Apr 22 2014


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Current release of berlecon research ‘ UC meets business’ innovative product strategy by ESTOS Starnberg, confirmed August 18, 2010 the recent study by UC meets business of the Berlin analyst and consulting firm berlecon research provides the high relevance of the business integration unified communications projects out. The report includes several case studies, which invariably prove that a long-term and significant added value through unified communications is to achieve only if the selected solution represents no detached island but can be combined as far as possible with existing business applications. These results confirm that ESTOS perfectly meets the requirements of decision makers in companies with its technology concept for ProCall enterprise and the MetDirectory. “Analysts by berlecon research argue in their just-published study titled UC meets business” on the subject of what really brings UC the company “a move away from product-centric thinking in the ICT environment: “UC is considered by most companies still groupware replacement or VoIP telephony solution. UC functionality but not as stand alone products, but as an integral part of business solutions develop their real potential”, explains Dr.

Andreas Stiehler, Director berlecon research. The topic of business process integration and the entanglement with the used business applications are ESTOS has always been at the heart of product strategy: the main goal of unified communications is to optimize communication-intensive business processes – for example, from sales order processing, customer service or sales -. “Technically it comes so intelligent to weave typical workflows on CRM -, ERP – or Fachapplikationsbasis with unified communications features of ESTOS ProCall enterprise”, that the individual user has significantly less effort in communication-intense activities and agility in its “core business wins. The integration of contact information in all relevant business processes represents the fundamental basis of such a solution. For this purpose, ESTOS deploys the MetDirectory. The directory service 2003 original ESTOS developed is standards-based (LDAP).

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