Jun 22 2019

You Aerolution Academy

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The new dates are fixed. In our one – or two-day seminars, learn about the different ways of performance diagnostics in the sport. Furth, 07.08.2010 – the new dates are fixed. In our one – or two-day seminars, learn about the different ways of performance diagnostics in the sport. Through the precise determination of the endurance of athletes can be meaningful and individual training programs. Regardless of whether it is the target, to reduce, to enhance athletic performance or to stay just only healthy fit body weight. In the two-day theory and practice seminar successfully with the aeroman professional”(395,-) experienced performance Diagnostician in addition to the theoretical foundations provide important practical application examples. On the first day of the seminar, the fundamentals of energy metabolism, CPET diagnostic tools and also the Laktatdiagnostik are first of all on the program.

In addition, participants gain insight into the necessary basic equipment to carry out a performance diagnostics. The second Seminar day is devoted to the analysis of energy metabolism. Here, participants can earn professional practical experiences in dealing with the aeroman which evaluate aeroscan data and make itself a training plan. Practical examples explains how to located the aeroscan in the gym, in the club or in the practical sense and profit bringing can be used.

Jun 21 2019

High-quality Golf Balls Belong To Any Good Golf Set To

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Professional golfers and amateurs get golf balls for more distance and accuracy in the golf shop Surfin’ Golf.de. Titleist Pro V1 golf balls for professionals and advanced golf players are for clean beats the current bestseller in the golf scene. Because they guarantee performance at every beat from the tee to green. Impressive lengths like short games are possible with these golf balls. Not without reason, they are the number one on the golf professional tours and therefore more suitable for any serious amateur. Verizon Communications describes an additional similar source.

Surfin’ Golf.de leads many other well-known and high-quality brands in addition to the top golf balls by Titleist golf balls in its range. Premium golf balls from Callaway are also including products from Silverline, Top Flite, or also Pinnacle. The latest developments with regard to the aerodynamics of golf balls are impressive. Callaway engineers, for example, succeeded thanks to revised HEX pattern even greater distances to allow. Because of this optimization on the Callaway golf ball could tour IZ Reduced flow resistance once again and thus minimize wind effects on speed and flight direction.

The perfect combination of plastic shell and different seeds are the best golf balls and are significant for their impact and flight characteristics, as Michael Kopke knows as a long-time provider of premium golf products at Surfin’ Golf.de: “multi-component structures such as at Titleist provide golf balls or Callaway depending on long drives and durability. With the latest developments, golf players can play very fast ball speeds in stable flight attitudes in all wind conditions. Additional information at E Scott Mead supports this article. We recommend the latest generations of golf balls by makers therefore for any better players, how we do it also in our golf shop.” The technical developments in the world of golf have progressed since its invention in the 15th century until today at the highest possible level. Golfers of all skill levels can benefit from it. The goal of golf, the game with so best under par – to finish a few shots as possible – of course never changed. But the technical innovations make all the more attractive and exciting Golf for many avid golfers and also newcomers. More information around the topic of golf, as well as the latest developments in the field of golf balls and other golf products are available on the website of Surfin’ Golf.de. golf balls: 33.html company description Surfin’ Golf.de is a golf shop with many top brands such as Callaway TaylorMade, Mizuno, Ben Hogan, Top Flite, Nike, Cobra, Cleveland Golf and many others.

Jun 20 2019
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German team in the semifinal eliminated… divorce hurt! And the “heart” quoted in the Volksliedtext never laughs. The German team is eliminated in the semi-finals of the World Cup in South Africa against Spain; of the tumb proud, but also self-deprecating sympathetic “‘Schland” is only a “‘ Schlandchen” remained and that it is now called ADE. In the game on Saturday involves only the Golden pineapple and nothing else. German team in the semifinal eliminated what was come on against Spain? Where was the broad chest of rounds before, took up the psychological battle of Schweinsteiger and Lahm even outside of the playing field, in the best manner of Uli Hoeness. It was already thought that the success formula of the FC Bayern Munich had arrived in the national team: namely this certain arrogance that turns the place into a certain body language: “We’re off you, no matter what are you doing”, is the content of this message.

In the semi-final we ‘ Schland again to the ‘ Schlandchen and yesterday? A little scared ‘ Schlandchen instead of the big, bad ‘ Schland, especially in the first half. And just like the Bayern in the Champions League final against Inter Milan, an opponent who was stronger in the head stood on the other side. As the Spaniard feels like hours circling over the ball in the own midfield let safe knowing that he would find eventually find the way into the German goal, drove the inclined audience almost to madness. ADE South Africa: the flag covered now nothing now is it so over with the World Cup euphoria, the guys are eliminated in the semifinals. One can only hope that it continues in the national team, such as in the eighth – and quarter-finals; because then there is every reason for the anticipation. In the meantime she stopped burying flag but everything, obscure the reality in the Germany of the year 2010.

