Apr 09 2014


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The truth about the business with esoteric and co. One right at the beginning: the following publication refers in any way the entire esoteric industry and all the esoteric portals currently on the market, because there is still a lot of serious and honest operators. Unfortunately this still is a more serious topic that we want to respond because we have received requests in this direction a lot lately: the Assembly line clearance and the profiteering in the esoteric business. As mentioned at the beginning, there are many honest life consultant, psychics and fortune tellers who truly make an effort by going up to individual customer needs. Also, there are also a lot of very good Advisor portals that work really very service-oriented, as well as offer reliable life advice so they can help their needy callers practically and effectively in any situation. In most cases, but by no means only consulting services such as Tarot online and/or other methods are such Advisor portals such as the Example divination or clairvoyance in the foreground, but also individual and serious counseling.

Unfortunately, there are also a number of Advisor portals which offer their consulting services, regardless of whether it involves Cartomancy, fortunetelling “rung” or “accurate” clairvoyance, order to earn as much money in a very short time. In principle, every company in a market economy tries to offer its products or services to make money; the crucial point is, but now a lot of esoteric portals there that much neglect the quality of advice because it still only earn them money goes (and not about the callers really help). But, the real problem is that these dubious portals throw (unfortunately) very badly on the reputable Advisor portals, as well as on the entire esoteric industry. Also, this hurdle is not so easy to get around, since it is not noticeable at all for customers whether it is a trusting or is a “the gamblers Portal”. What could you take action now to bypass this obstacle? This question is definitely not effortless and easy to answer; a possible solution but might be an independent customer comparison portal. Currently, there are some forums where customers on the market Advisor portals from immerse themselves and whose Meinungen publicly disclose. The best solution would be the creation of an independent esoteric website that deals exclusively with the comparison of Advisor portals but probably.

This page could divide now all esoteric portals on the market into different categories like fortune telling, clairvoyance, Tarot, etc. and callers who have experience with one of the specified portals, you could evaluate independently. Already in advance to guard against possible fraud would include additional security mechanisms E.g. wrong customers spreading hidden self-promotion, quickly, and effectively block or to be able to lock. If you could install these security features but, then the end benefit the consumer (in the case of customer or caller) would be very high since he easily could get a opinions authored by other customers about its desired esoteric portal. Maybe a such project is already in development. In any case, a such comparison page would be a great addition to the part already ailing esoteric industry.

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