Apr 28 2014

Expired And Death Maintained

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Seniors and undergoing rehabilitation are cost factors of the company +++ seniors and undergoing rehabilitation are cost factors of the company only managed? +++ Winterthur – Switzerland – Thailand in Germany and of Switzerland cost care course 4 times as much as in Thailand. Still, the performers refuse to assume the cost of a nursing care to 100% abroad. Germany bears the costs for 6 weeks (per year) in support of the keeper, Switzerland takes over 50% of the costs. According to report of the medical service (MDK Germany), an acute state of inadequate care there is 42% of care in D. d Barger has to say. Care has a tradition in Thailand and is taken over by the family because of the missing social system. Parents and grandparents are the highest good for all Thais. The project comeback – Phuket has a concept for a new life from 50 +, which in collaboration with an int.

recognized retirement & care home operator, Asiascout.org, PSSAsia Phuket, doctors, clinics, and many others has been developed. It Home, life & therapy part of the project runs under the slogan the rehabilitation are measures by Rehab & diving in collaboration with case managers, physicians, insurance, diving school, Bangkok Hospital Phuket… Rehab & diving is already under way. With the construction of two residents & rehabilitation centers (villas come back 1 & 2) in Phuket will be started this year. Time corridors are dictated by the economic constraints of a Senior Center staff. This is a manage the former performers of our society. The initiators of villas come back are inside of the “industries” and an alternative show. Come back Phuket calls all to eliminate SV service providers on these abuses and to create alternatives, in terms of our seniors and rehab patients, and to interpret provisions of the social act for the benefit of seniors and rehabilitator.

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