Jul 13 2021


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Anesthetic effect lasts for 40-60 minutes after removing the cream, which is enough for the procedure. As a rule, in place of the cream "Emla" there is whitening of the skin (the result of spasm of blood vessels), in patients with couperose sites may also receive congestion. e. This vascular reaction independently regressed after 20-30 min after removal of the cream. A necessary and sufficient amount of cream for anesthesia is 5.0 g – for the face and neck, 10-15 grams – for skin of the abdomen and thighs. Injection Contouring plastic and may require anesthesia ointment – especially in the correction of nasolabial folds, wrinkles paraorbital region. Cream "Emla" is recommended to apply 30-40 minutes before the procedure. Usually consumed 2.0-3.0 g of the drug. In the treatment of local hyperhidrosis anesthesia completed application – the only method of anesthesia for injection in the armpit.

Cream "Emla" is applied to the 45-60 min under occlusive dressing. The required amount of cream – 2.0-2.5 grams per axilla. Topical anesthesia should be used when removing unwanted hair on areas with thin sensitive skin – the face, armpits, bikini area. To achieve a stable analgesic effect should be to apply the cream "Emla" for 60-75 minutes. We recommend the use of occlusive dressings "Tagederm." The only contraindication to anesthesia ointment cream "Emla" prior to laser hair removal and can be considered as an individual vascular reaction – the appearance of congestion areas, which hampers the implementation of lighting techniques. During laser photocoagulation and vascular tumors (telangiectasia on the face and lower limbs, hemangioma, "wine stains") only a local anesthetic, as infiltrative anesthesia leads to compression of blood vessels and breaks rendering telangiectasia. Local anesthesia is much easier to work with the doctor, laser, radio wave of destruction and electrocoagulation keratitis flat warts, papillomas, whitehead, localized on the skin age (especially – on ciliary region, where the cream should be applied with caution) in the groin. Compared with the standard local anesthetic infiltration eliminates unwanted bleeding and achieve total anesthesia.

Because the skin in these areas is very thin, the duration of exposure of cream "Emla" does not exceed 30-40 minutes. Cream "Emla" significantly facilitates the work of the physician in the removal of molluscum contagiosum in children, allows a comfortable and painless procedure for young patients. Thus, the cream "Emla" – a highly effective anesthetic ointment for anesthesia. Has a high degree of absorption. It is recommended for analgesia of the skin during cosmetic procedures. Convenience and ease of use cream can be used not only in the clinic, and outpatients, including patients themselves. Cream "Emla" well tolerated, side effects are very rare. Contour lips without pain.

Aug 07 2020


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They are usually painful and consist of bundles of filiform papillae, surrounded by rolling out powerful layers of horn, Recalling the corn. The emergence of plantar warts promotes constant pressure and friction shoes. Flat (juvenile, juvenile) warts – these are small (0.5-3 mm) nodules of normal skin color or yellowish, round or polygonal with smooth flattened surface, barely protruding above the skin. They are located usually on the face and back of the hand. More commonly seen in adolescents. The diagnosis of warts is based on the clinical picture. Warts can be hidden under the guise of other skin diseases, so that the naked eye can not always distinguish.

Because the warts – a viral infection, it can be caught again. It can occur in immunosuppressed persons. Assess how your immune system is weakened and it can withstand the HPV-task specialists. Antiparasitic device 'Zepper UNI' It should be noted that the methods 'burns', 'delete' warts are not correct in terms of 'law of Goering. " Better if the wart disappears in the course of treatment that affects not only locally. Although it may take much longer.

The experience of falling in tseppinge warts that in particular confirm their viral origin. How to reduce the risk of getting warts do not go barefoot. Protect the feet of cracks and cuts, through which the virus can easily penetrate. More likely to change shoes. Wart virus breeds in moist places. Frequently change their shoes and let the shoes dry. Do not touch. Warts are easily spread, if you have one, for example, on the sole, not to touch her hand.

Jun 10 2020

Russian Federation

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The allocation of this category of persons with disabilities in the community weighting of disability at an average annual increase in urban area by 6% in rural area – by 2.5%. Thus, based on the above, the following conclusions: 1. In the Kursk region diabetes takes first rank among all the diseases of the endocrine system disorders nutrition and metabolic disorders. Value type 1 to type 2 diabetes is much greater than any, for the Russian Federation, which determines the need for further research to determine the causes of this phenomenon. Official site: Philip Vasan. 2. The main types of chronic complications of diabetes, leading to disability in the adult population of Kursk region, are retinopathy and intercurrent disease. In the countryside is dominated by people with disabilities with intercurrent diseases (40%) and nephropathy (10%) then, as in urban areas – retinopathy (35%) and diabetic foot (25%). 3.

