Jul 02 2018

Bankruptcy Law Commission

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That put the international replica football shirts in arms and you vali to Rubiales that photo p power, disadvantage boxes and Puyol back.But just now you were taking steps in good direction. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. P members Congress voted a transactional p the Bankruptcy Law Commission in which case p sports societies prevails the law of sport. In other words, that in later those who acudiesen to the bankruptcy descenderan unpaid players. Missing the aprobacin of the Senate football T-shirts, which arrive in September, and ah to the full courts p p. And entered into force for the p end this season that begins.But someone malmeti in the LFP and in Assembly are arr to vote, p a manner generic, that in case p that came forward the transactional or that the Administration decided to divert part of the ten percent p pools players, remain without effect the Convention which now T-shirt Barcelona is est p trying to move forward. In return, the League offers create not comn Fund to pay players victims p the bankruptcy trap, as many call it. Fund slo Broan SBI ten million a year, a fifth p what been hanged this year, but is already much ms p what is offered in any sector. The League creates is pruned to move forward along this path.

Players, on the other hand, call for participating in sale p Panini stickers, ask p rights image when they sign by the clubs and not percentage p p TV rights.And neither have for Ms. Clubs spend sistemticamente ms p who enter and spend it, mostly to players: and failing to agents. The idea that the money of the ftbol p endless is led to the players to this situation. Clubs l ensemble des have signed in many cases amounts that no l ensemble des may pay, pushed by a greed growing p footballers and the insane rivalry that feeds into the ftbol, that everyone flees the descent or pursues the ascent, or train p Europe, disadvantage desesperacin.In 1990 participated in the opening of the p satellite contract p the LFP disadvantage the Autonmicas to give entrance to Canal +, that apareca disadvantage the formula p payment. What now pay for those rights is diecisis! times more than what was then pag.

Also have appeared since that new frmulas p explotacin p marketing, and by here and by all administrations have been plugging holes: paying without hope p recover, buying the stadium to leave it in usufruct, putting institutional advertising sobrepagada, recalificando land generously the teles than serta ftbol suffer, ruined are administrations, under the severe gaze p Angela Merkel, who holds the p harness cards. Now trying to scratch to radios an amount that they l ensemble des har suffer, but the ftbol evaporate in two kicks.There is no money. Someone has to decrselo to the players. And a strike not veterans administration to remedy this.