Jun 07 2024

Christmas Time

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Cosy atmosphere far from the tourist crowds Paris is popular. Every year about 20 million visitors prove that of the metropolis, making it is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Especially the cold season is worth visiting, as the hotel Portal hotelreservierung.de reported. Then the flow of visitors is abating here a little bit and the city shows itself from its most beautiful side. The Seine is divided into a southern and northern part of the capital city of France (www.hotelreservierung.de/…). South of the Seine, tourists can visit the landmarks of the capital city, the Eiffel Tower.

Furthermore, the former artist quarter of Saint-Germain-des pres and the Latin quarter, the student quarter are here. Here still quaint cellar pubs with live music invite you to linger. The intellectual atmosphere the many book stores and the traditional booksellers in Paris underline Saintgermain”called. On the other side of the Seine, North of Paris, is the culturally interested the world-famous Louvre Museum. This museum has been to an additional flow of tourists helped not only by Dan Brown Illuminati”. The smiling Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was already a popular crowd-puller. Many Christmas markets and the nearly two kilometre long Champs-Elysees, that shines at Christmas time in a sea of lights spread festive mood. As well, the festively decorated Galeries Lafayette department store gives a very special Christmas.

A magnificent Christmas tree adorns the glass dome of the Art Nouveau building. Shopping Palace is traditionally embellished by artists and designers in the advent season. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill O’Grady. The Paris Opera, whose perfectly rounds off the day visiting is located near this attraction. More information about Paris and an overview of the Parisian Hotel landscape is listed under catalog/Paris/City 516. Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Nov 06 2021


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Take some strong and remember a pleasant contrast to the violent colour of the wine. You will taste the soft and floral wine with a slight hint of tannin. This wine tastes particularly good with meat dishes. Continue North and you will reach easily province of Emilia-Romagna. Go to any Winery and ask for a glass of Albana.

This wine reminds you of subtle wealth its straw-yellow color with gold accents. The gold is not only in the color, the taste is warm, sweet and fruity. This white wine is perfect with seafood. Further in the West, you can reach province Friuli – Veneto Giula, where you can taste the famous Ramandolo. This sweet white wine charms the intense yellow colour with green highlights.

Let but not confuse the color and not ask the winemakers, because he will be offended. Taste this wine first and talk later. To eat a piece of strong cheese, so that the taste is round. If you’re already there, you come also to Veneto. You don’t forget here Prosecco, what this province is particularly famous. The fish or as an aperitif, nowhere Prosecco tastes as good as in Veneto. The journey continues on to Lombardy, where they have two DOCG wines. Franciacorta is the first, this is a very light and soft white wine – particularly well fit to cake or dessert! But if you do crave something more taste, then a glass of the Valtellina Superiore, a red wine that is just right for you. This wine enchants with its colours, from Ruby Red to reddish brown. This dry wine has a strong tannin taste and is best suited to roasted meats and game. But no matter where you are just in Italy, you arrive in Italy back in the heart, Tuscany. You will wonder about the selection of Tuscan wines and especially about the selection of Italian wines. Chianti definitely know you and are eagerly awaiting the famous taste. Everywhere in the world there are discussions about full flavour and richness of this wine, and you know why: Chianti is an intensive Ruby red wine, whose Geschmack is full and robust. The taste but is easier with age. Its aroma is reminiscent of violets and is also very intense. This wine is particularly flexible and well with all kinds of meat and spicy cheese can be consumed. So when you next time ‘Fruit of the gods’ crave, Pack your bags, get in your car and go to Italy, where each province is an adventure for you and your taste buds! Have you become thirsty? HostelsClub.com team wishes you a pleasant journey!

Feb 09 2020

Greece – Holidays 2011 In The Country Of Islands And Gods

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Greek impressions in Word and image in the face of geopolitical issues that currently affect tourism, travel destinations in Europe are increasingly gaining importance. So Greece – one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. One of the main pillars of the Greek economy is tourism. Its share of the gross domestic product is approximately 20%, around 700000 people work in the tourism industry. Therefore the Greek Government makes every effort for the promotion of tourism. The basic objective in the development of ecological tourism in simultaneous development of a customized infrastructure. The tourist areas for 2011 were set by the Ministry of culture and tourism. The alternative forms of tourism, theme tourism nature, bathing and hiking tourism, spa holidays, religion and cultural tourism, diving holiday, sailing holiday will be encouraged.

