Apr 22 2014

Business Coaching Experience

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Josh business coaching combines company coaching and personal coaching in a new coaching philosophy… Frankfurt am main the RAM business coaching company combines management consultancy and staff training in a new coaching philosophy. Entrepreneurial success requires an open way of thinking that goes beyond business figures: This means to ask, right now at the end of the economic crisis, a high degree of flexibility. Only when means of communication, corporate position, products and resources are optimally matched, changes can succeed. This presupposes that also managers and employees personal goals and visions of the future can connect and optimally engage their potential with the company. This philosophy embodies Kay Broder, owner of the RAM business coaching: Kay Broder held itself many senior positions in sales, product management, and business administration and is familiar with traditional marketing tasks, the it into the Business consulting brings.

The expertise of the entrepreneur goes far beyond these areas. The certified coach into his concept also individual advice. Josh business coaching is between company and employee interests successfully to build bridges. The advice range from individual training to the self-management of Mitarbeitercoachings to the classical company coaching. This, just the tension between tough, entrepreneurial ratio analysis and individual coaching is a recipe for success, because multiple perspectives are linked. As the bridge between entrepreneurial experience and personal coaching is useful to build an optimal internal corporate communication self-management, mastery of crisis and conflict strategies, as well as the conscious decision management make the personal starting point, also professional and entrepreneurial success. Is also learning from analysis and strategy capability the central company coaching Basis, to implement targeted measures into practice. Josh business coaching Josh business coaching is a privately coaching company in an innovative concept personal coaching and company combines coaching. The certified coach Kay Broder benefited from his experience in management and sales, the company coaching, as well as the personal coaching to develop the maximum success. The open-ended consultation aims at the client itself to success Guide to, freely according to the motto let you are enthusiastic about your goals and you are worried! “.

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