Apr 04 2011

Legal Services

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Consider some points in detail. For example, the economic benefits of legal service. In-house counsel receives the order of 25-45 thousand rubles. Multiply the number of employees of the legal department and add to this the salary head of the department – even 45-90 thousand rubles. Complex legal service costs an average of 40 thousand rubles. 'But a lawyer who works in state organization, is well acquainted with all the subtleties of its affairs' – you will object. Yes, probably, with the daily issues your lawyer and handle well.

But sitting in one place, without adequate practice without participating in trials Lawyer gradually loses its qualification. And it came unexpected situation which requires quick and thought the decision, a lawyer-shtatnik can get confused. And in firms offering legal service to your services will be dozens of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and diverse practice behind them. Not only that contain the legal department is much costly, so more and pick up literacy professionals is difficult. Lawyers today in the labor market is greater than all members of the working professions. Of course, the quality of the number of not winning. To form a department of the qualified Lawyers difficult also because it is almost impossible to verify the qualifications of a specialist before you take it to work. Possible disadvantages of using outsourcing: – possible risk that the safety will be compromised property of the company – if a third party to provide unlimited access to data and documents that might leak information to the enterprise.

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