Jun 20 2019
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German team in the semifinal eliminated… divorce hurt! And the “heart” quoted in the Volksliedtext never laughs. The German team is eliminated in the semi-finals of the World Cup in South Africa against Spain; of the tumb proud, but also self-deprecating sympathetic “‘Schland” is only a “‘ Schlandchen” remained and that it is now called ADE. In the game on Saturday involves only the Golden pineapple and nothing else. German team in the semifinal eliminated what was come on against Spain? Where was the broad chest of rounds before, took up the psychological battle of Schweinsteiger and Lahm even outside of the playing field, in the best manner of Uli Hoeness. It was already thought that the success formula of the FC Bayern Munich had arrived in the national team: namely this certain arrogance that turns the place into a certain body language: “We’re off you, no matter what are you doing”, is the content of this message.

In the semi-final we ‘ Schland again to the ‘ Schlandchen and yesterday? A little scared ‘ Schlandchen instead of the big, bad ‘ Schland, especially in the first half. And just like the Bayern in the Champions League final against Inter Milan, an opponent who was stronger in the head stood on the other side. As the Spaniard feels like hours circling over the ball in the own midfield let safe knowing that he would find eventually find the way into the German goal, drove the inclined audience almost to madness. ADE South Africa: the flag covered now nothing now is it so over with the World Cup euphoria, the guys are eliminated in the semifinals. One can only hope that it continues in the national team, such as in the eighth – and quarter-finals; because then there is every reason for the anticipation. In the meantime she stopped burying flag but everything, obscure the reality in the Germany of the year 2010.

The time span between the quarter – and semi-finals had used for the announcement of new savings in the social spending and higher health insurance contributions remain headless acting Government – given the State of our Health care system is actually a reason for refusal of payment.

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