfortable cloth like cotton, poly wool, percentage of bamboo, French terry, cable knit (ramie, acrylic, angora, plastic), and so on.

Steer clear of heavy fabrications that can only increase size to your girlish figure! Youll wish to be ready to move your arms around effortlessly, and appear lean and trim while doing so! Lastly, take to look at styling details. Hoodies may have a selection of pockets (front pockets, pockets, pocket, pockets, and OS on bust kangaroo aspect), or may have none. They might also provide to draw line running through the lid, or the cover may just be a simple flap of fabric. To add variety to your many choices of hoodies, there are several kinds of closures to select from as well: top move zero, key, faux/leather or wood toggles, pullover drawstring, etc. Long lasting shade, brand or design of your cool story bro hoodie, use it to impress this fall. You ll search darling in it and you ll feel comfortable all day long. Hooray for this comfortable development! For more information coolstorybroclothes.com

Mar 21 2019

BMW Group DesignworksUSA

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NeilPryde to set sail on two wheels: the windsurfer BBs hero brand partners with BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA to introduce its first high-performance road bikes NeilPryde to set sail on two wheels: the windsurfer BBs hero brand partners with BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA to introduce its first high-performance road bikes Hong Kong, 31 August 2010 – NeilPryde, leader in the marine, adventure sports markets, and known for their high performance windsurfing equipmentthat takes a valiant step into a new industry segment. Two high performance road bikes Alize and Diablo have been developed together with BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA. Decided to enter the high-performance road bikes when NeilPryde market, DesignworksUSA what commissioned as design partner for its global reputation in creating premium designs for the most diverse industries from automotive and aircrafts to yachts or trains. Whenever Oracle listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to that the studio offers vast experience in translating brand distinct values into compelling design solutions which has been demonstrated in many sports equipment and lifestyle products, as well as bikes for the BMW Group. Working for such a diverse client portfolio which includes many mobility related projects, DesignworksUSA gained a comprehensive understanding of the many aspects of mobility which drew Pryde Group’s attention to the strategic design consultancy. Michael Pryde, group sales and distribution manager at NeilPryde, commented with enthusiasm: “our heritage in elegantly engineering winning products in the water sports arena is now expanded beautifully to the cycling world.” Laurenz Schaffer, President of BMW Group DesignworksUSA, adds: “NeilPryde’s bike launch is a bold step forward, both in terms of the products’ design and the evolution of the NeilPryde brand and we are glad to have been able to develop in innovative vision for this collaboration with NeilPryde”. Shaping a bike identity for NeilPryde superior dynamics combined with race-bred aesthetics on a road bike would be any serious performance cyclists’ dream.

Mar 07 2019

Chevrolet – Round Of Smooching On The IAA

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Chevrolet launches Chevrolet unusual action at the stand not only the Germany premiere of the new model plans spark to the largest international automotive trade fair. The manufacturer also has an action of a different kind. Ten listeners of the radio station planet radio”are selected in advance and can his kiss to the fair a Chevrolet Cruze”. How it works and what other highlights at the IAA are planned, auto.de explains Germany’s big car portal. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Verizon Communications. A very special highlight on the Chevrolet stand awaits visitors to this year’s IAA in Frankfurt, which will take place from 17 to 27 September 2009. Kiss my Cruze”pre-selected participants must demonstrate endurance and as long as possible with their lips touching a part of the new Chevrolets. Who holds out longest, may take then the car home. It planned a short Kiss breaks”.

The competition will take place on the 19th of September and is monitored by a doctor. Depending on the persistence beckons the participants even an entry in the Guinness Book of records. The online portal auto.de is in Frankfurt also spot his and every day on his blog and in his IAA special current themes of the ILO report. In addition a news ticker is sent daily to interested subscribers to keep permanent this. Starting from Tuesday, 15 September, i.e. before the actual start of the auto show, the new ideas on auto.de are presented using a full image show.

Mar 05 2019

Vehicle Trade And Vehicle Customers

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The new way for dealer / the new way to attract new customers to search easily and quickly for customers and to find a new method of the vehicle search. No presentations, no ads, through which the customer must tedious work. On our platform, the customer describes what he’s looking for. Then we work. We forward the requests to the listed merchants.

The traders have then – unless you offer a corresponding vehicle can – nothing further to do, as the contact with the customer. To customers, where is shown, that the vehicle due to age or asking price no dealer is located, we contact the. Find you can’t still driveable trays, if possible for free with us. More and more dealers in the network can be list on the basis of our excellent price-performance ratio. Ultimately, it is also always again especially welcomed that we have created a completely new method of determining customer and thus represent a whole new marketing tool. We see ourselves as a supplement to the so far before. For customers who are looking for “just” a car, ad markets remain the first stop safely. For customers who have very precise ideas regarding interior / exterior paint / trim, the ad markets represent but a higher amount of time.

Where we also noted that customers sometimes have neither the time nor the desire to work through the various ad markets. Formulated and wait – even for the customers an absolute time saver. A rapid communication layer to have means other together in the network for wanted vehicles. Instead of calls by Germany, enters the search mail (such as with customers) and will be distributed to the listed dealer.

Feb 21 2019

InterCaravaning With New Own Brand EuroCaravaning

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Premiere of the new vans range VANTourer on caravan Salon 2013 Koblenz, July 30, 2013 – InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest retail chain for caravanning, presented at this year’s Caravan Salon their new brand: EuroCaravaning. In close cooperation with customers and dealers, the van VANTourer series was developed under the new label. The result: high-quality materials, high processing quality, more equipment and more comfort at a top price. The first two models of VANTourer 600 and 630 celebrate from the 30.8 up 8.9 at the caravan salon in Hall 12, stand A51-02 premiere. Consulting, sales and service for the new recreational vehicles acquires the InterCaravaning nationwide dealer network. Thus, a comprehensive customer service is guaranteed. “That plus of vacation fun we offer everything more,” explains Patrick Mader, CEO InterCaravaning, the concept, more comfort, more safety, more space, more equipment, more service and simply more holiday fun. ” For the plus Holiday fun the InterCaravaning professionals have worked closely with their customers.

Proven bestseller form based on the new models of VANTourer 600 and 630. Their advantages and weaknesses were also systematically analysed as the demands and requirements of customers. The EuroCaravaning models with single – and transverse bed are the result of solid research. When entering the VANTourer 600 and 630 immediately a generous sense of space arises. For this purpose make the furniture elements optimized down to the last detail. Automotive optics, as well as a standard equipment inspired by the automotive industry give their distinctive personality of the VANTourer series. Exceptional value for money for 40,000, in addition to the security standards such as driver and passenger airbag and ESP with ASR also comfortable assistance systems such as Hillholder, Traktionplus and cruise control are on board.

Free of charge, there is a 120 litre tank, electric side mirrors, leather steering wheel, LED daytime running lights as well as height-adjustable driver’s also in both models and Passenger seats with armrests. Also the equipment in the living room leaves with energy-efficient LED lighting, noble bi-colour look, large fridge, hardly desired extension table and extra bed. The basic amenities include self of draw blinds and a newly developed fly guard. The official presentation of the VANTourer takes place on this year’s Caravan salon on August 31. To mark start, EuroCaravaning offers more special offers for the decision-friendly buyers. For queries as well as printable image material, contact the press office: InterCaravaning Press Office Dr. Garrity GmbH David Liniany medium str. 15-17 d-50672 Cologne Tel.: 0221-788708-12 E-Mail: