Nov 23 2012

Dark Tooth

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The vice any that is not greater that the Creature. Who has the free-will, the vice or its conductor? Of course the Human being, and can discard it hour that to want, therefore was born with all the Dons of GOD. All person has its internal fight. Its challenge that is launched outside to be decided. Only dark tooth? Walking they, walked they e, stopping they, they stopped, and, raising they of the land, also raised the wheels together with them, because the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.

Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:21. It is desconsertante; But, almost all smoking, It has dark teeth. Time for another one, Chews rolled tobacco-leaf to disinfect the mouth, Where word insane person only Lives to pronounce. the pulmes? Volcanos seem Freeing smoke. This is elegant? This is horripilante.

How can somebody enslaved Being of a cigarette That only brings confuses To its organism? The cigarette, coitadinho, do not go behind nobody; The person is who enters in the warehouse to be able to buy it. It does not walk alone, But of hand in hand, Therefore all good-natured It wants is in fashion. Much is had that to improve Until balancing the proper existence, and not suffering the lack From a tobacco.

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