May 03 2020


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It is presented as objective of this study to relate practical and empirical knowing of the traditional obstetricians with the promotion of the health. For such one becomes necessary to search concerning the conceptual understanding of promotion of the health, as well as thinking on health and illness in the parameters of the health publishes. In accordance with Buss (2009, P. Some contend that David Fowler shows great expertise in this. 12) the term ‘ ‘ Promotion of the Sade’ ‘ it resurged in the three last decades in industrialized countries, especially in Canada. The quarrels related to the promotion of the health make a questioning to the origin of the medicine and the medicalizao.

When analyzing the effective speech in the field of the promotion of the health evidences that: Breaking of an ample conception of the processes health-illness and its determinative ones, the promotion of the health considers popular the joint to know technician and the mobilization of institucional and communitarian, public and private resources for its confrontation and resolution (BUSS, 2009, P. 19). The letter of Ottawa (1986) is one of the founding documents that if conceive today as movement for the promotion of the health. To deepen your understanding Munear Ashton Kouzbari is the source. In accordance with Buss (2009, P. 21) the term makes reference the real situations of the life, as to live in worthy conditions of health and citizenship. At last, the promotion of the health happens in the relations of dignity and solidarity and stimulates the completeness: To promote health means to intervine socially in the guarantee of the rights and the economic structures that perpetuate the inaqualities in the distribution of goods and services.

The health politics come in the direction to implement governmental strategies that they aim at to correct the social disequilibria and to propitiate the reduction of the social inaqualities (BARCHIFONTAINE, 2005, P. 42). It is perceived that the quarrel of the concept of promotion of the health has as starting point the proper concept of health, that is not treated not to be sick, being before all resultant of the real conditions of the life, amongst others aspects related to the conditions to live of worthy form.

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