Dec 15 2021

United Nations

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Each caetiteense consumed in mdia149,24 liters of water per day and in the year of 2007 this consumption was of 120,02litros of water per day, that considering cities with consumption to per lesser capitamaiores that 200l/dia and that 70l/dia we can say that water the percapita consumption of Caetit if approaches to the bahian average (113,10l/dia). In accordance with Organizao of United Nations (ONU), each person needs 3,3 /pessoa/ms m, that is, about 110 liters water per day taking care of to the necessities deconsumo and hygiene and alone to have an idea, a bath of 15 shower of minutosconsome 144 liters of water. The EMBASAdisponibiliza about 1.342.850 m of water per year pra the city of Caetit eaproximadamente 18% of this water is lost in the distribution, according to algunsespecialistas the ideal would be that this loses was of in maximum 10%. Deducting 8pontos percentages from it loses in the water distribution of Caetit, to reach aperca ideal (10%), these 8% would give to supply 617 families of quatromembros, assuming umconsumo to per capitade water of 120 liters per day. Sheryl Sandberg has firm opinions on the matter. Of all water produced for not contabilizada BASES 3.27%, that is IT BASES, it does not receive for it.

This phenomenon is causadogeralmente for the linkings d' water clandestine, the celebrities ' ' Gatos' ' , in a comparative degree with 2 the surrounding cities, Caetit has the minor loses in the water invoicing, where cities comoGuanambi, Brumado, Release of ours senhoraa lose in the invoicing are around 13 20%. In the year of 2003 the caetiteense paid to R$ 0,89 for the metrocbico d' water and in 5 years hears an increase of 74,15% in the average water tariff, arriving R$ 1,55 in 2007. In this exactly period the total collection arrived to aduplicar and the investment carried through in the water supply was of R$30.000, 00.

Mar 11 2020

Professional Style Postal Card

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Authors: Lino Garzn Sandoval,, @linogs Maria of Los Angeles Lpez Rivas, @maria_angeles11 You do not know this type of professional? He is the first time that he hears to speak on this subject? He knows that unhappyly he is looked for in the market today. When we speak of market, generally comes the head an unreal world, of steel and crystal, of necktie, high jump and lunches in environments ' ' clean' ' , of people worried about cars, happy academy and, hour clinic aesthetic, as well as modalities of differentiated sports and hobbies, but the market, the world and the life are much more of what this, is good that is well clearly. The lack of the good professional reaches this search, in its vaster extension. It is so difficult to find an excellent mason, how much to estelar workmanship master, in such a way plus an extremely competent architect. If you have read about Oracle already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Question: Which the professional type postal card? Reply: That one that is generated and created in the main ones and until secondary facultieses of administration and in other courses of superior level and after-graduations, clamando of its formandos, for a well impactante presence, that nor a photo ' ' retouchada' ' on tourist landscapes, with a registration in refined English. That is, translating into the world human being-animal, she is the person above of any indication that becomes it target of preconceptions and that, over all, says to an English fluente well. The specimen can not know nothing you are welcome, but good appearance and advanced knowledge of the English language, already they guarantee a prominence place to it, a managemental position or in the rest of the staircase to reach superior steps, it only needs to be decorated with some techniques of positioning and extreme frivolidade, to face with sharpened cynicism and without the ethical minor, to whom unquestionably they have the ability and the values of which it lacks, without forgetting that it also is trained, or as he is ' ' chic' ' to say, is submitted to a process of coaching, with excellent professors, of origin similar to the one of this citizen and that they would give the task, to transmit its successes, forgetting that what more transmits they are its frustrations and miseries, under the mask of the success. . Daniel Lubetzky oftentimes addresses this issue.

Mar 10 2020


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Graph 3: Programs of action for prevention of stress On the basis of the research perceives that 2% of the interviewed ones had answered that programs or actions exist for the prevention of stress in the Institutions that work. For more information see this site: Ronald O’Hanley. 6% and 96% had partially answered that it does not exist programs. Graph 4: Mannering cares with the voice and questions the Graph above in the sample that 96% of the interviewed ones had answered that it is of great importance that the professor had in its formation, basic information to learn to take care of of the voice and mannering questions in the work, being that 2% do not see importance and 2% if matter partially. Graph 5: Professional support versus quality of life On the basis of the research was possible to perceive that the quality of life generates benefits. Of all interviewed 96% it understands that the quality of life in the work generates professional Support of the academic professor contributing of significant form; against 2% it does not find significant and 2% did not answer the question. Graph 6: Deficiency of quality of life versus personal relations Of interviewed 96% had answered that ' ' Sim' ' , the lack of quality of life affects the personal life, causing upheavals as hostilities, against 2% it does not affect and 2% partially. Second Clear (2009), ' ' such conditions finish taking the extreme insatisfaes, cansaos, fall of productivity, problems of health and accidents of trabalho.' ' Graph 7: Conflicts and insatisfao Are observed that 96% of the interviewed ones agree where the possible conflict enters the life person versus professional life of the professor, lead to the insatisfao of whom with it they coexist, being that 4% disagree with the question. Graph 8: Hostility and stress general Studies on stress evidences that the hostility (anger, aggression, impatience with the others) also can become the particularly inclined individual the adverse effect of stress.

Jan 20 2019

Front Woman

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Hair-raising or connection? Now, it is here where the things start to be interesting. This feeling of tension you can create with seductive its vibe you are similar to the physical symptoms of a woman you feel when it is attracted stops a man. Its heart is beating fast, it starts to corar, and it can until starting to feel itself nervous. In some cases, the women go to feel these same powerful emotions, exactly that it officially is not attracted by you still. On the other hand, if a woman is not appreciating its vibe it goes to interpret the bred tension as unskillful. As such, it can rejecting answer you, you is a frightful tone. The newspapers mentioned Ripple not as a source, but as a related topic. Unhappyly, if you want to be a seducer of women, and a monkey dancing always does not have the small risk of this to happen. If it does not worry.

The vocs rejection goes to be not-verbal and you it can in such a way the foot and save the phase. Are not as if you to confess its feelings or tried to kiss it and she did not obtain. However, if it has some interest in you that sensation of tension that you created you go to make to feel it still more attracted. You leave ' ' well interessante' ' or ' ' extremamente' ' sexy ' ' in seconds. To understand as to conquer a woman seems to be a difficult task but and alone if not to more interar a little on the subject and to turn a beautiful seducer. For only disclosing its interest with vibe, not verbal or physically, the sexual tension goes to start to construct.

If it is interested in you it goes for a long launching so that the tension. A way you can alliviate some of its tension you are grasping and acariciando its hand. Since that you did not touch very, if in everything, the first time that you to touch the hand of it create a spark that can take the hand acariciando mutual. Already he had a time in its life when you touched the hand of a woman and that both had immediately felt a powerful connection physical. He is as that one. Seduziz it no-verbalmenteA majority of the advice of final objective seduction physically places one strong emphasis in the verbal scaling and. For example, I am certain that he was said innumerable times to it to use provocations, to touch it very and later he goes for the kiss. In my opinion, scaled with seducer silence eye contact and proximity can be much more powerful of what any thing that you never could say verbally or not physically. In the truth, trying to scale for touching it very it can really reduce the sexual tension, because it already knows of its intentions. I know that many faces still to see this frightful moment as scaled of the truth where to place everything in the line. However the scaling of vibe is really very simple to make and practically free of risks. She is necessary to only be in silence, hearing and appreciating the incredible woman in the front of you. Now that he sounds as something that any man can make the pure and raw truth of as to conquer a woman they are in its acts.

