Aug 04 2020

Brazilian Literature

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On Cruz and Sousa and its workmanship, Ronald de Carvalho (apud CROSS, 1942:425), poet born to the end of century XIX, emitted the following opinion: A workmanship of Cruz and Sousa is not simply a great failed assay as already it has been said, nor neither the biggest expression of the lyric poetry in Brazil, as already it was written. The Satanism of Baudelaire if mixture, in its poetry, to the melancholic skepticism to the mrbido misticismo of Antero de Quental. The world turned around its pain and in such way weighed to it on the unsatisfied and sofredora soul, that it did not know traduziz it seno with desperate and alucinantes profanities. Its does not have a verse almost that is not an shout against the oppression of the environment surrounded that it, shout born more than the instinct of the race that of the conscience of the life. The poetry of Cruz and Sousa is transparent a time marked for the social transistions and politics, also for the many disagreements in virtue of not the acceptance of the differences between the peoples who started to form the Brazilian population. How consequncia of a life suffered to the extremity, the poet in grants a workmanship to them in a generally lamentoso tone? elegaco? , full of aspirations, dreams, vacant vises, sudden resplandecncias, cloudiness. They are as voices of a Emparedado (SOUSA, 2009): Sad souls, after all, that they dissolve, that they are finished, in a silence bitter taste, in a painful desolation, unhealthy witherings and, in the fatal fever them disorganizations, melancholically, melancholically, as the fabric decomposition that gangrenaram, of bodies that apodreceram in an irremediable way and cannot more viar and to florir under the refulgncias and noises of them we finssimos ouros and crystals and sapphires and set on fire rubies of the Sun Souls lassas, relaxed, scoffing true casernas where the most torn libertinism it does not find deep; souls that go cultivating with care delicate infamiazinhas as aspics curious gallants and that of so low, of so flat that they are nor deserve the magnificncia, the Majesty of the Hell! Souls, after all, without the mysterious flames, nvoas, the shades, the plazas and irisados resplendores of the Dream? supreme perpetual Redentor! It is the first time that, in Brazilian Literature, a writer, in the condition of ' ' race inferior' ' , it ahead discloses its judgment critical of an overloaded society of preconceptions. .

Aug 04 2020


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However they will be detached the superiority of the sinestsica linguistic figure here and the appearance in its poem Became me the put-do-sun, a nobleman between the youngsters . Its workmanship is observed in all the insistence of the author in disclosing its sensations visual, showing to the readers limitless a multi-chromatic universe. On this important characteristic of Sosgenes Coast, salient Florisvaldo Mattos: In fact, at certain moments, an impressive parade of light, colors and shades some catapult the poetry of Sosgenes Coast the raised stoppings of an apotheosis optics, seeming that, when writing its poems instead of penxs or pencil, the poet is to manejar brushes, as much> Became me the put-do-sun a nobleman enters the youngsters a true avalanche of sensorial images. Baby clothes will not settle for partial explanations. This characteristic of Sosgenes Coast is proven below in verses: Burning sndalo and incense the setting yellow Perfuming the trail, enchanting the way (P. 97) The author emphasizes the color of the west (yellow) and after that> it makes the reader to imagine the aroma produced for the burning of sndalo, mesclando the visual and olfativa perception. This interlacement of the representation of diverse directions permeia great part of sosigeanos poems, where the presence of the sensations is noticed more ostensive optics seconded for the olfativas.

Everything is sadder and sadder and more beautiful candy and esplendente and (P. 37) In this verse the two felt (gustativo and visual) if conjugate perfectly: candy (gustao) and esplendente (visual), transmitting the content of a fact happened in the natural and personal order. The colors bring a beautiful coloring to the poetry of Sosgenes and disclose to its option in the continuous work with the diversity of colors, prepondering the constant use of the tico aspect of the author, who carries its readers and listeners to a chromatic world, of visual ecstasy.

