Apr 09 2014


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You have your own business idea and now want implemented best as soon as possible in the Act. We want to show what basic mistakes at all are made. The own business idea was born and now want implemented best as soon as possible in the Act. You definitely accepts the obstacles with the business plan and other formalities. But what do you do everything to realize the own business idea, because it is convinced and believes the future customer sees it as. One is deeply immersed in his matter and consciously or unconsciously aspects of entrepreneurship are forgotten/ignored or better said the survival of the company is at risk. Quite a few companies to bankruptcy and especially in the early days.

What fundamental mistakes at all? To do this, the DIHK business report from the year shows an interesting collection of deficits when the company was founded 2008. The excerpt is from 2008, but these points are certainly in this day and age is still topical. So much percent of the founder in the Chamber of Commerce Foundation consultancy 48% have commercial deficits (pricing, cost accounting, business plan accounts) 48% have made too little thought to the unique selling proposition of your business idea 42% too low estimate the necessary initial investment / running costs (such as taxes) 38% express vague ideas about the customer target groups 36% have not been thoroughly thought through the financing of its founding 34% estimate unrealistically high revenue expected 29% can not clearly describe your product idea 23% have inadequate professional / industry knowledge (source: DIHK founder report 2008) If you look at the individual gaps, then the individual aspects can be divided into two groups. One group got money and financing to do and the other group with marketing. Next one could say simply: if it is financing and Takes care of marketing, then it should not go wrong or 🙂 Full erweise to be pointed out that the deficits again significant differences, whether the request for the establishment of the company mainly comes from the fear of unemployment, or mainly, to implement his business idea. For more information, it was noted on the DIHK business report of the IHK Berlin. Entrepreneurs should never lose financial as well as marketing aspects from the eyes, even after many years of business start-ups. If you still have difficulty, should seek a quiet professional help.

FEWS specialises consultancy from Berlin, to advise founders and young companies in the business, and to give the most important tools. All Foundation-relevant content is in the weekly seminar of existence founder by 4 experienced advisers in law, accounting, taxation and marketing training. Just call and make an appointment. We are looking forward to you. FEWS Consultancy Uhlandstr. 127, 10717 Berlin phone: 030 – 88 66 77 74 Nebi Mertturk advises on FEWS young entrepreneurs in marketing, and online marketing.

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