Jul 24 2019


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What is and what is not HYPNOSIS applied to psychological therapy: Therapists, Clinical hypnotists, previously we did our clinical experience in psychology and then learned how to apply therapeutic hypnosis techniques in our work with patients We are very accustomed to people coming to the consultation we do a number of comments regarding what they expect of us do in our clinic and what they expect of it to do (and these concepts are not infrequently a number of misconceptions, prejudices, fears, and unknowns). It is very common and widespread belief that since hypnosis can achieve miraculous and immediate success, ie the moment that there are those who think like that in front of us therapists telling us their problems, believe that with our magical and powerful look “mend” his illness, pathology, mode of existence that makes them unhappy, and so on., etc. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. Complaints that are in these existence, and in many cases been accompanied by many years in your life, at that time, which are before us to expose their problems when they act out, say and assert, at this time be looking for our help, but not logical and therapeutic mode, but we expect a miracle, “the miracle” that is exposing his illness and we put in place “of that magical wizard” that can change your life fantastically and “in an instant.” This, for some who are reading these lines may seem absurd and a product of my imagination at this moment, is not so, and tell them that is very common, occurring in the office. .

Apr 30 2019

Yesipova Ludmila

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You told him to go to sleep, and he went. Went things; as usual. A few hours later he was lying with a sore throat with fever. Perfectly healthy child – and suddenly sick! You can, hand on heart, swear that the disease arose out of nowhere, because the child is not on the eve of colds. Cause of illness you continue to consider the physical factors. Reveling in his own righteousness, you did not notice that the humble obedience of the child is the process of turning inward, in which a person, sparing himself, angry at himself in the same way as does the neighbor.

Feeling helplessness due to inability to help its parent mutual pity aroused by anger which a parent give the child. Behind all this was a difference in your mood. Within a few days you proud of themselves and praised the child, as it saw itself. Then the mood fell, and the consequent disappointment spilled on the child. He accepted and became ill. Sometimes you cover such a rage – no matter for whom – that gasped the air: Are you choking anger. Life seems unfair to you. If at this point you arm gets a child, you agree to yell at him.

The child who made the day a little offense, feels guilty and absorbs completely all of your anger. A few hours later he falls ill throat and a feeling of suffocation. For one of these diseases include diphtheria. In the past – hard – during an epidemic of diphtheria caused high mortality among children, while children today are vaccinated against diphtheria. Since the idea of any earthly means stronger, kids today do not become ill diphtheria and spasm of the larynx – laryngospasm. Do you think that patients and their families are ready to be frank with you to analyze what predshedstvuet disease? I doubt it. Doctors see the fact of illness, severity of the disease, complications of the disease and treat it with varying degrees of success. Only cause of the disease is frequently seen in the investigation.

Dec 04 2018

Vitamin PP

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During the first ten years of life is formed alimentary base for human development. The laying of the foundation. For life. It is therefore particularly important that children receive all of the required quantity for growth and harmonious development of the organism. WMC – B1, B2, B3 (PP), B6, B9, B12, C, E, D3, beta-carotene, zinc (oxide), Manganese (carbonate), copper (sulfate), chromium (orotate), selenium (selenite sodium), magnesium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium tripolyphosphate, gluconate, iron, sodium fluoride. To know more about this subject visit Ripple. And all this beauty is derived from plants and herbs! Lifepac Junior helps in the development of all physiological systems of the child's body.

Prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rickets, dental, scoliosis, sore throats, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, etc. It strengthens immunity, improves hearing, eyesight, skin condition. Strengthens the touch and muscle tissue, prevents and eliminates the problem of nocturnal enuresis, gastritis, osteoporosis, allergies, dysbiosis, stimulates peristalsis, the proper development and formation of the reproductive system. Stabilizes the biorhythm of the day – the children get enough sleep well, easy to get up, eat better, less tired, become calmer and more closely, greatly increased intelligence. Recognized by UNESCO develop better products for children. Also, and this is important, it is recommended for older people, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Composition 1 tablet contains: b-carotene 0.750 mg Vitamin E 2.5 mg Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol content corresponds to 25 IU) 0.25 mg Vitamin C 12,5 mg Vitamin B1 0.250 mg Vitamin B2 0.325 mg Vitamin B6 0.325 mg Vitamin B9 0.050 mg vitamin B12 0.5 mcg Vitamin PP 3 mg calcium phosphate 22 mg, including calcium 5 mg phosphorus 4 mg sodium triphosphate, 4 mg of phosphorus, including 1 mg of magnesium carbonate, 4.3 mg of magnesium, including 1.0 mg of iron gluconate 0.246 mg, including 0.03 mg of iron sulfate Copper 0.23 mg in the including copper 50 mcg Zinc oxide 0.54 mg of zinc, including 0,375 mg Sodium selenite 2.2 mg of selenium, including 1.0 mg Chromium orotate 13.5 mcg of chromium, including 1.0 mg manganese carbonate 0.23 mg including manganese, 0.1 mg sodium fluoride 97 mg including fluoride 37 mg Dextrose, cocoa, sugar to 740 mg in the present, Russia has been widely discussed topic of "dietary supplements".

