Mar 10 2020


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Graph 3: Programs of action for prevention of stress On the basis of the research perceives that 2% of the interviewed ones had answered that programs or actions exist for the prevention of stress in the Institutions that work. For more information see this site: Ronald O’Hanley. 6% and 96% had partially answered that it does not exist programs. Graph 4: Mannering cares with the voice and questions the Graph above in the sample that 96% of the interviewed ones had answered that it is of great importance that the professor had in its formation, basic information to learn to take care of of the voice and mannering questions in the work, being that 2% do not see importance and 2% if matter partially. Graph 5: Professional support versus quality of life On the basis of the research was possible to perceive that the quality of life generates benefits. Of all interviewed 96% it understands that the quality of life in the work generates professional Support of the academic professor contributing of significant form; against 2% it does not find significant and 2% did not answer the question. Graph 6: Deficiency of quality of life versus personal relations Of interviewed 96% had answered that ' ' Sim' ' , the lack of quality of life affects the personal life, causing upheavals as hostilities, against 2% it does not affect and 2% partially. Second Clear (2009), ' ' such conditions finish taking the extreme insatisfaes, cansaos, fall of productivity, problems of health and accidents of trabalho.' ' Graph 7: Conflicts and insatisfao Are observed that 96% of the interviewed ones agree where the possible conflict enters the life person versus professional life of the professor, lead to the insatisfao of whom with it they coexist, being that 4% disagree with the question. Graph 8: Hostility and stress general Studies on stress evidences that the hostility (anger, aggression, impatience with the others) also can become the particularly inclined individual the adverse effect of stress.

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