By frequency disability, diabetes is on the 4th ranked site, yielding only a disease of circulatory diseases and malignant neoplasms kostnomyshechnoy system and connective tissue. Over 44% of patients with diabetes – people with disabilities of middle age (45 to 54 years – women and from 45 to 59 years – male). The greatest number of patients are disabled group III (61.5%). 4. The determination of long-term complications caused by diabetes, leading to restriction of activity, an indication of the patient in the direction of the Bureau medical and social assessment (ITU). 5. Health education and counseling are the basis for management of patients with diabetes, since it provides for treatment of hyperglycemic crises mitigation and prevention complications, but not cure the disease. 1 The dramatic increase in the disability on the Kursk region in 2005 is the entry into force of the Federal Law 122 of 22 August 2004, providing replacement of benefits in kind into cash.

Feb 15 2020

Horst Fraygang

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'She still had many doubts,' says Horst Fraygang because she is' very sensitive, and she finds it difficult to relinquish control over itself. Completely lose control of their feelings during a session of hypnosis is the most common fear, with faced by physician-hypnotist. However, nothing will happen, then hypnotized do not really want underscores Gerhard Schutz. During a hypnosis session the words are hypnotized, just as a driver Car guided by road signs. 'But will he follow them, decided by the patient. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter.

" The patient perceives everything that happens around him, but does not focus on this because he is totally focused on what is happening in his imagination "Numerous studies have confirmed that a person in the hypnotized state, you can not get to do what he refused to do when the conscious. In therapeutic trance, the patient remains fully possible to go from a state of altered consciousness. Only 10 to 20 percent of patients are difficult to hypnosis. Additional information at Phil Vasan supports this article. Periodically, people who easily fall into a state of trance, found the phenomenon of involuntary 'scattered hypnosis'. Knitting his brow, Fraygang talks about a recent case that occurred during the filming of treating the patient under hypnosis. She had to remove 19 teeth with the camera works. Assistant in charge of sound, listening to hypnotic suggestion through the headphones and microphone. No sooner had Gerhard Schutz utter the phrase 'Sometimes the sight of everything disappears, "as sound engineer, a man nearly six feet growth, relax the muscles and the noise fell to the floor.

Jul 24 2019


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What is and what is not HYPNOSIS applied to psychological therapy: Therapists, Clinical hypnotists, previously we did our clinical experience in psychology and then learned how to apply therapeutic hypnosis techniques in our work with patients We are very accustomed to people coming to the consultation we do a number of comments regarding what they expect of us do in our clinic and what they expect of it to do (and these concepts are not infrequently a number of misconceptions, prejudices, fears, and unknowns). It is very common and widespread belief that since hypnosis can achieve miraculous and immediate success, ie the moment that there are those who think like that in front of us therapists telling us their problems, believe that with our magical and powerful look “mend” his illness, pathology, mode of existence that makes them unhappy, and so on., etc. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. Complaints that are in these existence, and in many cases been accompanied by many years in your life, at that time, which are before us to expose their problems when they act out, say and assert, at this time be looking for our help, but not logical and therapeutic mode, but we expect a miracle, “the miracle” that is exposing his illness and we put in place “of that magical wizard” that can change your life fantastically and “in an instant.” This, for some who are reading these lines may seem absurd and a product of my imagination at this moment, is not so, and tell them that is very common, occurring in the office. .

Dec 04 2018

Vitamin PP

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During the first ten years of life is formed alimentary base for human development. The laying of the foundation. For life. It is therefore particularly important that children receive all of the required quantity for growth and harmonious development of the organism. WMC – B1, B2, B3 (PP), B6, B9, B12, C, E, D3, beta-carotene, zinc (oxide), Manganese (carbonate), copper (sulfate), chromium (orotate), selenium (selenite sodium), magnesium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium tripolyphosphate, gluconate, iron, sodium fluoride. To know more about this subject visit Ripple. And all this beauty is derived from plants and herbs! Lifepac Junior helps in the development of all physiological systems of the child's body.

Prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rickets, dental, scoliosis, sore throats, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, etc. It strengthens immunity, improves hearing, eyesight, skin condition. Strengthens the touch and muscle tissue, prevents and eliminates the problem of nocturnal enuresis, gastritis, osteoporosis, allergies, dysbiosis, stimulates peristalsis, the proper development and formation of the reproductive system. Stabilizes the biorhythm of the day – the children get enough sleep well, easy to get up, eat better, less tired, become calmer and more closely, greatly increased intelligence. Recognized by UNESCO develop better products for children. Also, and this is important, it is recommended for older people, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Composition 1 tablet contains: b-carotene 0.750 mg Vitamin E 2.5 mg Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol content corresponds to 25 IU) 0.25 mg Vitamin C 12,5 mg Vitamin B1 0.250 mg Vitamin B2 0.325 mg Vitamin B6 0.325 mg Vitamin B9 0.050 mg vitamin B12 0.5 mcg Vitamin PP 3 mg calcium phosphate 22 mg, including calcium 5 mg phosphorus 4 mg sodium triphosphate, 4 mg of phosphorus, including 1 mg of magnesium carbonate, 4.3 mg of magnesium, including 1.0 mg of iron gluconate 0.246 mg, including 0.03 mg of iron sulfate Copper 0.23 mg in the including copper 50 mcg Zinc oxide 0.54 mg of zinc, including 0,375 mg Sodium selenite 2.2 mg of selenium, including 1.0 mg Chromium orotate 13.5 mcg of chromium, including 1.0 mg manganese carbonate 0.23 mg including manganese, 0.1 mg sodium fluoride 97 mg including fluoride 37 mg Dextrose, cocoa, sugar to 740 mg in the present, Russia has been widely discussed topic of "dietary supplements".

Feb 14 2014

Life Changed

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Today we will talk about how people choose their path in life and what mistakes they do make. Mistake 1. Lack of choice as it may seem strange, but most people just make the choice about which way they go through life. All thrown at random. How will. As a result of their throws on life as an autumn leaf in the wind. Go to college because they suggest an acquaintance. Went to the section, because praise.

Got a job, because close to home. As a result, work is boring, miserable life, family, Sick of it. Quarreled with the head, changed jobs. Quarreled with his wife, changed his wife. Quarreled with the body, replaced the light on that. Why live? It is not clear. Mistake 2.

Waiting for a miracle variation of the first error. All the same thing, but hope for a miracle. That tomorrow will be quite different. Something changed in the life and the mechanism occurs around a beautiful garden full of blooming roses. Just not today. But soon, very soon. Well, not really soon, but always will be. The idea that if you want a garden, you have to grow, such as never occurs. Mistake 3. Hard work squirrels in a wheel in this case the person is ready to work day and night, but he did not know what he wants. He working two jobs, takes overtime. All his strength and health is investing in the endless rat race. Rather, more soon. Relax once, hurt once.

Dec 01 2011

ISO Quality

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How to determine the quality of dietary supplements' to glaz'avtor: AO Maples, a specialist in quality management. 'It remains only to choose a manufacturer to take dietary supplements to prevent lopuhnutsya. And there are now divorced, mother dear. Tell me Dear Artem O., how to define than 'lime' if you stick, how to check what it says consultant of a firm. " This and other similar questions I often hear from their customers. Because really, the market dietary supplements are now filled with products from different manufacturers, which, in turn, regardless of price, are very different qualities. Replying to a generic question: 'How to determine the quality of dietary supplements' by eye'? ' I want to say that you can not choose the same manufacturer and say that he is the best and the rest – are bad. As it is impossible to say that the Mercedes – it's good, but BMW and Volkswagen – badly.

So definitely choose manufacturer – business each, but to tell a good car (clothing, food, dietary supplements, etc.) from a bad one usually can. As with any choice – personal opinion is always the most authoritative, the best way to form an opinion – to try. But we can try everything. What criteria distinguish good from bad dietary supplements? 1. Certification. Although this was already said a lot – but certification – a guarantee of quality. But the main thing to watch how exactly corresponds to the standard dietary supplements.

ISO 9001:2000 – International standard is elaborated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-International orgation of standartisation) and adopted by more than 90 countries around the world. The purpose of the standard – and bring coherence to help companies build optimal process control system production, quality and conformity of products at all stages. But the standard ISO 9001:2000 – a standard of production, not production! this should be remembered.