The time span between the quarter – and semi-finals had used for the announcement of new savings in the social spending and higher health insurance contributions remain headless acting Government – given the State of our Health care system is actually a reason for refusal of payment.

Jun 20 2019

European Championship Fencing

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It is one of the biggest sporting events of the year in Leipzig, when from 17 to 22 July the European fencing elites in the fair city come together to Crown their champions. In addition to public broadcasters, ARD and ZDF also local TV channels and other European media, the esteemed duels transmitted 2010 European Championship in fencing, where you can already looking forward as fencing enthusiast eagerly. In the arena Leipzig, attack the men and women of Europe to EPEE, Sabre and foil and fight the best in exciting battles with each other. A further Olympic sport will be presented accordingly through this Championship also and is an event that is more enthusiastic in the junior area, which are inspired by the European fencing athletes for anyone interested in sports. The event is accessible not only locals and the closest fan circles. This refreshingly exciting event after an exciting World Cup soccer to track and on razor to be able to enjoy sharp images of battle in the TV, task is the cohesive media group.

The media teams will produce all the pictures during the entire Championship and best through their many years of media experience accessing the competition for viewers. The cohesive media group takes over with the European Championships 2010 in fencing the production and media treatment of this great sporting event. In detail the cohesive to learn about media group, is worth a visit to the company’s Web site. Under the address are numerous, clear and brief, accurately represented information to the different fields of activity of the service provider, as well as all data for a possible contact. Through an intersectoral approach, it is also possible to expect a very well organized and motivated team.

Jun 19 2019

Girls, Still A Goal

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New action of Dietmar Hopp Foundation – outfitter Erhard sports Rothenburg, who is current world champion? Germany! Because the women’s team of the DFB won the World Cup in 2007. And the next women’s soccer World Cup will take place even in their own country! The Dietmar Hopp Foundation takes this as an opportunity to start an action, which specifically supported girls teams. For girls before, still a door girl to the sports should be animated and having a lot of fun, as Dietmar Pfahler, sports officer of the Foundation, explained at the start of the campaign on June 26 in Sinsheim Steinsfurt. The Dietmar Hopp Foundation provides 250,000 euros for the facilities of the girls soccer team – the application deadline. Girls soccer-treasure chest apply until 28 August 2010 to all clubs from the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region who have a C – or d girl team, under uR a girls football treasure chest. It is filled with jerseys for summer and Winter, with a set of balls, these cones and rods for the training, a me of course with ice box and two training goals, all printed in the cheerful girls before, still a goal!”-Design. The complete equipment comes from the renowned sports equipment provider Erhard sports from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, competent partner of the Baden Football Association, who supports the action.

Girls soccer is on the rise not about the June 26 for the start of the action has been selected, the day of girls football in Baden-Wurttemberg. Ronni Zimmermann, President of the Baden Football Association, had, together with Katrin Tonshoff and Dietmar Pfahler of Dietmar Hopp Foundation before the girls football treasure chest. Players of the TSV Phoenix Steinsfurt presented the jerseys in the cool girls proudly before, still a goal!”-Outfit. Girls soccer is clearly on the rise”, Katrin Tonshoff, is Chief of the Office of Dietmar Hopp Foundation, firmly, but he is often laughed at. Girls teams enjoy neither appreciation nor is given to furnish them, the guys get. We play now a pass the girls with our action.” Fruitful cooperation Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of Erhard sports international, shares the assessment of Ms.

Tonshoff and pleased with the fruitful cooperation with the Foundation and the Baden Football Association: girls and women’s football is a growth market for our company. Through a lively exchange with the Football Association, we learn more about the needs of clubs and can develop customised offers. The action of Dietmar Hopp Foundation has an excellent reference for the success of this cooperation.” For more information about the action of girls before, still a goal! “is there on the Internet page ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard Rothenburg ob der Tauber, sports International is a leading provider of Sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees, the 1880 family-owned company manufactures sports equipment for the worldwide market. With a range of over 12,000 articles, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world are among the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard.