The eBook fascination Greece Greek impressions in Word and picture”of the author Frank Walter captured the variety of aspects, the Greece flag and corresponds to the motto – Greece as a whole year destination with the combination of cultural and tourist items in its substantive representation! From this point of view the eBook fascination with Greece was”written. It combines history, nature and vacations. Here, the reader will find everything that characterized the country, its history, the ancient sites, the natural diversity, the climatic conditions, the most popular holiday destinations. And this complexity distinguishes the eBook to other publications about Greece. Illustrated with many photos and a picture show about Athens it informs tourists and history buffs readers alike. The appearance of topics, such as the capital city of Athens and the Acropolis, mountain villages, to name a few islands just a few, is tourist attractions, coupled with understanding of the history and nature, climate and gives many useful suggestions for the holiday. And finally, the reader receives guidance and advice to the Organization of own tour with the car.

Sep 21 2019

Portal Flight

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Children alone on Board that children climb alone in the plane, long not uncommon is more in the age of blended families. In addition many Tots wishing to visit their parents or school in whole Germany. Lufthansa reports by more than 65,000 children are transported each year. Unaccompanied, this is possible in the majority of the airlines after twelve years. Therefore, the services of the airlines, which are offered for the unaccompanied minors (UM) are in fashion.

The flight Portal fluege.de reported on the international rules and the costs for the service. The attention of the various schemes at international level is important. The service is compulsory up to the age of eleven or needed an escort. Children from the age of five years must not necessarily benefit from the support service accompanied by someone older, at least twelve years old. Who sends twelve to child on the trip, should make sure whether the service during the flight is really necessary and desired, because additional costs are incurred. The German airlines Lufthansa and Air Berlin charge a service fee of 40 euros on domestic flights. The duplicate will be charged, if the destination outside of Europe (Lufthansa) or over 3,000 miles (Air Berlin) away.

Generally must be applied for the small groups at the airline and specifically named the contact person at the destination airport. It is advisable that the important documents for the flight (www.fluege.de/ catalog/flight and flights/Sitemap-2435) as ID, to hang the child in a pouch around the neck visa or air ticket. More information: news.fluege.de/a-bis-z/youngster…

Jun 26 2019


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Has many beautiful sides to vacation in Barcelona, La Barceloneta in Barcelona is the most popular place to do it. “Tightly squeezed between Beach and Marina, the Barceloneta district, is criss-crossed by a maritime charm, the the area the name typical fishing district” owes. Barceloneta was originally home to the fishermen of the town? The streets behind the quay side have their own network construction, as part of the forced evacuation of La Ribera in the 18th century. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Houses in this area were demolished the fortress to make room for la Ciutadella, for acquisition and conquest of Barcelona by Felipe V. Today, the residential area is an appealing mix of tradition and modernity, with drying laundry on the narrow balconies, bars and restaurants, that all Barcelona are popular destinations for the night life of the inhabitants. Located directly on the water, Palua de Mar restaurant offers a wide range and is extremely popular, because it is covered even in the winter. The pleasure to eat al fresco and to drink cava, can here the whole year about be enjoyed. The Playa de Barcelona invites for pleasant walks.