Aug 04 2020

Martins Library

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Although the pupils to look the library with the intention to fulfill its tasks or to read the workmanships that the professor indicates, make it to these in disinterested way; they read mechanically, without understanding the meaning of the text. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Stitch Fix Kids. Of this form, he fits to the library, through creative actions, to look for to assume a position that the light route the transformations, developing a space that offers reader one gamma of reading options and that it provides a pleasant contact to it with books. For Martins (1995, p.95), ' ' the library as space for formation of the reader if constitutes, therefore, in a space of educative action, cultural action, social action, action politics and convivncia' '. It is perceived, therefore, the library as adequate space to the formation of readers and that, when providing the book to the user, stimulates and spreads the taste for the reading through activities of cultural animation that must take care of to the necessities of the child. Moreover, the contact with books would have to start since early, before exactly of the child to enter for school. The first contacts with the book constitute basic requirements for the formation of the good one reader, therefore awakes the curiosity and the taste for the reading, that is, makes with that the child acquires the taste to look other readings and, even though, to create and to recriar other histories. The library is the place for excellency to test books where the children can try without the reading is imposed.

To the readers they consider an ample and gratuitous choice without utilitarian or strict pedagogical intentions. (SANDRONI, 1991, p.10). This conditioning is marked by the limited book use for the children in the school, that many of the times are produced in series, not having no intellectual or artistic connotation. The Library, therefore, will have to skirt this problem when offering to the child a free choice so that if it becomes pleasant for the same one. .

Aug 03 2020


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In this direction, the interior form of the romance is not seno the passage of this being that, from the submission to the naked reality of significao, arrives exactly at the clear conscience of itself. Toddler clothing is likely to increase your knowledge. (BRAIT, 2004, p.39). The personage of century XX is anti- hero, of multiple faces that assume different positions, giving vivacity and mood to these romances that represent the new. The hero of the rapsdia of Mrio de Andrade if fits in these characteristics and allows to also classify it in round personage or round, as the Forster critic who calls this as that one that showed a full complexity of functions that surprises the all moment the reader. The classified personages, in turn, are those defined for its complexity, presenting some quality or trends surprising convicentemente the reader. They are dynamic, they are multifaceted, constituting total images e, at the same time, very particular of the human being. (BRAIT, 2004, p.41). IT HISSES (1974) calls the shaped round personage, which corresponds the multiplicity of traces.

Thus, we analyze the possible faces of the personage, especially of the hero in elapsing of the centuries and perceives that to each on literary school to its historical moment, it propitiated the presence of new characteristics in this romanesco element, reflecting the position of the man in the society and its vision of world. II. The METAMORPHOSES OF the HERO WITHOUT NO CHARACTER Macunama, the hero without no character (1928), present a fantastic narrative, where the wonderful one, the supernatural one inhabits all in the plot of the modernista workmanship, as a signal of the new and as old model in addition, Mrio de dumb Andrade this routine being based on the vanguards and creates this personage only of great repercussion in Brazilian literature. The Macunama protagonist is considered a bonanza hero for the variability of its being, that does not assume an only face.

Aug 03 2020


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Oswaldo spoke that it was in the city, was trada for the husband who finished banishing it from house. Joo asked where it was liveing, the friend then said that it was liveing of favor in the house of an aunt of it. Joo wanted to know as friend knew of those information and then Oswaldo explained that it has few a few days ago was there where she liveed before reencontrar the neighbors also to know as he was Joo. The colloquy followed in front when Oswaldo spoke of an apartment that was without use and asked if Joo did not want to take by account until being able to pay the rent.

Joo topou. Arriving at the shelter it talked with all the inhabitants, with the coordinator who was half sad when knew that it was going even so, but Joo promises that always he would make a visit to the old friends. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nicki Minaj. After some days the routine of Joo had moved significantly, its new master used to advantage the efforts of Joo it transferred and it to one of the control centers of the company to make periods of training, if it reached a good performance would start there to work permanently. really obtained to sobressair itself, it did not delay very and Joo already received ten times the wage that received soon from beginning, in the company knew Ktia, a young with who later was married and had a pretty son. Joo obtained to buy the apartment of the friend and now it was the owner, time later obtained to mount a supermarket in the city today where it liveed and is the owner of a net of supermarkets spread for all the state.

Today the son with 19 years already takes by account of part of the supermarkets whereas Joo and Ktia pass good part of the time travelling and tanning the life. One day it found the former-woman vendendo clothes in a store in the center of city, it made question to enter there and to buy a dress for the wife, the two had left and exactly thus the former wife I continue to look at that man trying recognizes it. It was older perhaps and leaner, only after as much time it only perceived the burrada one that she committed. For Joo the life was always thus: when everything seems to give wrong always has a hope in the end of the tunnel waiting for us. It is as soon as we must interpret the life, who only knows to use to advantage what it has of better is that it obtains to be happy.

