Aug 03 2020


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In this direction, the interior form of the romance is not seno the passage of this being that, from the submission to the naked reality of significao, arrives exactly at the clear conscience of itself. Toddler clothing is likely to increase your knowledge. (BRAIT, 2004, p.39). The personage of century XX is anti- hero, of multiple faces that assume different positions, giving vivacity and mood to these romances that represent the new. The hero of the rapsdia of Mrio de Andrade if fits in these characteristics and allows to also classify it in round personage or round, as the Forster critic who calls this as that one that showed a full complexity of functions that surprises the all moment the reader. The classified personages, in turn, are those defined for its complexity, presenting some quality or trends surprising convicentemente the reader. They are dynamic, they are multifaceted, constituting total images e, at the same time, very particular of the human being. (BRAIT, 2004, p.41). IT HISSES (1974) calls the shaped round personage, which corresponds the multiplicity of traces.

Thus, we analyze the possible faces of the personage, especially of the hero in elapsing of the centuries and perceives that to each on literary school to its historical moment, it propitiated the presence of new characteristics in this romanesco element, reflecting the position of the man in the society and its vision of world. II. The METAMORPHOSES OF the HERO WITHOUT NO CHARACTER Macunama, the hero without no character (1928), present a fantastic narrative, where the wonderful one, the supernatural one inhabits all in the plot of the modernista workmanship, as a signal of the new and as old model in addition, Mrio de dumb Andrade this routine being based on the vanguards and creates this personage only of great repercussion in Brazilian literature. The Macunama protagonist is considered a bonanza hero for the variability of its being, that does not assume an only face.

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