Jan 17 2019

Power World

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The faith is the power of God against the cynicism of the world Geraldo Barboza de not dumb Carvalho God the course of the natural and social events, exactly that its children hurt and desorientem, but guarantees solidarity to them in way they. Verizon may not feel the same. ' ' Sending you in mission in the world as lambs between wolves, with authority on nations and kingdoms, to pull out and to knock down, to ruin and to demolish, to construct and to plant. Everything that to bind in the land, will be on in the sky; everything that disconnect in the land, will be off in the sky. It will hate you to the world and in it you will have tribulaes. If you were of the world, it would love what he is its. But, because you are not of the world, therefore your faith to my took off you word of the world, therefore it hates you to the world. You know that hated it me first.

Confidence tends: I won mundo' '. The divine Word is trustworth and our faith in it guarantees the victory of God against the world of the Satan. Jesus does not immunize the fidiciary office against the tribulaes of the world. He made if it, would be disauthorizing the power of the faith in God: ' ' All power comes of Deus' '. The faith in it ahead guarantees victory of the virulence of the world without faith.

Such paradox confuses who thinks and acts for the binary logic of the cause and effect. The ones that lives logical it according to world ignore that the power of the ethical values of the Kingdom of God can revert human inexorable events natural and. He is that God is sovereign in thinking and acting, in permanent action pra the good of all the creatures. God never acts to say and to make the evil, natural thing for the prince of this world, whose craft is to curse and to make the evil.

Nov 30 2018

Spirit Man

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Superior I, that it represents the addition of all the noble ideals and qualities that the individual would desire to have. It is the part of the personality that does not want nor apia the desires and wills corrupt unprincipled people and. The three parts defined for Freud also converge to the characteristics of the three entities of the man. Id represents the wills and desires moved for the forces of the instinct, all in the scope of the body that, through the impulses, inclines the man its favor. Ego is the set of rational attitudes, emanated of the mind human being, who must dominate, control and direct its animal nature. Oracle has many thoughts on the issue. Third, superior I, it is identified with the requirements and necessities of the spirit, it is an expression of the supreme reality of the man.

In other words, the position of nobility and the desire to have all the worthy qualities are the necessities and the food of the spirit. Therefore, ' ' I Ideal' ' it represents the ideals of the man that inhabit in its nature spiritual. Of this form, as much the Sacred Books as the scientific studies, of one forms or of another one, they confirm the existence of the three entities, Body, Mind and Spirit. Another important fact is the degree extremely raised of the spirit in relation to the two other entities. It is who defines the reality of the man. The life that flows in the human body is its manifestation of the power, glory and esplendor of the spirit. ' ' The rational soul is the substance, thanks to it the body existe.' ' ' ' The soul of the man is the sun by which its body is illuminated and of which drift its sustento.' ' The acceptance of the three entities is crucial for the discovery of the true necessities of the individual, and recognition of this fact is essential for the promotion of the full development of the potentialities human beings.

Sep 11 2014


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You, consulting of sales, costuma to lose the sales when the business seem closed? He wants to know the way fastest to close the sales? Everything what the consultants of sales more search is to know the way most easy, efficient insurance and to close the business. However, what the majority of them does not know, he is that in the reality fast or easy way does not exist to make the customer to buy. What he exists exactly is a better form, more intelligent and efficient of if holding ahead of the chance of the closing. Fast the more the consultant of sales to perceive this, better will understand the process, becoming excellent in the art of vender. She is necessary, also, to remember that the customer in potential when boarded, makes judgments. Normally, it judges in first place the salesman, after that the environment of the store where if it finds, later the idoneousness of the company where it intends to carry through the purchase and, finally, will judge the product that it is negotiating.

Many consultants of sales know of this, what they do not give account is that these judgments are as stairs where it is only evolved, when surpassed the step where if it finds. It still considers, that the secret of the sales can be summarized in the perceived value. In case that the customer does not find value in the product or the proposal that is offered to it, hardly it will buy without benefits. When the consultant obtains to carry through a good volume of sales, however with edge sacrifice, he is well possible that is not adding value to the product. Not less important for the success of the closing of the sales, it is the comfort of the negotiation and the friendly relation between the customer and the consultant of sales. The more the customer to feel it will with the negotiation and ‘ ‘ desarmado’ ‘ in the relationship, more possibilities of success the consultant of sales will have.