Jul 24 2020

The Relations

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In its preventive function, it fits to psicopedagogo to detect possible problems in the learning process; to participate of the relations of the educative community with the objective to favor the process of integration and exchange. Amongst the actions developed for the psicopedagogos, the evaluation can be detached and diagnosiss the conditions of the learning, identifying the ability areas. It also carries through returnable for the responsible parents or, the school and the citizen. To take care of to the citizen, establishing a process psicopedaggico corrector with the objective to surpass the difficulties found in the evaluation. One of the great challenges of psicopedagogo is to guide the parents how much its attitudes stop with its children, as well as professors it stops with its pupils. For practical disgnostic of the difficulties presented for educating, is considered the following aspects: Organic and motor: they say respect to the physiological and kinaesthetic structure of the citizen that learns; Cognitivos and intellectuals: they say respect to the development, the structure and to the functioning of the cognition, as well as intellectual the potential o; Emotional: on the affectivity and emotividade; Social: related to the way where the pupil if finds; Pedagogical: they are enclosed didactic, on questions the methodology of education and evaluation, level and amount of information, number of pupils in room and other Elements that say respect to the process teach-learning. In accordance with Bossa (2000), in general, in the clinical diagnosis, more than interviews and anamnese, use psicomotoras tests, tests of language, tests of mental level, pedagogical tests of perception, projetivas tests and others, as the theoretical referencial adopted by the professional. Psicopedagogo must be a professional that it has knowledge to multidiscipline, therefore in a process of disgnostic evaluation, it is necessary to establish and to interpret given in some areas. It is necessary to also stand out that the professional update is imperious, a time that working with as many areas, the discovery and the production of the knowledge sufficiently is sped up.

Jul 21 2020

Regina Zilbermam

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The third professor will be identified by the letter C, feminine sex, 32 years, has a steady union, superior level, 11 years of permanence in the teaching, disciplines leciona them of Portuguese and English in 9, in the turns morning and late, answered all the questionnaires. The interviewed room, that will be identified by the letter D, also of the feminine sex, 25 years, bachelor, incomplete superior level, with 1 year of time in the teaching, lecionando currently you discipline them of Portuguese in 4 and 5 year of the Basic I, in the turn of the morning.> Made these procedures, the quarrels of the results will be made through the gotten questionings, in which the data gotten and compared with the vises of some writers will be analyzed as: Antonio Candido, Regina Zilbermam, Clcio Bunzen and others, thus constituting, the development of the present article. Quarrel of the Results: The research was carried through in the city of Frecheirinha-CE, having as public target 4 professors of 4 to 9 year of the basic education of the public and private net, as already it was cited previously. A questionnaire was applied contends 4 subjective questions in which we look for to detect the vision of the professor on literature, as it is worked in the which, classroom the main didactic resources used and importance of this for the learning formation. Baby clothes may not feel the same. The results of the research will be analyzed and divulged below. literature comes to supply the necessity of the reading for the majority of the pupils that does not have the habit to read. with this will go to improve in such a way in the reading as in the text production. Of this form literature is seen as an incentive for reading, but the professor does not have to become attached itself to this function, therefore literature can provide many knowledge, and it has the mission to show this for the pupils.

Dec 10 2019

Frank Fabian

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In a unique merit to the author: he lists for the first time 14 well-defined characteristics. These traits and behaviors define warmonger as well indubitable support peacemakers. If so peace as Frank Fabian’s claims only logical how war is always the work of individual then: as destructive revealed potential mass murderer of the caliber of Hitler, Stalin or Mao must be prevented from beginning their fatal work at the unfolding of their warlike activities. Just as war in the bud will be stifled. This includes, to unmask the means with which war drivers since the beginning of mankind the People incite: black propaganda. The most recent example is the second Iraq war in 2003. This weapon was, as clearly proves the author, the result of targeted warmonger lies that deliberately placed by Bush & co. in the world.

Focused on American mass media to the page, which fired an exaggerated, bellicose US patriotism by using fake threatening backdrop as docile workers. Because according to an old Scottish proverb”nothing is so bold as a blind horse, deliberately plunged the American nation collapsed from their Government, not for the first time in a devastating war. Voices that warned the peace, were ridden down brutally by Bush’s stalker cavalry. An another great merit of this book is an effort to derive laws relating to war and peace from the history of mankind. So, Frank Fabian proves impressively that dictatorships are involved with certainly in wars. Rory Sutherland will not settle for partial explanations. On the other hand, the role the democracies of Peace keeper to. This book proves: every citizen and every citizen can prevent wars and do a lot for peace. First of all, as he or she becomes aware, what enormous influence the individual on the run can take the global history: it was a single Gandhi, who forced a supercilious, warlike Empire to its knees through peace.

