May 31 2014

Mediumsized Businesses

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Staff search still successfully make but how? Topics of shortages and demographic change go in connection with the labour market for a long time by the press. Particularly hard hit are industries such as the IT sector in finding employees. There are now including too few students and at the same time but too many college dropout in the IT sector. This technological Know-How nowhere obsolete in companies as soon as concerning it. This requires continuous in-house training to remain for projects on the current state of knowledge. Especially small and medium-sized IT companies, which compete against industry giants with known names and reputation, suffering EBCONT best case of IT mid from Austria the lack qualified employees on the labour market. As from the perspective of such a company can be addressed this problem, shows the EBCONT group from Austria.

As a holding company, the group combines four subsidiaries. Three of them are IT service provider specializing in the Microsoft environment, SAP consulting and Individual software development for Java Enterprise and mobile apps. The fourth daughter provides employee leasing in the industrial sector. Recommendations and active employees search those responsible for EBCONT have identified early on, that in various media to little reaction takes place on open positions. Firstly due to the mentioned lack of professionals, on the other hand due to the very specific requirements in software development. Here, about 80% of the addressed are already deterred by supposedly lack of knowledge and the remaining 20% think about whether they want to apply.

There remains too little left “, so Johannes Litschauer, Managing Director of EBCONT enterprise technologies GmbH. Therefore focus especially on recommendations, active search and job fairs is located at EBCONT. Employees receive even rewards for referrals that lead to a setting.

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