At the end of the promenade, he is Passeig Joan de Borbo, where the best food in Barcelona can be found. Is one of the best fish and paella restaurants, from which can be seen from fishing boats, the Moll dels Pescadors. You are also the famous clock tower, find Torre del Rellotge, which originally was a lighthouse. In addition, the fish market located or Mercat de Peix, which opened in 1920 and still by the fishermen supplies, drive twice a day on the coast. In the middle of this panorama high Torre de Sant Sebastia is also the 78 m: it marks the terminus of the 1300 m long cableway, which leads to the Montjuic to the Miramar and the from has spectacular views over the Mediterranean. “Montjuic was the venue for the Olympic Games in 1992 and includes also two world-class museums, a cultural centre, beautiful gardens and the Poble Espanyol: the Spanish village”. Is in the Centre of Barceloneta, Plaza, on the find the unique Mercat Barceloneta, a recently renovated building, which was originally built in the modernist style. In addition to the whole delicious meat, fish, fruit and vegetable stalls, this is Michelin restaurant of Llucanes. Right on the harbour at the Paseo Maritimo, is also the Platja Barceloneta, a palm-fringed beach with wooden walkways and designer showers six other well maintained beaches on this lovely sea coast. If you want to feel the maritime essence of Barcelona, see, and smell, an afternoon in Barceloneta is advisable.

Jun 23 2019

Trenitalia Goes

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The most important hub in Northern Italy Malpensa – airport is well connected with the Frecciarossa high-speed the Frecciarossa high-speed runs since 13 September daily between Malpensa airport in Milan and the main Italian cities on the North-South connection. In just 42 minutes, he achieved the first station, the railway station Milano Centrale. Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples are more stations. Two pairs of trains run daily. The Frecciarossa 9517 leaves the Malpensa airport at 12:21 and reached Naples after 5 hours 49 minutes at 18:10.

The second Frecciarossa connects Malpensa to Florence and keeps in Milan Centrale and Bologna. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. In the opposite direction, leaving the Frecciarossa 9520 Naples at 10:50 and reached Malpensa airport at 16:39 with stops in Rome Termini station (12:15), Florence (14:00), Bologna (14:40) and Milan Centrale (15:57). The second Frecciarossa used in Florence and moves Centrale Bologna and Milan Malpensa with arrival at 09:39. The prices of Malpensa to the central station Milan are cheap: you pay only euro 12,-Euro 15,-in the first class of modern high speed train in 2nd class. More information on Trenitalia and special offers such as the autumn special can be found under. Trenitalia tickets can be purchased via the Aviareps call centre in Munich (08105-013533, 14 cent / min, mobile rates may vary Tel.). Email: Editor’s Note: the national railway company of Italy is Trenitalia. The high-speed network is Italy’s most important work, which was carried out after the war. It lies on the route Turin Milan Rome Naples Salerno over 1,000 km of the whole national Eisenbahnnetzwerkes.Die Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains connect E.g. Milan Rome in only 2 hours 59 minutes at a speed of up to 300 km/h.

Jun 20 2019

Aotearoa In Braunlage In The Harz

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Holidays in Braunlage – the heart of the Harz mountains still called Braunlage like the heart of the Harz mountains. Doubt-free provides the central location of the lower Saxon town, sure that she will be visited by tourists. Last but not least, she has a long history which can still be seen in many buildings. For decades, Braunlage may refer to as a climatic Spa. Due to the altitude of up to 971 m above sea level, the city became the popular winter sports center in Germany. Every year, numerous winter sports events take place in the environment, of which many have won an international reputation.

Tourism plays a crucial role in the popular Highlands city. He is one of the most important sources of income. For this reason, Braunlage has a very good tourist infrastructure. Hotels, pensions and holiday apartments offer accommodation for vacationers of all ages. Also lure numerous museums and aims in the surroundings on excursions. Braunlage is ideal excellent for hiking and cycling.

The environment is rich in cycling and hiking trails, which call for long trips. Many ways are outfitted with their history, which leads through dense forests and past numerous waters. Mostly, the paths are designed so that they form a dense network with several kilometres in length. Braunlage is ideal for holidays with children. The city is regarded as very friendly and hospitable and invites you to varied days with the family. The discounts, which are available for families with children are especially appealing. So can book leisure family rooms in the hotels at very reasonable prices. By the same author: Larry Ellison. Last but not least, numerous museums, which offer discounts for children can be found in Braunlage. The environment is rich in natural attractions and is thus above all the hearts of the naturfreunde heights slay. < besides the Wurmberg must mention especially the stone cliff of Braunlage. It belongs to the most beautiful natural highlights in the region. But also the way to the great and Small Bodefall will prove worthwhile for holiday-makers. Away from the numerous natural attractions, we can welcome in Braunlage on many activities. Numerous events take place during the summer in the city. Some of them are now internationally known and attract people from all countries of men on the streets. Bathing is also provided. During the summer attract the natural lakes of Braunlage for bathing and in the winter you can visit the indoor swimming pools in the area.