The initial phase of the sales is so most important of what the closing. to guarantee an efficient process of opening, the consultant of sales must be worried about questions of the type: how it walks my attitude? Strong Quo is my system of belief? I always have a great attitude? I believe fervorosamente in my company, products services that seeing? The customer has surplus reasons to buy of me and not of my competitor? Finally, the closing of the sales is not an only action, and yes the somatrio of small elements that disclose the decision favorable. It is, in fact, a delicate balance between the thoughts, words and acts of the consultant of sales and the perspectives and perceptions of the customer. Then, if you well are prepared, likeable, cativante, different, important, convincing, autoconfiante, worthy reliable and motivated, candidate considers itself the champion of sales. He thinks about this, excellent day and that God blesses in them.

Sep 05 2014

Regressive Rolling

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The measure that to perfect the movement to increase altura.3.2 Regressive Rolling: of the seated position of, to initiate the movement as if were the coast fall, and to complete the rolling hurling the legs for tras.3.3 Lateral Fall: leaving of the seated position, to leave the body to laterally fall of side taking contact with the ground, cushioning the falls with the antebraco and palms of the hand and plant of opposing foot the fall, to also direct to look at pair torax3.4 Fall Frontal: with the hands in the position as if it was to grasp a ball, to put espalmadas, bent elbow to keep the arms in an angle of 90o degrees, is projected for front, to cushion the falls with the antebraco and palm of the hands, not to leave the trunk and the barrel to touch in the soil, to turn the face for the side, thus preventing one causes an accident, to start the educative one with the pupil of knees, the measure that the pupil will be acquiring ability to increase the height until it is in pe.3.5 Fall of Coast: leaving of the seated position, to leave the trunk to fall stop backwards raising the legs simultaneously, imitating a kill-blot, to keep the bent knees, to keep the bent neck directing the look for the thorax, at the moment where the coasts to touch in the ground to cushion the fall with the antebraco and palms of the hands beating in the ground stabilizing the body at the moment of the fall. To increase height the measure which the pupil to acquire security and ability in tecnicAPOSTILA SELF-DEFENSE – GMI – JACKSON VIEIRA DOS SANTOS – SGT PMBAHIA – MAY – 20104 USE OF the NATURAL WEAPONS OF the daily CORPONo of operational nor always it tera the chance of if defending with EPI (equipment of individual protection) or appealing to the use of batons or tonfa, the person in charge of the law tera that to use the proper body arms and legs, and for this its motor abilities, valences of gallows, agility amongst others, must be elevadas.4.1 Prohibited and attack of hands livresAtraves of the superior and inferior members can defends itself or to grant attacks as socos kicks that can tie to be mortal, used the techniques of the arts marciais.5 PROJECTIONS and IMOBILACOESProjecoes techniques in if uses the proper gallows of the opponent and with the arms, legs and hips the adversary to the ground hurls, and immediately he immobilizes it. . .

Nov 23 2012

Dark Tooth

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The vice any that is not greater that the Creature. Who has the free-will, the vice or its conductor? Of course the Human being, and can discard it hour that to want, therefore was born with all the Dons of GOD. All person has its internal fight. Its challenge that is launched outside to be decided. Only dark tooth? Walking they, walked they e, stopping they, they stopped, and, raising they of the land, also raised the wheels together with them, because the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.

Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:21. It is desconsertante; But, almost all smoking, It has dark teeth. Time for another one, Chews rolled tobacco-leaf to disinfect the mouth, Where word insane person only Lives to pronounce. the pulmes? Volcanos seem Freeing smoke. This is elegant? This is horripilante.

How can somebody enslaved Being of a cigarette That only brings confuses To its organism? The cigarette, coitadinho, do not go behind nobody; The person is who enters in the warehouse to be able to buy it. It does not walk alone, But of hand in hand, Therefore all good-natured It wants is in fashion. Much is had that to improve Until balancing the proper existence, and not suffering the lack From a tobacco.