May 05 2011

Skype Users

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Then I began to selectively go to websites that interested me. Since about 1999, I began to learn the network. Only since 2001, I started to use search engines to work. Until 2004, I had not even heard about cheap long distance or international calls through Skype. Only in 2008 (!), I discovered the opportunity to play chess in real time with unfamiliar partners from different countries. Around the same time I joined in 'classmates'. We enter into the taste gradually and simultaneously developed a network, giving us all the more convenient features, all new resources.

For example, two years ago the majority of even experienced users virtually browse online video – because of technical limitations, this format was not available. Now, thanks to the fourth generation networks in several cities country has the opportunity to enjoy online video in your laptop even when riding in a car with a speed of 80 km / h. And with any good cable connection, we especially do not experience problems with viewing it. The general trend is that video content in the near future, will likely become the main format in the network (if we measure the amount of time that the user pays him). As a result, the development of network users for new formats, Dating with an increasing number of different sites, for increased awareness about the possibilities of the network, including, for example, job search, friends, or life partner (including those outside your city or even country), savings due to online shopping and even create your own, generating a steady income online business, increasing the gap between users and nonusers network both in outlook and quality of life.

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