Dec 29 2015

Healing Network

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Relationship with the Network of Healing – it is working with the energy of the coordinate network, also called the Healing Network. This energy chain, probably has been forever, or it was forgotten, or else was never opened. It Energy Network of Light, which can support us on our spiritual path. Experiments show that people who were aligned, a connection to the network are experiencing many changes to positive. They learn to observe themselves to recognize the negative emotions and thoughts, learn to transform them and then release. What really happens during a session with the Network, almost indescribable. For each all individually.

What may happen after these sessions, if we allow this to happen, are as follows: This relationship aligns our own network of Light Since the earth wrapped coordinate energy network, we have, people, there is also, perhaps, its own grille. But for the most part we are not aware that each has its own network of Light. This network is full of our units, whether emotional or mental disorders. All of this reflected in various areas of our lives. All de, using the Network of Healing, a private network of Light may again be aligned and fixed, and therefore, we can quickly develop spiritually, if we really admit it. True to this internal readiness necessarily required. It works on emotional and mental levels. After alignment and connection, we find, gradually, we creates our world and our thoughts dependence on our emotions, and also we can change this way.

Feb 14 2014

Life Changed

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Today we will talk about how people choose their path in life and what mistakes they do make. Mistake 1. Lack of choice as it may seem strange, but most people just make the choice about which way they go through life. All thrown at random. How will. As a result of their throws on life as an autumn leaf in the wind. Go to college because they suggest an acquaintance. Went to the section, because praise.

Got a job, because close to home. As a result, work is boring, miserable life, family, Sick of it. Quarreled with the head, changed jobs. Quarreled with his wife, changed his wife. Quarreled with the body, replaced the light on that. Why live? It is not clear. Mistake 2.

Waiting for a miracle variation of the first error. All the same thing, but hope for a miracle. That tomorrow will be quite different. Something changed in the life and the mechanism occurs around a beautiful garden full of blooming roses. Just not today. But soon, very soon. Well, not really soon, but always will be. The idea that if you want a garden, you have to grow, such as never occurs. Mistake 3. Hard work squirrels in a wheel in this case the person is ready to work day and night, but he did not know what he wants. He working two jobs, takes overtime. All his strength and health is investing in the endless rat race. Rather, more soon. Relax once, hurt once.

Jan 24 2012

Gingerbread Man

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All inscribed with numbers, facts, and the only logical conclusions. He, of course, with a Kolobok, feels a certain disgust, because of all nerazmerenno illogical. And only the best of intentions, to get rid society of these "troubadours" respected Wolf also wants to eat it. Gingerbread Man does not attach any significance to this character, and just as easily passes him around her little finger. He rolls on, rolls, and on his way there is a bear. Bear – this is no less familiar figure, with a pile of muscles and a gyrus in the head. Although this character was popular in the 90s, and have moved away from our time, consider how the Big Bear Bos, who solves all your problems with by money.

Seeing Kolobok, he rejoices that his iron ruchischa got a svetlenky, inexperienced guy. And thought the Bear: "Now I'll teach him ….". But the balls and deftly manages to outperform this "great uncle". And finally, our Gingerbread Man has come true friend to Fox. He also boldly looks into her eyes, convinced that it will pass, like the previous meet. But he ignores the most important thing – Fox woman. She totally does not care about his social status, to his ability to dissemble and to live freely.

He needed her. Than it is motivated by unknown. But the fact remains. His guile and charm, she enchanted him that of course made him sleep alert. After adding a little pity "… Can not hear ….

Dec 01 2011

ISO Quality

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How to determine the quality of dietary supplements' to glaz'avtor: AO Maples, a specialist in quality management. 'It remains only to choose a manufacturer to take dietary supplements to prevent lopuhnutsya. And there are now divorced, mother dear. Tell me Dear Artem O., how to define than 'lime' if you stick, how to check what it says consultant of a firm. " This and other similar questions I often hear from their customers. Because really, the market dietary supplements are now filled with products from different manufacturers, which, in turn, regardless of price, are very different qualities. Replying to a generic question: 'How to determine the quality of dietary supplements' by eye'? ' I want to say that you can not choose the same manufacturer and say that he is the best and the rest – are bad. As it is impossible to say that the Mercedes – it's good, but BMW and Volkswagen – badly.

So definitely choose manufacturer – business each, but to tell a good car (clothing, food, dietary supplements, etc.) from a bad one usually can. As with any choice – personal opinion is always the most authoritative, the best way to form an opinion – to try. But we can try everything. What criteria distinguish good from bad dietary supplements? 1. Certification. Although this was already said a lot – but certification – a guarantee of quality. But the main thing to watch how exactly corresponds to the standard dietary supplements.

ISO 9001:2000 – International standard is elaborated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-International orgation of standartisation) and adopted by more than 90 countries around the world. The purpose of the standard – and bring coherence to help companies build optimal process control system production, quality and conformity of products at all stages. But the standard ISO 9001:2000 – a standard of production, not production! this should be remembered.