Feb 14 2014

Life Changed

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Today we will talk about how people choose their path in life and what mistakes they do make. Mistake 1. Lack of choice as it may seem strange, but most people just make the choice about which way they go through life. All thrown at random. How will. As a result of their throws on life as an autumn leaf in the wind. Go to college because they suggest an acquaintance. Went to the section, because praise.

Got a job, because close to home. As a result, work is boring, miserable life, family, Sick of it. Quarreled with the head, changed jobs. Quarreled with his wife, changed his wife. Quarreled with the body, replaced the light on that. Why live? It is not clear. Mistake 2.

Waiting for a miracle variation of the first error. All the same thing, but hope for a miracle. That tomorrow will be quite different. Something changed in the life and the mechanism occurs around a beautiful garden full of blooming roses. Just not today. But soon, very soon. Well, not really soon, but always will be. The idea that if you want a garden, you have to grow, such as never occurs. Mistake 3. Hard work squirrels in a wheel in this case the person is ready to work day and night, but he did not know what he wants. He working two jobs, takes overtime. All his strength and health is investing in the endless rat race. Rather, more soon. Relax once, hurt once.

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