Sep 05 2014

Regressive Rolling

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The measure that to perfect the movement to increase altura.3.2 Regressive Rolling: of the seated position of, to initiate the movement as if were the coast fall, and to complete the rolling hurling the legs for tras.3.3 Lateral Fall: leaving of the seated position, to leave the body to laterally fall of side taking contact with the ground, cushioning the falls with the antebraco and palms of the hand and plant of opposing foot the fall, to also direct to look at pair torax3.4 Fall Frontal: with the hands in the position as if it was to grasp a ball, to put espalmadas, bent elbow to keep the arms in an angle of 90o degrees, is projected for front, to cushion the falls with the antebraco and palm of the hands, not to leave the trunk and the barrel to touch in the soil, to turn the face for the side, thus preventing one causes an accident, to start the educative one with the pupil of knees, the measure that the pupil will be acquiring ability to increase the height until it is in pe.3.5 Fall of Coast: leaving of the seated position, to leave the trunk to fall stop backwards raising the legs simultaneously, imitating a kill-blot, to keep the bent knees, to keep the bent neck directing the look for the thorax, at the moment where the coasts to touch in the ground to cushion the fall with the antebraco and palms of the hands beating in the ground stabilizing the body at the moment of the fall. To increase height the measure which the pupil to acquire security and ability in tecnicAPOSTILA SELF-DEFENSE – GMI – JACKSON VIEIRA DOS SANTOS – SGT PMBAHIA – MAY – 20104 USE OF the NATURAL WEAPONS OF the daily CORPONo of operational nor always it tera the chance of if defending with EPI (equipment of individual protection) or appealing to the use of batons or tonfa, the person in charge of the law tera that to use the proper body arms and legs, and for this its motor abilities, valences of gallows, agility amongst others, must be elevadas.4.1 Prohibited and attack of hands livresAtraves of the superior and inferior members can defends itself or to grant attacks as socos kicks that can tie to be mortal, used the techniques of the arts marciais.5 PROJECTIONS and IMOBILACOESProjecoes techniques in if uses the proper gallows of the opponent and with the arms, legs and hips the adversary to the ground hurls, and immediately he immobilizes it. . .

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