Apr 21 2011


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And if sober middle-aged population of our country, more skeptical about the idea of a panacea, but rather that kind of money to spend on a trip to the sea, the pensioners were willing to spend all their savings to purchase the unit 'Details' and became the most active consumer audience. And now another real example, but ill-conceived approach to the warning. Factory specializing in production of metal (pipes, sheets) launches its advertising on youth music radio station. This is such a plan, designed to 'maybe', not on your target group, which specialist would prevent ever. So it seems that this project – a concession the administration of the plant pretty and who knows how to convince the advertising 'agentshe' radio station, not otherwise.

By the way, the success of the advertising company it is important that the company chose the right edition of her, not vice versa. Advertising does not happen a lot? In addition to selecting the target audience, must also properly orient the volume of alerts. Here, too, has its own laws, violating which can negate the already made investments. For example, a certain company engaged in the installation of plastic windows, decided within a month to advertise their services in the journal Telesem '- very popular, so expensive for advertising placement. Within a month they got a lot of customers. But this one-time services. And with the end Advertising flow of requests dropped. After all, people are watching these ads only at the time of specific need, not 'in reserve', the more choice of firms is enormous.

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