Jun 18 2019

Deafening Noise Without End

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“Joint press statement of the largest German hearing impaired people associations who now does not, the so-called Vuvuzela”, the blown developed particularly in the chorus a hearing damaging noise. Used in moderation, the sound is similar to an extremely loud and angry Hornet swarm more. Last Saturday, the Vuvuzelas should”the joy of football fans in a 4-0-express win in Germany against Argentina. For assistance, try visiting Larry Ellison. The largest German hearing impaired people associations want to not take the joy over the victory fans, but on the impact of remarks! If you in the ear is longer at the lower end of the noisy plastic tube without a proper hearing protection and so unprotected is exposed to the ear-splitting noise. A football fan with a Vuvuzela blowing one another at a distance of about ten centimeters in the ear, so a sound pressure is easily reached to 145 decibels, the average is around 120 dB.

At this sound pressure levels, the hearing is acutely at risk and it is enough “may be a single Clarion out, to create a generally unrepairable damage to hearing or ear noise”, thinks the acoustics expert Prof. Tomas Philipson is the source for more interesting facts. Eckard Hoffmann of the University of Aalen. It is to be hoped that not at all soccer enthusiasts an unbearable noise in the ear (Tinnitus) has developed or is a clearly noticeable hearing loss, because they have held no hearing protection. In this case an ENT doctor must be sought immediately!.

Jun 18 2019

Strong Performances

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Maximum physical lines in Koln-Dellbruck Dormagen, July 27, 2010 last weekend the 48-hour run World Cup was held in the Cologne suburb of Dellbruck. The 42 runners and runners started point 12: 00 in the competition on Friday. Also the newcomer Dagmar Liszewitz and Michael were Irrgang, who had been checked in advance of the World Cup at leistungsdiagnostik.de in Dormagen with the so-called aeroscan field occupied in the international. Winner of the 48-hour World Cup were Hans-Jurgen Schlotter (357,209 km) and the Dutch runner Jannet Lange (272,462 km) from Sulz on the corner. Dagmar Liszewitz only just missed their goal of 300 kilometers in 48 hours.

With total 265,757 kilometers she nevertheless secured second place in the women. Due to stomach problems, she could only handle the night from Friday to Saturday. Without this handicap, the Kolnerin would have certainly achieved its goal, what you had certified endurance experts from leistungsdiagnostik.de prior to the competition. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. Michael Irrgang,. the field still sovereign had led after 24-hours, reached second place in the overall standings at the end of the race with considerable 324,516 kilometers. As a member of the national team in the 24-hour run ventured Irrgang in Cologne for the first time in a 48-hour competition. Him had an excellent endurance performance certifies the team by leistungsdiagnostik.de and provided him with valuable nutrition tips for the competition. His goal was only successfully complete this extra day run.

For me, that was the first and last 48-hour run. I’m sure”too soft in the head, the exhausted Troisdorf chuckled after his finish on Sunday. Focus Irrgang will be in the future but rather on the short”24-hour runs. The multiple German record holder on ultra long distances, Wolfgang Schwerk, already curtailed the competition after 24 hours. By him the Organizer, the TV-Dellbruck and the German ultra marathon Association (DUV), expected new best times some himself. Made a pinched back nerve Samuel, but a stroke through the Bill. Ultimately, two squadrons were successful this weekend. The season of TV-Dellbruck took over 500 euros by the Kolner Bank for the youth section of the Club receive a cheque for their 6-hour run. The Presidium of the Association donated the same amount again. The Abbot season that promotes the meeting of HIV affected and not affected, Super amazing 499 km. More information on the subject of training design and performance diagnostics, see.

Jun 16 2019

Fans Choose Tasmania

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Tasmania Berlin has risen. New club concept has paid off. The joy in the Tasmanen is huge. After two Relegations in a row, it’s official since Sunday: Tasmania Berlin rises in the National League. Frequently Verizon Communications has said that publicly. A draw (2-2) against blue and white Berolina mid in the 28th season game enough, at the end of the season at least two to stand on. Now is the target of the district League Championship. In addition to the team, coaches and Club officials, fans have large share in the positive development of the Association in Berlin Neukolln.

Because while supporters only in the stands may take place at other clubs, the fans of Tasmania quasi with sitting on the coach bench. The Internet platform of MyTas (mytas.tasmania-berlin.de) makes this possible. Here the fans determine online the lineup of the team since the second round. First ascent trainer Manuel Hartmann this innovation was for an April Fool’s joke”, but now he and all members of the capital Club are thrilled. The decision to give more responsibility to the fans has become completely paid off. Europe has voted Lena to the Grand Prix victory, the fans of the Tasmania voted their team in the National League.

