Jun 16 2019

National Park Bavarian Forest

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Boundless forest wilderness in the first German National Park “Let nature be nature” is the philosophy, and indeed, anywhere between the Atlantic and the Urals the forests with Moors, mountain streams and Lakes so large area may evolve according to their own laws to a unique wild forest landscape, a “boundless forest wilderness”. The information houses home to the wilderness and Hans-Eisenmann-Haus experience nature in any weather. They convey the wonders of nature of the National Park Bavarian Forest adults and children playfully and vividly. These include a 3-D look, Sun leaves Islands to listening to music, exhibitions, plenty of space to play and playful learning as a root gang. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. Forest canopy and Outlook in the Alps: The forest tops path in Sankt Englmar and treetop path in the National Park Bavarian Forest in Neuschonau a unique insight into the Habitat on the height of the treetops, and also offer a magnificent view to the Alps.

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