Dec 01 2011

ISO Quality

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How to determine the quality of dietary supplements' to glaz'avtor: AO Maples, a specialist in quality management. 'It remains only to choose a manufacturer to take dietary supplements to prevent lopuhnutsya. And there are now divorced, mother dear. Tell me Dear Artem O., how to define than 'lime' if you stick, how to check what it says consultant of a firm. " This and other similar questions I often hear from their customers. Because really, the market dietary supplements are now filled with products from different manufacturers, which, in turn, regardless of price, are very different qualities. Replying to a generic question: 'How to determine the quality of dietary supplements' by eye'? ' I want to say that you can not choose the same manufacturer and say that he is the best and the rest – are bad. As it is impossible to say that the Mercedes – it's good, but BMW and Volkswagen – badly.

So definitely choose manufacturer – business each, but to tell a good car (clothing, food, dietary supplements, etc.) from a bad one usually can. As with any choice – personal opinion is always the most authoritative, the best way to form an opinion – to try. But we can try everything. What criteria distinguish good from bad dietary supplements? 1. Certification. Although this was already said a lot – but certification – a guarantee of quality. But the main thing to watch how exactly corresponds to the standard dietary supplements.

ISO 9001:2000 – International standard is elaborated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-International orgation of standartisation) and adopted by more than 90 countries around the world. The purpose of the standard – and bring coherence to help companies build optimal process control system production, quality and conformity of products at all stages. But the standard ISO 9001:2000 – a standard of production, not production! this should be remembered.

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