It was a single Hitler who turned the whole world into a sea of blood by war. History is no anonymous power. She is not a God-directed destiny. It is a stacking of acts, which are responsible for individual people. And the more people quite naturally embrace peace, the war will have fewer opportunities. But the German peace movement as brought it once so perfectly to the point? “Millions of people think: what can I do alone because even great? who has read this fantastic book by Frank Fabian, knows exactly what it alone can do against war and for peace. And that’s a whole lot. Frank Fabian: The art of peace. How peace can be brought about active and maintained, Suhl 2013, economic publishing house W. V. GmbH, 267 pages ISBN 978-3-936652-14-7 available in each on – and offline accounting contact: Wirtschaftsverlag W. V. GmbH LAU weather 25 D-98527 Suhl Tel.: + 49 (36 81) 35 12 94-2 fax: + 49 ((36 81) 30 02 09 E-Mail: Amazon: boiler plate / corporate portrait Frank Fabian was born in 1952 and is a historian.) He is engaged as a writer, especially in the area of historical non-fiction. Many of his works, including “the biggest lie of in history, reached bestseller status. The German native now lives in the United States. His email address:

Sep 21 2019

Book The Info Cube

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Pentadoc shows how the just-in-time principle positive information logistics of a company affects Frankfurt am Main, 23 April 2013. Recently the book of the Info cube as you make your company with information management more competitive “appeared. Pentadoc, its Board Guido Schmitz know-how and practical experience from numerous customer projects were incorporated into the book. An enterprise information logistics is increasingly becoming an economic factor in the competition. From this point of view, this book for the management and departments should be a clear, striking instrument for the introduction to this topic. The author, himself a seasoned management consultant, wants to familiarize the reader with a method grippy in the best sense with the Info cube.

All perspectives that are necessary for efficient information management, are illuminated by a look at the six sides of the cube information. This creates an overview which goes far beyond the often widespread technological perspective. She wants the Info cube open frequently used, mostly technological perspective on information management, because from the practical experience following perspectives need to have an equally decisive role: the perspectives strategy, person, communication, processes, just-in-time information logistics and compliance. Checklists and many practical examples make it easy for the reader to transmit the material in everyday business. Thus, this book gives a pragmatic Guide at hand can be the complexity of the tasks in the handling of information structured and resulted in the success of the projects management and project managers of information management projects. The book of the Info cube”is focused on entrepreneurial practice and a realistic feasibility of the presented approaches. Practical examples of the guest authors from the company d.velop, Fabasoft, Henrichsen, insiders technologies, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS and SER prove this.

More excerpts and ordering information: votes for the book: Willi Engel,. “Head of ECM of BITKOM e.V.: the Info cube a well-done overview of information management and for beginners as well as experts is an informative and entertaining work.” Werner Weiss, CEO of insiders technologies GmbH: The book profoundly accesses the latest topics related to the future information management. The central topics are comprehensive and sophisticated prepared the look goes beyond refreshing way outside the usual box. Very worth reading, informative and entertaining at the same time.” Mario Donnebrink, Director of sales & marketing, CMO, d.velop AG: in the Administration, businesses need efficient processes and a simple handling of documents and information. Guido Schmitz brings this connection in his book on the point and goes far beyond the usual technical approach.”

Aug 14 2019

Self-determined And Happy Enjoying Life Self-coaching –

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the perfect way to coach yourself… A book with hypnotic character allows it to coach people for self – effective and sustainable! Often means the man in a life in which he feels tired and powerless. Perhaps one has a target and not achieved this. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Or the own goals are relatively vague or unclear. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. You feel unhappy, hurt the feeling of the life to be. Anything in life should be run differently, but what – and how should this change be carried out? The self coaching book shows not only the solution, but takes you by the hand step by step to show the pitfalls of own consciousness.

At the same time they are taught, as you will be behave, you feel not only comfortable, but my life actively in the manner as it is useful and beneficial for you. Special: The specially thought out spelling with hypnotic character will help you to embed the content in your subconscious easily in life apply it to can. 136 pages Publisher: B.O.D.. author: Michael Bauer ISBN 978-3-8391-6422-8