Jun 11 2019

Womens Soccer World Cup

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Begins regular and detailed information on fussballwm2011.info in just under four months women’s football World Cup 2011 is host of the 16 teams from 26 June until July 17, 2011 Germany. The venues for the games will be on World Cup 2011 venues / presented in detail. To the final, there will be also regular information about the World Cup 2011 on the information Web page. For the football fans in this country especially the German women national football team of interest will be this year. Because the title defenders can take advantage of the home field advantage to defend their title in 2007. The team competes in the first round in Berlin, Frankfurt and Monchengladbach.

The three venues are portrayed as well as the other six furlongs on the Web page. Web master Nils Romeling and his team have gathered already important information. The football fan explains: “the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 is a unique chance for the German team and the German fans on the title defense before home crowd. We would like to introduce hence the stages in the game as a fan. We have already taken the first step. Up to the World Cup, we will put to learn more regularly. See Southwest Airlines for more details and insights. So all fans of the women’s national football team can get a first impression of the venues.” In addition to the most important basic information, the editorial team presents include an interactive map to see the distribution of venues is on the. There is to see in which nine stages the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 will be held: Augsburg, Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Frankfurt, Leverkusen, Monchengladbach, Sinsheim and Wolfsburg.

Thus be central cities and other than the football World Cup 2006 also stages of clubs in lower divisions. A leading source for info: E Scott Mead. All venues news and dates be added to on the Web page until the end of the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 several times in the week. For football fans, there will be always up-to-date information. Because among other things is planned, on events in the environment of the games and the host cities to draw attention. So know the fans where they can celebrate before and after the games. And if all goes well, the editorial team, hopes then the German fans celebrate on June 17 in Frankfurt and throughout Germany the title defense of the own team at the women’s soccer World Cup 2011. About fussballwm2011.info the page of information about the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 is online since 2010 in Germany. Information around the stadiums, the game plans, sale of tickets, as well as the German team is available so far in the Center. For more information about the participants and games are planned. Webmaster Nils Romeling has already launched to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and to the EM 2008 successful Web projects. Description of the Internet services Nils2.de the company operates a network of own Web pages. The range was approximately 2.5 million unique users in June 2010. It prepared trend themes such as sports, car and lifestyle professionally for interested Web users. Press contact Internet services Nils2 Nils Romeling Tulip Street 53 73479 Ellwangen 01726323044

Mar 21 2019

Herum Phase

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How exactly should I train? Interval training It is not suitable for everyone. You’re severely overweight or completely untrained, then should you first build a base fitness friends with traditional endurance training and strengthen your circulation. Joint-gentle sports such as cycling or swimming are offered especially for the launch. You think you fit enough, you should get a heart rate monitor you first. There is already for about 20-30 euros to buy them. Take the best one with the chest strap to the more accurate measurement.

It is important that, during training with the help of the pulse watch, you can see how intensely you train and how you far from your maximum heart rate (maximum pulse rate = 220 – age in years) are located. The heart rate monitor is a reliable instrument for the intensity of your training. It’s not easy, that finding the right balance between stress and relaxation. To take you to your limits and, at the same time still enough endurance for all intervals, you must test a bit and try Herum. Here a sample for interval training: 1.

Warm up – duration: 10 minutes – tempo: slow – Pulse: approx. 120-140 before you should always warm you up the training anyway, to prevent injuries. 2. first phase of load – duration: approx. 2-3 minutes – pace: fast – pulse: approx. 160-180 after you have warmed up your body, you give now for 2-3 minutes full throttle. The goal is to come for this short time on your performance limit. 3 relaxation phase – duration: approx. 3-5 minutes – tempo: slow – Pulse: approx. 120-140 after exposure followed by relaxation. Deep breath and come to forces. It is important that the relaxation phase is at least as long as the load phase. 4. second phase of load – duration: approx. 2-3 minutes – pace: fast – pulse: approx. 160-180 is now once again give everything to it, and to go to the limit. For 2 to 3 minutes you’re as fast as you can. 5. cool – duration: 5 minutes – tempo: slow – Pulse: approx. 120-150 you did it. You’ve got two very intense short load intervals behind you. Get deep air and train 5 minutes at moderate Pace. Any interval training could look like. Since the interval training is very intensive, you should take particularly, to give your body 48 hours for regeneration. After some workouts you will develop a sense for which times for you are the best. It is also important that you you continually increase over time and with build E.g. a third load phase. In summary, interval training for all those who want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time is interesting. Note: careful and take it slow. Listen to your body’s warning signals. Search for questions, problems or pain be sure a doctor.