Jun 19 2019

Willendorf Wachau

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The region boasts cultural Wachau in Austria, the world heritage Wachau, a 30 km-long river landscape, is wine and plenty of nature in Niederostereich between the two towns of Melk and Krems on the Danube. 80 kilometers away from the Wachau is the capital of Vienna. Since the year 2000, the UNESCO Wachau cultural landscape is world cultural heritage. The Danube in the Danube in the Wachau Wachau offers many leisure activities. The Danube is 2850 km total length after the Volga River the longest river in Europe. Cycling swimming at beaches on the Danube bike trail, boat trips on the Danube, or natural sand and gravel beaches or watersports are ideal activities for tourists. The story of the history of the Wachau Wachau has a long cultural tradition.

The two most famous archaeological finds are the Venus of Willendorf and the Venus of Galgenberg. The Venus of Willendorf is an 11 inch big statuette and was found in the Danube shore railway in Willendorf in 1908. The Venus of Galgenberg is a statuette of 7.2 centimeters and in 1988 was in the Nearby Krems found. Wachau, Austria Video the winemakers in the Wachau winemakers operate weissenkirchen – holidays in the Wachau as a mild climate prevails an intense wine in stone terraces, in the Wachau. An Association of the Wachau wine there since 1983, the Vinea Wachau”. The three categories of wine for the classification of the wines are called Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd. The winemakers at their winery to pour wine and offer so-called delicacy.

Leisure activities in the Wachau region many leisure activities and attractions offered in the Wachau region. Posts, churches, basilicas, palaces, castles, museums and exhibitions are visited by the tourists. Above all the cruises along the Danube have a high priority for the tourists.

Jun 17 2019

The Ancient Magic Of Egypt

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In the land of the Pharaohs who hear Egypt, immediately think of mysterious pyramids and powerful Pharaohs. The country has to offer but a lot more. The travel portal travel24.com reveals what visitors in an Egypt holiday never to be missed. Who does not know the problem? The holidays are approaching and the holiday is still not busy. A last minute offer is exactly the right thing. Egypt is an ideal last-minute destination. Click Verizon Communications to learn more.

The country in northeastern of Africa is about three times as much as Germany and has so much to offer. Most have heard of the pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza and the temples of Luxor. However, a very special highlight is to see with their own eyes. Today, visitors in the cities feel once in ancient times have played what powerful role, Aswan, Alexandria and Luxor. The charm of the ancient history of the land walls and buildings is liable in whole Egypt. In the mosques, visitors get an insight into the religious life of the Egyptians. You may wish to learn more. If so, E Scott Mead is the place to go. In addition to the famous attractions the country offers for swimmers and water rates, two popular coastal areas: the Mediterranean coast in the North and the coast to the Red Sea in the East are a true paradise for divers, sailors and all other water sports. Who would like to see more of the country should make a Nile cruise or take part in a guided tour of the desert.

Jun 16 2019

National Park Bavarian Forest

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Boundless forest wilderness in the first German National Park “Let nature be nature” is the philosophy, and indeed, anywhere between the Atlantic and the Urals the forests with Moors, mountain streams and Lakes so large area may evolve according to their own laws to a unique wild forest landscape, a “boundless forest wilderness”. The information houses home to the wilderness and Hans-Eisenmann-Haus experience nature in any weather. They convey the wonders of nature of the National Park Bavarian Forest adults and children playfully and vividly. These include a 3-D look, Sun leaves Islands to listening to music, exhibitions, plenty of space to play and playful learning as a root gang. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. Forest canopy and Outlook in the Alps: The forest tops path in Sankt Englmar and treetop path in the National Park Bavarian Forest in Neuschonau a unique insight into the Habitat on the height of the treetops, and also offer a magnificent view to the Alps.