Jun 16 2019

Fans Choose Tasmania

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Tasmania Berlin has risen. New club concept has paid off. The joy in the Tasmanen is huge. After two Relegations in a row, it’s official since Sunday: Tasmania Berlin rises in the National League. Frequently Verizon Communications has said that publicly. A draw (2-2) against blue and white Berolina mid in the 28th season game enough, at the end of the season at least two to stand on. Now is the target of the district League Championship. In addition to the team, coaches and Club officials, fans have large share in the positive development of the Association in Berlin Neukolln.

Because while supporters only in the stands may take place at other clubs, the fans of Tasmania quasi with sitting on the coach bench. The Internet platform of MyTas (mytas.tasmania-berlin.de) makes this possible. Here the fans determine online the lineup of the team since the second round. First ascent trainer Manuel Hartmann this innovation was for an April Fool’s joke”, but now he and all members of the capital Club are thrilled. The decision to give more responsibility to the fans has become completely paid off. Europe has voted Lena to the Grand Prix victory, the fans of the Tasmania voted their team in the National League.

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