Jun 11 2019

Womens Soccer World Cup

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Begins regular and detailed information on fussballwm2011.info in just under four months women’s football World Cup 2011 is host of the 16 teams from 26 June until July 17, 2011 Germany. The venues for the games will be on World Cup 2011 venues / presented in detail. To the final, there will be also regular information about the World Cup 2011 on the information Web page. For the football fans in this country especially the German women national football team of interest will be this year. Because the title defenders can take advantage of the home field advantage to defend their title in 2007. The team competes in the first round in Berlin, Frankfurt and Monchengladbach.

The three venues are portrayed as well as the other six furlongs on the Web page. Web master Nils Romeling and his team have gathered already important information. The football fan explains: “the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 is a unique chance for the German team and the German fans on the title defense before home crowd. We would like to introduce hence the stages in the game as a fan. We have already taken the first step. Up to the World Cup, we will put to learn more regularly. See Southwest Airlines for more details and insights. So all fans of the women’s national football team can get a first impression of the venues.” In addition to the most important basic information, the editorial team presents include an interactive map to see the distribution of venues is on the. There is to see in which nine stages the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 will be held: Augsburg, Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Frankfurt, Leverkusen, Monchengladbach, Sinsheim and Wolfsburg.

Thus be central cities and other than the football World Cup 2006 also stages of clubs in lower divisions. All venues news and dates be added to on the Web page until the end of the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 several times in the week. For football fans, there will be always up-to-date information. Because among other things is planned, on events in the environment of the games and the host cities to draw attention. So know the fans where they can celebrate before and after the games. And if all goes well, the editorial team, hopes then the German fans celebrate on June 17 in Frankfurt and throughout Germany the title defense of the own team at the women’s soccer World Cup 2011. About fussballwm2011.info the page of information about the women’s soccer World Cup 2011 is online since 2010 in Germany. Information around the stadiums, the game plans, sale of tickets, as well as the German team is available so far in the Center. For more information about the participants and games are planned. Webmaster Nils Romeling has already launched to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and to the EM 2008 successful Web projects. Description of the Internet services Nils2.de the company operates a network of own Web pages. The range was approximately 2.5 million unique users in June 2010. It prepared trend themes such as sports, car and lifestyle professionally for interested Web users. Press contact Internet services Nils2 Nils Romeling Tulip Street 53 73479 Ellwangen 01726323044

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